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Kung Fu Beyond the World 106 Chapter 106 - Counterattack

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Zhang Li looked back and saw Zhong Yihan, her face became extremely ugly, and cried, "Aren't you tied up? Why are you standing here? How did you wake up?"

Zhong Yihan did not speak, but approached Zhang Li, who turned away in fear and shouted, "Master saves me!"

However, before she could escape, Zhong Yihan slapped her face.

The strength of his current arms is 110 kilograms. How powerful is this slap? !!

Zhang Li was blown away on the spot, and the whole person flew out and fell to Qiao Cheng fiercely.

Qiao Cheng was also startled, looking at Zhong Yihan and saying, "How did you wake up? How did you break the rope ?!"

Zhong Yihan didn't talk nonsense to him, rushed directly to the side, and came to the weapon pile in the corner. As soon as he reached out, he held the black steel knife in his hand.

Yang Yuan and others suddenly yelled.

This is the most correct choice. Zhong Yihan is almost sure!

Qiao Cheng sneered: "Boy, look at your breath, shouldn't you yet be a Kung Fu learner? Don't you dare to do it to me? Don't think you can take advantage of me if I get hurt, even if I can't kill you, but can you protect your friends? "

Zhong Yihan was unmoved: "What if you can't protect yourself, I'm not familiar with some of them."

As soon as this was said, Yang Yuan and others immediately looked at Zhong Yihan resentfully. Although 80% of them were sure that Zhong Yihan said that this was psychological warfare, the remaining 20% was really unsure!

Qiao Cheng thought for a while, and said, "Otherwise, I'll let you go. You can take your friends with you, just like we have never seen it before."

"Okay!" Zhong Yihan laughed. "Deal!"

"Zhong Yihan ..." Li Xinyu wanted to talk but still held back.

Zhang Li pulled Qiao's dress corner in panic and exclaimed: "Master, master, you can't leave me! Master!"

The answer to her was Qiao's kick, and there was a word: "Go!"

Zhang Li was sitting on the ground paralyzed with annoyed remorse, she knew now that she was completely done!

Qiao chuckled a smile and said, "I admit failure today! We will have ..."

Without finishing the last word, Qiao Cheng suddenly raised his hand, and at the same time the sound of the wind sounded, it seemed that he had used some hidden weapon.

Zhong Yihan had been guarding him for a long time, and the moment Qiao Cheng raised his hand, he rolled on the spot.

But right here, the tricky smile that appeared on Qiao's face, he flew to Li Xinyu's side, and then a sharp dagger was placed on Li Xinyu's neck!

"Ha ha haha! Boy! Fight with me, you're too younger!" Qiao Cheng laughed arrogantly, "I have a hostage in hand now, let me out quickly, or I will die with her!"

Everyone was shocked by this change.

Zhong Yihan scolded in his heart, what a real fox!

He had always been worried about the opponent's backhand, so he did not dare to attack rashly, but where did he know there was no backhand at all, but he used his own mentality to survive in despair and hijacked Li Xinyu as a hostage.

The situation suddenly changed!

It's not that Zhong Yihan cares about Li Xinyu, but everyone, as a classmate, has no resentment and grudges. He naturally doesn't want to see what damage Li Xinyu has suffered.

But Zhong Yihan also knew that, as the life-saving straw of the fugitive, once Li Xinyu was taken away by him, she would die.

What to do next?
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Qiao Cheng shouted, "Just throw away the knife! Otherwise, I'll kill her!"

"You won't kill her." Zhong Yihan said without moving, "She's your only hostage now. Kill her and you'll have to die."

"She can die with me, no loss!"

"But you don't want to die." Zhong Yihan sneered. "Even if you say so much, in fact, you don't want to die.

"I don't want to die! But do I have a choice?" Qiao Cheng shouted furiously, "there are all the Kung Fu association's people all over the mountain! I have injuries now, I can't even run! Don't catch one hostage, can I run away ?! "

"You want hostages?" Zhong Yihan suddenly realized that he pointed Zhang Li at the foot with a knife. "Well, did she call you master? It must be obedient and sensible. You take her away and put Li Xinyu down. I promise I won't stop you. And if you bring Li Xinyu, she doesn't agree, but it is cumbersome. How good is this? "

Everyone couldn't help but glance at Zhong Yihan, even Zhang Li.

Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, and others looked at each other, wondering why they hadn't noticed that the boy was so gloomy before? Do not offend him in the future!

Qiao Cheng really thought about it.

After all, taking an obedient hostage and taking an unobtrusive hostage are totally two concepts.

And when he held Li Xinyu like this, he could feel that this young girl had hidden but amazing power-he was afraid that she had reached the realm of Kung Fu learner.

Taking such a person to escape on the road is obviously very risky because no one knows whether the girl will seize the opportunity and give him a fatal blow when he is weak.

And with Zhang Li, there is no need to worry about this problem. Even when he is weak, she can help himself ...

But immediately, Qiao Cheng rejected the idea.

The hostage must have the value of the hostage, and the better the hostage is, the more valuable it is.

The martial arts association is not good. The hostages do not have enough deterrent power. They can really do the "misjudging" thing.

But Zhang Li is also useful.

So Qiao Cheng sneered, and said, "Children only do multiple choice questions, adults naturally want them all! Zhang Li, come here ... If you stop, I will stab this beauty!"

"What am I doing to stop her, a fool ..." Zhong Yihan said, but also stepped up to Ming Jiajia, raised her hand and cut the rope on her, but the blade did not even touch her clothes.

"One for another, fair and reasonable!"

Qiao was angry. At this time, Zhang Li also hurriedly crawled to Qiao's side. Although she also knew that Qiao was using her, she had no choice now.

Ming Jiajia stood up ecstatically and said, "I know that you are the best!"

Zhong Yihan smiled awkwardly, handing the black knife in his hand to Ming Jiajia, and whispered, "Help them."

Ming Jiajia nodded, holding a knife straight to the nearest, still unconscious Zhu Zhenxing, and cut his rope.

Qiao Xun was so anxious. Now that more and more people can move, his disadvantage is getting bigger and bigger.

So Qiao Cheng shouted: "Don't cut rope anymore! If you do it again, I will cut her face!"

Ming Jiajia was unmoved and continued to cut the ropes on Ning Jinshui and Fan Dali.

Zhong Yihan chuckled: "Are you stupid? You take the face of a beautiful girl to threaten another beautiful girl, maybe she wants you to destroy her appearance!"

Qiao Cheng suddenly doesn't know what to do. He stared at Zhong Yihan fiercely, but there was a sorrow in his heart. Why are young people so difficult to deal with now? !!

But at this moment, Qiao Cheng saw that Zhong Yihan picked up a bow, and he had already taken an arrow to wind it.

Qiao still hides behind Li Xinyu, making sure his head is completely hidden behind Li Xinyu, and then mocks: "Boy, Do you think you are the marksman in the Kung Fu Association? I am here now. You shoot! I tell you ... "

Before he finished speaking, Zhong Yihan suddenly released the string.

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