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Kung Fu Beyond the World 101 Chapter 101 - Become Completely Bad

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Du Tianqing begged for mercy.

Qiao Cheng looked at Du Tianqing, his mouth slightly tilted, and a sneer appeared: "Do you really think I'm stupid? Zhang Li, give him some lessons."


Zhang Li walked in front of Du Tianqing, the latter's face changed greatly and whispered quietly: "Zhang Li, just tap, just do it. I know you deliberately pretended to help us escape, right, help me open the rope. "

Zhang Li frowned slightly, and she stretched out her palm directly.


This slap is loud and crisp on Du Tianqing's face.

Du Tianqing only felt pain in his left face, but his hands were tied and he couldn't touch it at all.

Immediately, the second slap, the third slap ...


Zhang Li slaps four loud slaps in total, and her face is flushed with excitement, which seems very enjoyable.

Du Tianqing's cheeks were flushed on both sides, and he looked at Zhang Li in disbelief, with a hint of crying voice: "Do you really beat?"

His parents have never hit him, Zhang Li dare to hit him!

Zhang Li looked at Du Tianqing sarcastically, "Otherwise you think I'm joking with you? It's all this time, and you still want to run away. If you say these words, it's not just the slap palm. Anyway, the master only needs your life to use you as hostages, and he will not mind you get hurt. "

A flash of fierce light flashed in Du Tianqing's eyes, saying: "Very good, Zhang Li, you are good."

Zhang Li sneered, knowing that she had completely offended the other party. With Du Tianqing's family background, he would definitely not let herself go easily if he returned this time.

But only if he can go back alive.

Her own ugliness has been exposed. If let them go back alive, her reputation would be ruined. Therefore, Zhang Li has begun to figure out how to kill these four people.

Only when they are dead will she be able to go back alive and continue normal lives.

For Zhang Li's performance, Qiao Cheng nodded with satisfaction. He sat on a large rock in the hole and seemed to be deploying something, and began to get busy.

The next time, Zhang Li looked at Li Xinyu and massaged Qiao Cheng.

During this period, Zhang Li was always behind Qiao Cheng, she could have a chance to do something with him, but she was meek like a loyal puppy.

Even Yang Yuan desperately gave her a look, but she was turned a blind eye.

"I'm going out and you are watching them here."

About ten minutes later, Qiao Cheng walked out of the cave with a dozen bags of cloth bags they had previously used, and only Zhang Li and they were left in the cave.
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Yang Yuan did not expect that Qiao Cheng actually believed Zhang Li to this extent and dared to leave her alone in the cave guard.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Yang Yuan hurriedly said: "Zhang Li, I know you were acting just now. Now is a rare opportunity. Help us to untie the rope. Qiao is now very weak. Let us do it if you don't. We will survive. "

Du Tianqing's face changed a little, and he quickly said, "Yes, yes, Zhang Li, you just acted, I almost believed. But I don't mind you slap me, and I know what you just said to Li Xinyu The words are all false, so lose us up quickly, and let's go back alive together. "

Li Xinyu said: "Zhang Li, I believe the words just now are not your true thoughts. After I go out, I will keep them secret and will not tell anyone."

Several people looked at Zhang Li anxiously, hoping that she could suddenly say a word that she was all pretending, and will save them.

But after waiting for a long time, Zhang Li just looked at them indifferently.

"Are you stupid or do you think I'm stupid? If you say you will keep secrets, I should trust you? Xinyu and Du Tianqing, don't be naive, face reality. You should know that dead people are the best way to keep secrets."

Li Xinyu looked disappointed: "Zhang Li, how did you become like this?"

Du Tianqing is also struggling: "Zhang Li, you can rest assured that we can swear that we will never tell anyone anything, otherwise we will hit the thunderous thunder! And ... we can give money, we have money! You also know our family. We can write you an IOU, as long as we go back alive, each person will give you 200,000, no, 500,000! "

"That's right!" Yang Yuan also quickly said, "500,000, or one million! Four people are four million! Zhang Li, you can think of it, four million, you ... Four million should allow you to fulfill a lot of wishes. "

He originally wanted to say that you can't make these four million in a lifetime, but suddenly thought that it would not be suitable to stimulate Zhang Li at this time, so he swallowed back temporarily.

Zhang Li was very emotional, but then her face became cold again.

She looked at Yang Yuan and others with a sneer: "Four million ... It's really good, and I believe you will give me four million. But I also believe that you will never let me go!"

"Do you think I am stupid? I have offended you so much, and my ugliness has been seen by you. Now I can rest assured only if you die! So don't worry about it! You will die! No hope! "

Zhang Li's expression was stubborn as if she had completely adapted to her new identity.

The faces of several people in Yang Yuan were ugly. They did not expect Zhang Li to rebel so thoroughly. Although there were some contradictions between them because of some things before, the contradictions were contradictions. As a classmate for so many years, should they have a little affection?

They thought that Zhang Li had stayed with Li Xinyu for so long, and the basic line was always there.

But until now they finally realized that they still overestimated Zhang Li.

She is an extremely selfish and super vanity person. In order to ensure that she lives, she will not do anything that is even a little risky.

At the same time, in order to ensure her so-called reputation in the future, she would rather watch her classmates die than lend a helping hand.

The three boys couldn't help yelling and yelling, but Zhang Li stood there coldly, sneer, watching them yell.

After scolding for a few minutes, all three were tired of scolding, so the cave fell into a long silence, and Li Xinyu closed her eyes. She did not look at Zhang Li any more and was completely disappointed with her.

Li Xinyu did not understand why she became friends with such people.

Thinking about the days when Zhang Li used her for prestige and blessing, Li Xinyu suddenly felt that maybe it was a retribution to open her eyes and closed her eyes, or maybe it was because of her indulgence that she made Zhang Li step by step.

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