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How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating 9 My First Relationship In A New World

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When I up the next morning I found myself still completely naked. My first night in a new world and I ended up having sex with a really cute one hundred and twelve year old. After a while of being bashful, Rio really got into it. All I can remember was having orgasm after orgasm as Rio used her tongue to invade my pink valley. I went to try to get up but was unable to when I felt something heavy on my body.

Peeking under the covers I saw a cute little face with eyes closed sleeping soundly. Rio had her arms and legs wrapped around my waist and thigh with one finger still stuck in my pink valley. I reached down and stroked the top of Rio's head. Her blonde hair was very soft as it draped over her shoulder. I guess my touch must have disturbed Rio as she moved her body before slowly opening her sleepy eyes.

"Who?" Rio's eyes sprang open as she was still half asleep causing the blanket to fall to the floor. She looked around the room seemingly confused until her eyes fell on to me. "Oh… Right, Sora… Umm..."

Rio seemed to have realized something as she looked me up and down causing her face to turn bright red. She moved back too quickly causing herself to fall off the bed!

"Rio! Are you okay!?" I shouted as I hurriedly crawled to the edge of the bed. When I looked over the edge a naked Rio was prostrating herself in my direction with her forehead pushed up against the floor! "Rio what are you doing!?" Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"I'm so sorry Sora! I do not know what came over me! Maybe it's because I have been alone for too long that I seemed to have lost control of myself and did all those things to you!" I was shocked to find Rio apologizing to me for having sex with me!

"Rio it's fine! I was the one who seduced you in the first place! I wanted to have sex with you! Otherwise, I would not have started the whole thing! Remember I put your hand on my pussy! I also licked and fingered yours last night as well! We both indulged in our own pleasures last night." As i was saying this my face was beat red. It was fine while doing such things but when saying these things out loud it was somewhat embarrassing.

Rio looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "Th-Then you are not mad at me?" It was then that I realized that Rio was scared that I was mad at her.

I slid and turned my body around and placed both feet on the floor before getting up and kneeling down in front of Rio. I gently wiped away the tears in her eyes as I smiled at her before leaning my head down and giving her a light kiss on the lips. "How could I be mad at such a cute girl?"

Rio's face blushed red as she looked up at me in surprise as she raised her hand to let her fingers touch her lips. "C-C-C-Cute!?"

"Un! Rio is a very cute girl! If Rio is willing since we already went past the meaning of being just friends. Will you Rio Ralaca be my girlfriend?" Blushing lightly I gazed into Rio's eyes.

"Girlfriend?" Rio seemed to be confused by the term girlfriend. I could only guess that they did not have this kind of concept in this world.

"It means lover..." I said shyly.

"L-Lover!? Ah! Umm…. If you will have me..." Rio spoke softly at the end but I was still able to hear what she said.

I smiled brightly and pulled Rio into a hug as i said: "Of course, I will! So from today forth we are lovers Rio. So you never have to be sorry for doing anything to me again, okay?"

Rio finally put on a smile as she tightened her arms around me and snuggled her face into the nape of my neck. "Un… I'm glad I met you Sora." After saying that Rio lifted her head as we stared into each other's eyes.

Our lips touched as our tongues intertwined. I used my fingers to massage Rios's small perky breasts causing her to softly moan. Rio already had her hand in my pink valley working her fingers in and out of me. "Rio together..." I said as I spread her legs out and pushed my pink valley against hers. The two of us moaned in ecstasy as our little rosebuds grinded against each other. It was not long before the two of us reached our climax and let out loud squeals of pleasure as we had our orgams.

As I was catching my breath as I slowly stood up while helping Rio up at the same time. "Rio lets go clean up and get some breakfast."

"Un… Can we go for another round after we eat?" Rio asked shyly.

"We can do it as many times as you want! I know! How about today we do not wear any clothes so that way if we get in the mood we can have sex right then and there without the need to keep taking off and putting on our clothes! What do you think?" I asked my eyes glowed with excitement. If this was still on earth I do not think I would ever be able to have sex like this whenever I wanted.

"Un… I will do as Sora says." Rio's face was extremely red. Even when she was alone for all those years she had always worn clothes properly unless she was going to shower. But now with a girl she had just met who was from another world, had become her lover and already had sex with this girl multiple times! And now she was going to be naked with her all day long!

"Then it's settled!" I grabbed Rio by the hand and pulled Rio along with me as I made my way to the bathroom. You could say that our shower took a long time as we ended up doing it a few more times while in the shower. All I knew was that today was going to be a very fun day!
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