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Kung Fu Beyond the World 105 Chapter 105 - Grievances

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"That's enough. Don't waste our time. Hurry up and ask about the herbs."

Qiao Cheng said annoyed.

Why this Zhang Li likes to add drama to herself.

Ming Jiajia's brain turned sharply, and she said, "There is no healing herb in the backpack, only hemostatic herbs, and other effective herbs."

Qiao Cheng frowned slightly. "Are you sure?"

"Really, I didn't lie to you. Although Twin Mountains is rich in herbs, it does not have the growth conditions of other healing herbs. At least there is no enough sunshine."

Ming Jiajia tried to recall some of the common knowledge of herbs taught by Zhong Yihan and then explained.

In fact, when the Zhong Yihan said that most of the healing herbs could not grow on the Twin Peaks, there were some special circumstances, such as the white jade grass they collected, which is a kind of healing herbs.

This white jade grass can be applied externally or internally. It has a very good healing effect, but Ming Jiajia will not tell them.

Qiao Cheng snorted and cursed: "A bunch of waste, you can only find the most common hemostatic herb when you find a herb ... forget it, Zhang Li, go back and tell the Kung Fu association outside, just say I have Hostages if they want to keep the hostages safe, prepare me an aircraft and healing drugs. "

Zhang Li's eyes lit up instantly, and she was waiting for this opportunity.

She put up with the burden for so long just to wait for this moment.

Qiao letting her preach means that she can guarantee that she is alive!

"Master, I will definitely pass on the words."

Zhang Li wanted to leave happily, but as soon as she turned around and suddenly thought of something, she turned back and said, "Master, can you promise me one thing? As the price of helping to spread the message, I hope these people who are awake now can die. "

"Zhang Li, what are you talking about? We are classmates!"

The timid Ming Jiajia was already very scared, and she couldn't help shouting when she heard Zhang Li's words.

"Classmate? Yes, because you are classmates, I can't keep you alive. Master, I'm so loyal to you. Can you promise me this?"

Qiao Cheng's expression was unclear, but he was thinking that this woman was really vicious.

Previously, Qiao Cheng thought that Zhang Li cared about her life, but now it seems that she really wants to kill her classmates.

Li Xinyu and they are even more lazy to say anything because they have been completely disappointed with Zhang Li.

If Zhang Li really wanted to save someone, she would succeed once in so many opportunities before, but she turned a blind eye for herself.

Qiao smiled and said, "Relax, even if you don't say, I won't keep these people. They are just the bargaining chips that I negotiate with the Kung Fu Association, but as long as I'm safe, they will all die! "

Qiao Cheng's words immediately made Zhang Li happy, and she took a pitying look at the several people who were awake now, then turned to leave, suddenly turned around again, and "knotted" in front of Qiao Yan.

"What are you going to do ?!"

Zhang Li gritted her teeth and said, "Master, you said before, let one person go out and take another person's head back at the same time. So I ask you, let me kill someone and take his head back! "

Qiao stunned, then laughed, and the laughter touched the wound. He could not help but cough violently for a while, and then said, "Okay! Who are you going to kill?"

He subconsciously looked at Li Xinyu, because in his opinion, this woman was full of jealousy, and she would kill the young lady Li Xinyu first.

But no one expected that Zhang Li suddenly pointed at Zhong Yihan in the corner and exclaimed: "It's him! Zhong Yihan! I want to kill him myself!"

This time, not only Qiao Cheng, Li Xinyu, etc., but even Zhong Yihan, who had been there in a coma, almost stunned.


If you go, just walk away, why do you want to kill me? And still, kill me by yourself? !!

Zhong Yihan thought and thought, he did not remember what he had done to offend Zhang Li.

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia were already violent at this moment, especially Ming Jiajia, who was always timid at this time, like an angry lioness, roared: "Zhang Li! Are you still a human ?! How did Zhong Yihan offend you? If you kill him, I will not let you go as a ghost! "

Li Xinyu also exasperated: "Zhang Li! This is your previous grudge with me. What matters to Zhong Yihan? If you want to revenge, come to me!"

Yang Yuan and others also looked at each other, did not understand why Zhang Li must kill Zhong Yihan?

Zhang Li laughed and said, "Why to kill him ?! I'm down to where I am today, it's all because of him! If it wasn't for him suddenly becoming fierce, how could I quarrel with Zhu Zhenxing? Li Xinyu, you are also separated from me because of this Zhong Yihan, right? What did you say is a misunderstanding ...! "

"Garbage is garbage! People have to learn to confess their fate! Why in just one month, Zhong Yihan can make rapid progress, and he can climb from the bottom of the class to beat Yun Chao? What can this guy be so proud of? !!! Why can he look down on me ?! Why ... The person who has this encounter is him, not me ?! "

Ming Jiajia was about to laugh, and said, "What's wrong, Zhong Yihan's sudden rise has upset you ?!"
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"Yes!" Zhang Li shouted, "I'm just upset! It was originally garbage that I wouldn't even look at him, but now he is the most dazzling person in the class, and Ying Nanyan supported him, why him? !!! "

"It's because he has risen, that Zhu Zhenxing was proud in front of me! When I asked someone to teach him, he was beaten hard by him! That was my childhood friend! "

"All of you are surrounding him, even you, Li Xinyu, you look at him differently! But why? Why can Zhong Yihan have such an encounter and I don't? I don't agree! It's trash I don't care about, so he can only be trash! "

Zhang Li growled loudly and seemed to vent all her grievances.

But a few people were listening, including Qiao Cheng, who was a little speechless.

this woman's jealousy was beyond ordinary people's understanding.

People didn't recruit you and didn't provoke you, just because the strength suddenly leaped forward, which offends you?

At this time.

A faint voice sounded behind Zhang Li:

"What the hell did I think I offended you? It was because of such a little thing ... Did you find the guy of Yangshi Bar last time?"

With this voice, a figure stood up from the darkness.

Ming Jiajia, Li Xinyu, and others saw this figure, all exciting.

Zhang Li and Qiao Cheng, however, were all mad.

Who is this person, Zhong Yihan!!

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