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Kung Fu Beyond the World 1 Chapter 1 - Kung Fu Era

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"Mom, I'm back!"

Zhong Yihan was playing with the translucent stones picked up by the road, and opened the door in a bad mood.

Today's physical test results are still very bad. After testing, his vitality has only reached 0.8, which is less than 0.02 more than a month earlier.

Could he only study liberal arts?

"Yihan is back. Rice is in the pot. Help yourself."

His mother, Zhang Aimei, was cleaning the house, and she seemed to have a cold.

"Mom, are you okay?"

"It's okay, just a little sick."

Zhong Yihan returned to the room and glanced at his mother before closing the door. Seeing that mother was secretly wiping her tears, Yihan took off his schoolbag, closed the door and knocked on the wooden board, and asked, "Qiaoyue, what happened today? "

Zhong Yihan and his sister Zhong Qiaoyue's room are adjacent. The middle wall is separated by wooden boards, so the sound insulation effect is very bad. Yihan and Qiaoyue can communicate directly through the wooden boards.

Zhong Qiaoyue replied, "Mom went to see Dad today."

"You went too?"


Zhong Qiaoyue is now in grade two of junior high school, and she has no night lessons. Zhong Yihan has a lot of lessons in his third year of high school, so it is not surprising that Qiaoyue accompanied their mother to see father.

As for his father, Zhong Guohai, he was sentenced to ten years in a case three months ago and is now in prison.
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The count was for intentional injury. It was said that Zhong Guohai had severely injured a young man, and the hospital identified it as a third-level disability.

But what happened was that several drunk young men were preparing to **** a girl on the road, and they were met by Zhong Guohai, who drove a taxi at night, so Zhong Guohai rescued the girl who was crying for help and disheveled clothes. He also quarreled with the young people and pushed one of them down in a hurry.

Coincidentally, the young man drank too much. When he fell to the ground, his head fell on the stone. It is said that the young man became silly because his head fell on the stone.

By the same coincidence, the young man's family was not only rich but also powerful.

Next, because of the young man's family, Zhong Guohai was accused in court, and then the girl who was almost raped at the time also denied everything at the time.

So Zhong Guohai went from helping others to intentionally hurt them and was sentenced to ten years.

This incident dealt a heavy blow to the Zhong family. Although they appealed several times, no one paid attention to them at all.

To put it simply, compared to the rich second-generation family, the Zhong family has no money and no power, and no one will hear them.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan's hand holding the translucent stone clenched his fists, showing his anger at this time.

If he can be admitted to Kung Fu college, he will be able to make justice for his father!

Last year, Ye Fan, a neighbor next door, was admitted to Xiangshui University, the No. 1 Kung Fu college in the province. As a result, the magistrate came to visit in person, and his father was directly promoted from a small staff member in a county to office manager.

Xiangshui University is the No. 1 Kung Fu college in the province. It is said that the Kung Fu Strong cultivated each year can account for a quarter of Xiang Province.

It's been two decades since the Different World and the earth have merged. Because the world rules on both sides are different, the two sides have always been unable to conquer each other.

Gunpowder and electricity in the human world have all lost their effect in the Different World.

In the same way, the witchcraft and divine power of Different World will directly collapse when they enter the earth.

Only pure Kung Fu can be used on both sides at the same time.

It is precise because of this that the status of Kung Fu talents will rise.

Outstanding graduates of Xiangshui University, if they are in politics after graduation, at least start at the deputy division level.

Even if they do not enter Xiangshui, but enter the second or third lesson Kung Fu college, it is also rare talent for Anping County.

Therefore, as long as Yihan was admitted to the Kung Fu college, he would be able to get attention, and it would be easy for him to make a grievance for his father.

But thinking of the vitality of 0.8 just measured, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt downcast.

Vitality is a comprehensive data based on the strength of the body's muscles, blood, bones, and internal organs after scanning the body through a special life detector.

Zhong Yihan's 0.8 vitality is not low before the two worlds merge. He is already a professional athlete. At a speed of 100 meters, he can easily run in 11 seconds.

But now, all the people are learning Kung Fu, and many resources from Different World are used in human Kung Fu practice.

Therefore, the vitality of 0.8, in the third grade of Anping County No. 1 High School, can only be ranked outside the thousands, and even 10th lowest in the class.

There are more than 1,300 senior high school students in Anping County No. 1 High School, if he can't even enter the top 1,000, that is too bad. The vitality of 0.8 makes Zhong Yihan see no hope for the future.

The admission standard of Xiangshui University last year, it needs a vitality of 2.5 or more!

Of course, Xiangshui University, as the No.1 Kung Fu college in Xiang Province, naturally has very high admission requirements, but even the worst Kung Fu college in Xiang Province has an admission requirement of 1.5 or more.

It is only less than a year away from the college entrance examination, let alone raise the vitality from 0.8 to 2.5 and reach the standard of Xiangshui University, even if it is the minimum standard of 1.5, Zhong Yihan knows that he does not have that ability.

There is no way. For so many years, Zhong Yihan also knows that his qualifications are mediocre, but more importantly, Kung Fu's practice requires a lot of resources.

Not to mention, just the effective nutrition that he ingests every day, he can only be supplemented by eating, and the meals are the most common and lowest nutritionally effective foods, such as rice, noodles and the like.

And when his father was jailed unjustly, his family can only eat meat once in a long time.

However, for those rich families, they consume daily special nutritional medicines and even animal flesh from Different World.

These nutritional medicines and flesh and blood of the Different World are rich in vital energy and blood and effective nutrients, and the nourishing effect on the body is far beyond the ordinary crops produced on the earth.

Zhong Yihan sighed, but he did not confess his fate, because he knew that in this era, only by practicing Kung Fu and becoming stronger can he succeed.

So even if the hope is slim, he will never give up until the last minute.

After hurriedly eating two large bowls of rice, Zhong Yihan shouted to his mother, "Mom, I'm full, I'm out to practice!"

Zhang Aimei looked at her son in distress, and said, "Don't practice too hard, if it's impossible, you can take a better liberal arts school, and you will not worry about eating and drinking in the future."

Zhong Yihan made a relaxed look and laughed: "Mom, I'm fine, I have 0.8 vitality now! I have eight months to go to the college entrance examination, and if I increase by 0.1 every month, I can exceed 1.5. By then, I will take a good Kung Fu college so that others will never dare to bully our family! "

After speaking, Zhong Yihan pushed the door and left.

Soon, the sound of punches came downstairs.

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