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Taking a bath to remove the stinky sweat from his body, Zhong Yihan was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling and couldn't sleep.

He hasn't visited Dad for almost two months.

He didn't know how his father was now.

Since entering the third grade of senior high school, the pressure of learning has come up, coupled with the need to work hard to improve the Kung Fu foundation. In the past, he also took the time to do part-time work, but now he has no time.

If his talents can be better, or like those Kung Fu geniuses in the school, even if he did not enter the university, he still attracts much attention.

Maybe his Dad's case could be appealed long ago.

After all, he's still too weak.

Turning off the light, Zhong Yihan was preparing to sleep and suddenly found that in the darkness, there was a green light on the desk, like a firefly.

Zhong Yihan sat up, turned on the lamp and took a look. There was nothing special on the desk except the transparent stone he had picked up.

This stone was walking on his way home after school at night and suddenly hit him from the sky.

He also felt very strange, because at the time he was walking on the road, there were no trees on either side, and he did not know where the stone came from. Only he saw that the stone was transparent like a crystal, and felt that it looked pretty, so he picked it up.

Unexpectedly, how could this stone shine at night?

"Isn't it radiation ?"

Zhong Yihan was nervous. His liberal arts scores were very good. He remembered that in the book, most of the stones that can emit light by themselves are harmful substances with radiation.

But looking at the stones on the table, the green light is shining in the darkness, faintly like the green liquid flowing in the stones, The green liquid glows and dims, like a microscopic universe.

Zhong Yihan couldn't help but reached out, took the stone in his hand, and wanted to watch it carefully.

But at this moment, the surface of the stone suddenly cracked, and the green liquid in it immediately dipped into Zhong Yihan's skin.

Zhong Yihan was startled and turned on the lamp in a hurry to check. There was nothing abnormal in his right hand, and his body did not have a strange reaction, but the transparent stone disappeared without a trace, leaving no fragments.

What happened?

Zhong Yihan was shocked. At this moment, a blue light curtain of light and shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. There were large characters on the light curtain:

Supermall system!

"What the hell ?"
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Zhong Yihan scratched in front of him a few times but found that his hand easily passed through the light curtain, but his palm did not feel any touch.

At this time, a few lines of words appeared again on the light curtain.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.7

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 0.9

Comprehensive vitality: 0.8


Zhong Yihan has seen some web novels, but such things are still unbelievable.

Just when Zhong Yihan was surprised, another line of words appeared on the light curtain:

[ Congratulations to the owner for binding this super mall system, and a special novice gift package is provided. Please choose to accept or reject it. ]

There are 2 options below.

Zhong Yihan hesitated for a moment. The matter before him had exceeded his cognition for more than ten years, but one thing he was sure of was that this was by no means mischief with him, because no one had such ability.

Looking at the vitality of 0.8 displayed on the light curtain, Zhong Yihan was determined.

"Even the devil? I have nothing to be deceived except for my life. I decided to try!"

He reached out to accept, a blue light flashed, and a yellow, rune-like thing appeared in his hand.

[ Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3 (already positioned). ]

Zhong Yihan was very surprised. Is this the legendary space teleport prop?

"How does this thing work? Where will I go?"

"Never give instructions," Zhong Yihan held the Shuttle and thought "Can I just say the word" Teleport " in my mind?"

Thinking about it this way, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt nothing, and when he was conscious, he found himself sitting in the grass, looking around, surrounded by some low bushes, and didn't know where he is.

But because it is night, the sight is not good, and a little further away is darkness, making Zhong Yihan unable to confirm where he is.

Zhong Yihan raised his head subconsciously, trying to recognize the direction, but he felt scared when he looked up.

In the sky, a huge "moon" hung there, showing a strange purple color.

This purple moon occupies a small half of the sky. Although the purple light is not dazzling, it looks strange and abnormal, reflecting the entire world into a faint purple.

"The purple moon is in the sky ..." Zhong Yihan looked frightened, "This is the Different World ?"

He looked at the yellow rune paper in his hand: "This shuttle rune has actually driven me to the Different World ?!"

In the Different World, human civilization is even the greatest enemy of earth civilization ever.

Twenty years ago, space wormholes suddenly appeared on the earth. These wormholes led to a Different World, which is commonly known as the "Different World".

In the Different World, there are many strange and weird beasts, there are also horror creatures as tall as the mountains, and more powerful "gods".

In the past two decades, there have been countless battles between the earth and the Different World.

The earth has seized some strongholds in the Different World, and the terrifying creatures in the Different World have also come to the earth from the wormhole in the space to destroy it.

Human beings are no stranger to the Different World.

Zhong Yihan has seen countless times in various textbooks and news about the photos of "Purple moon in the sky" in Different World.

That purple moon that occupied a small half of the sky was the vast majority of human beings' first impressions of the Different World, so when saw the purple moon, Zhong Yihan immediately determined that he was now transported to the Different World by the shuttle.

This made Zhong Yihan nervous.

Too careless, he did not expect that the method of using shuttles is so simple.

The Different World is too dangerous for human beings, because it is full of aura, even if it is an ordinary creature, its attack power is better than the beasts on the earth, not to mention the Different World also has powerful monsters, even god!

In the case of encountering these horrible creatures, Zhong Yihan knows his strength and cannot beat them.

Holding on to the shuttle in his hand, Zhong Yihan found himself a sense of security.

If in danger, as long as he is not killed immediately, he can at least escape through the shuttle.

Just then, there was a sudden shaking in the bushes ahead.

Zhong Yihan was startled, and he wanted to find something to defend himself, but then he found that he was shirtless and had only a pair of underpants on his body.

Fortunately, he doesn't have the habit of sleeping naked.

Intension, a weird creature emerged from the bushes.

This creature is gray, with a head that looks like a monster on the earth, and long ears, but a body that looks like a dog. It has very strong limbs and is much larger than a monster on the earth. It's about the size of a full-grown pug.

A pair of blood-red eyes glittered like two small lanterns at night.

It is even infiltrating.

Looking at this weird creature, Zhong Yihan didn't dare to move.

The problem was that the weird creature had locked him, showing sharp teeth, and a weird, low-pitched roar in his throat.

Then it rushed towards Zhong Yihan ...

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