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Kung Fu Beyond the World 104 Chapter 104 - Temporary Dormancy

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Zhong Yihan pretended to be in a coma, and carefully looked around.

Zhu Zhenxing's backpack was placed beside the middle-aged person. The herbs inside were turned upside down, and their weapons were piled up somewhere not far from him.

Zhong Yihan's bow and arrow are at the top of the weapon pile. If he suddenly picks it up, he should be able to get it.

However, Zhong Yihan still does not know the strength of the fugitive. If the opponent's strength is too strong, even if he gets a weapon, it is useless.

Have to observe first.

Seeing Li Xinyu, they are safe and sound, presumably, the other party should not kill anyone casually.

The only thing that puzzled Zhong Yihan was what happened to Zhang Li. Did she rebel because she was afraid of death? Or being threatened by middle-aged people?

Seeing her orderly appearance, she did not have the arrogance of the past at all, it seems that this is really possible.

At this time Li Xinyu quietly moved to Zhong Yihan's side, trying to wake him up, but the cave was already closed, and any wind and grass could be heard.

Zhang Li immediately walked over and sneered, "What are you going to do?"

Li Xinyu glanced at her and turned away from her.

Qiao Cheng, however, was very confident about the medicine he had formulated, and smiled: "I guess she wants to wake up the new one, rest assured, it takes at least an hour."

After completing the preparation of the new drug, Qiao Yan came to the five unconscious people and asked Zhang Li, "What's the background of these people?"

Zhang Li answered honestly: "These three people are very rich at home. This fat man has the most money in his family. As for this person, his name is Zhong Yihan. His family is probably the poorest in the class. Can't afford to eat, there is no value in being a hostage at all. "

Your family can't afford to eat.

Zhong Yihan was lying there, cursing in his heart.

But listening to Zhang Li's way of speaking, she didn't seem to be threatened by middle-aged people, but rather it seemed that the two reached an agreement to cooperate.

Li Xinyu was furious: "Zhang Li, what do you mean? Zhong Yihan didn't know anything. Do you want to let him die like this?"

Zhang Liyi laughed: "Even if he dies, he deserves it. Whoever makes him worthless. Being so poor in his family is also a relief from death. I'm helping him!"

Zhong Yihan is a bit weird. Why does Zhang Li say this is to let himself die?

And how did Zhang Li become this virtue?

What happened in the meantime? Both Zhang Li and Li Xinyu turned their heads into hatred.

Zhong Yihan quickly thought about what happened, and then thought of a way to crack it.

This middle-aged person should be fugitive. He kidnapped these people here, thinking that he might not escape, so he arrested them as hostages.

As soon as he heard the footsteps that came just now, the footsteps seemed to be a bit futile, and one hand was covering his waist, indicating that there must be injuries on his body, and the injuries were still not mild.

In this case, he may have the opportunity to fight it back!

Zhong Yihan moved his hands behind his back and carefully moved it to loosen the rope.

He was very careful, he didn't make a sound, and the hole was dark, no one knew that he was actually awake, and was breaking free of restraint.

At this moment, Zhang Li said: "Master, there are so many herbs in the backpack just now, obviously some of these people should understand these. Would you like to wake them up to see if there are any herbs that can heal?"

Qiao Cheng thought about it and nodded.

Although he is proficient in herbalism, the light in this cave is too dark. It takes a lot of time and attention to distinguish them one by one. He just took a brief look. The bag is indeed basically herbs, indicating that Zhang Li is right. Of the five newly arrested people, some are proficient in herbal medicine.

So let them find it will obviously save a lot of time.

Zhang Li looked at Zhong Yihan and five others.

"Zhong Yihan is definitely not. His family is so poor that there is no chance to learn about herbs."
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The first one ruled me out, and I really thank you.

Zhong Yihan closed his eyes and slandered.

The middle-aged man did not speak, and Zhong Yihan could not judge his physical condition from his tone, and could only continue to wait.

"Zhu Zhenxing is rich, but unfortunately he is too lazy to look like a pig. I think Ming Jiajia is the most likely. Her family conditions are good and her vitality has reached 1.2."

"Then wake her up."

In the corner of the cave was dripping water, Zhang Li filled it with a cup, and then Ming Jiajia's head fell down.

Stimulated by the coldness, Ming Jiajia woke up, and when she saw Zhang Li in front of her, she was confused: "Zhang Li, what's wrong with me?"

Ming Jiajia looked around and found that Zhong Yihan was all tied up, and they were all motionless. She was suddenly shocked: "Yihan, wake up, what happened to you? Zhang Li, what did you do to them?"

Zhang Li looked around Ming Jiajia with both hands indifferently, "What did I do? I think you should all see that you have been kidnapped. If you don't want to die, just tell me if there is any healing herb in this bag. "

Zhang Li is now more and more adapted to her new identity. No matter her tone or her expression, she is like a villain who does all the bad things.

Qiao Cheng looked at Zhang Li with a playful expression on the side, not knowing what he was thinking.

"Kidnapping? Yihan, you wake up!"

Ming Jiajia suddenly began to call Zhong Yihan anxiously. After today's experience, she has completely regarded the other side as a backer. She believes that as long as Zhong Yihan wakes up, he can easily solve the situation at hand.

Don't shout anymore, I heard everything.

Zhong Yihan, pretending to be asleep, had a hard time controlling his expression and didn't let himself show obvious changes.

"Zhang Li, I warn you, if Zhong Yihan has any problems, I will kill you!"

Ming Jiajia's fierce expression surprised Zhang Li a little. Is this the introverted Ming Jiajia she knew?

Fortunately, at this moment Li Xinyu reminded: "Ming Jiajia, don't worry, Zhong Yihan just fainted now. This person needs them to be taken hostage, so he won't kill easily. And he is seriously injured, even he wants to kill, he could not do it."

"Li Xinyu ?! Even you were arrested? Aren't you and Zhang Li your girlfriends?" Ming Jiajia exclaimed when she heard Li Xinyu's voice.

Li Xinyu said calmly: "Zhang Li is afraid of death, so she would rather kneel like a dog than stand alone."

Zhang Li sneered, walked in front of Li Xinyu and suddenly slap her.

"What happened to a dog ?! A living dog is much better than a dead person! At least I am alive!"

Zhang Li's slap is not light, Li Xinyu bleeds from the corner of her mouth, and her right face is flushed, but at the same time she looks at Zhang Li's eyes completely without any sympathy, and some are just indifferent.

Li Xinyu's indifferent eyes pierced Zhang Li's fragile heart like a spike, and she suddenly shouted madly: "Why do you look at me like this? I did nothing wrong! Nothing!"

"If you look at me with that look, I will definitely cut your eyes off!"

Zhong Yihan, who pretended to sleep, keenly captured the information in Li Xinyu's words. The fugitive had been seriously injured and almost lost his combat ability. Zhang Li was not pretending to betray, but greedy for fear of death!

The information is sufficient to almost act.

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