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Kung Fu Beyond the World 102 Chapter 102 - Zhong Yihan Arrives

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An irregular footstep sounded in the cave. Qiao Cheng walked in and saw the four desperate people, walked in front of Zhang Li and touched her head like a pet puppy, smiling: good job."

"Thank you for your praise, this is what I should do." Zhang Li said immediately.

Qiao Cheng stopped, took a deep look at Zhang Li, and then turned to Li Xinyu.

"Zhang Li, you go to the cave and watch. You don't have to worry about things here."

Zhang Li unexpectedly said: "The hole?"

what happened?

Isn't he afraid of running away by herself?

Zhang Li saw that Qiao Cheng said nothing, so she turned and walked toward the entrance.

As the light changed from dark to bright, the scene in front of Zhang Li's eyes became suddenly bright again.

Green lawns, mottled lights, and butterflies ...

Zhang Li has never liked the sun so much as she does now. Looking at the deep forest in front of her, she suddenly has the urge to run away.

If she ran away now, Qiao should not catch up with her, right?

Zhang Li couldn't help but take two steps but stopped again.

No, the more such a time, the calmer she must be.

If Qiao Cheng had anything more than she expected, she might be arrested again even if she ran away. By then, her situation would definitely be miserable.

Qiao Cheng, since letting her guard the entrance, was both her trust and her test.

If she can complete the task well this time, she will definitely win the trust. When he needs to contact the police, it will be her best chance to leave.

As a fugitive, Qiao Cheng chose to kidnap the hostage instead of running away. Obviously, the police must have found his whereabouts and threatened his safety.

As long as she persists, she will definitely survive.

Thinking of this, Zhang Li gritted her teeth, took two steps back, and stood at the entrance again, straight like a real bodyguard.

Qiao Cheng retracted her eyes and stopped looking at Zhang Li.

He is not afraid of Zhang Li escaping, because he has placed a large area of the overpowering drug in the hole, as long as she approaches the area, she may step on the drug to trigger it.

And Zhang Li wasn't worth much at all, even if she ran, if she didn't run, like now, she might become a more fun toy.

But before that, Qiao Cheng was more interested in Li Xinyu than Zhang Li.

After all, as a man who has been detained for seven years, see a beautiful girl like Li Xinyu, he wanted to do something.

It was just that the injuries on his body were too severe, so he was powerless. After carefully bandaging, although he can't do any strenuous exercise, he can still do something.

Qiao Cheng squatted beside Li Xinyu with a sneering look and reached out to touch her face.

Li Xinyu exclaimed loudly, backing desperately, and the three boys also scolded.

Qiao Cheng was not ashamed, but laughed loudly: "Hide, scold! The more you hide, the more you scold, the more excited I am! Hahaha!"

Despair, endless despair.

Li Xinyu's eyes closed tightly, and crystal tears kept falling from the corner of her eyes.

She never expected that she would end her life in this way.

This is not the ending she wants. In her expectation, she will be admitted to a key university, and then she will advance all the way to achieve her own achievements.

But now, she has begun to imagine being insulted by Qiao Cheng, such a shame that she cannot accept.

Li Xinyu didn't want to be easily insulted by Qiao Cheng. As she became increasingly desperate, a thought came to her mind.

Rather than let him feel comfortable, let him insult a corpse.

The memories of the past appeared in Li Xinyu's mind like a lantern. For some reason, Li Xinyu thought of Zhong Yihan inexplicably.

This boy who has never entered her line of sight in the past two years, he suddenly ushered in his own outbreak. With his current progress rate, it is presumed that this year's college entrance examination will achieve good results.

Unfortunately, she couldn't see it at all.

Li Xinyu had already retreated to the edge of the cave, and now she was thinking about banging her head against the wall with force. Although this was a bit painful, she could at least keep her innocence.

When she gritted her teeth and was preparing to press hard, she suddenly heard Zhang Li exclaiming:

"Zhong Yihan, why are you here ?!"

Zhong Yihan?

Li Xinyu opened her eyes, her eyes glowed again.

If it is Zhong Yihan, he is fully capable of dealing with Qiao Cheng who is now seriously injured.
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But thinking of overpowering drugs, If Zhong Yihan stepped into the drug area, it would be bad.

Li Xinyu just wanted to open her mouth to remind that a rag was suddenly stuffed into her mouth.

"Damn, bother me. I hope that the people here this time have the value of being a hostage."

Qiao Cheng said as he blocked everyone's mouths.

Several people were desperately struggling. The sudden appearance of Zhong Yihan was simply their hope for rescue. They didn't want to watch him being tied up.

But the cave was really long, and they were gagged again, their voices couldn't be heard at all, which made them very desperate.

After blocking the mouths of several people, Qiao Cheng stood up and walked outside.



Outside the cave, Zhong Yihan and his team of five looked at Zhang Li with a flustered expression inexplicably.

Fan Dali looked at the cave behind her and said, "Zhang Li, wouldn't you find any treasure in the cave?"

Coincidentally, at this time, the drizzle was falling in the sky, and the ground was a little slippery, and it seemed that the rain was getting heavier and heavier. However, Zhong Yihan's team just turned around and took a short approach to the neighborhood, just to see a cave here, so Zhu Zhenxing proposed to come here to shelter from the rain.

Zhong Yihan also agrees. After all, it is dangerous to walk in the mountains on a rainy day, so he brought the team over.

When they arrived at the entrance, they saw Zhang Li.

Zhang Li's eyes were flustered, and she forced herself to make a trance look, and said loudly, "There is nothing for you here, so please leave me quickly, otherwise don't blame me."

She was so anxious to get rid of Zhong Yihan that she didn't want them to discover the situation in the hole.

If they rescued Li Xinyu and others, her life would be completely over.

"Where is Xinyu? Is she in there?"

Zhu Zhenxing, thought of Li Xinyu the first time he saw Zhang Li.

Fan Dali drew a middle finger directly to him: "Can you hold on ?!"

Zhu Zhenxing said, "If Xinyu encounters any danger, maybe I can still be a hero to save the beauty."

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