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How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating 50 I Took In A Big Titted Elf

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Caeda looked up at me confused. Her whole face was now black and blue. The beating itself seemed to have woken her up. "I think your fists hurt and that you care a lot for the girls around you." 

"Un… I do. Do you hate me?" I asked. I was sure that she did to a point. I mean I did steal the one she loved away from her. 

"I did… But I had gone crazy with my feelings for Rika. But now I have seen a new light! I realized that my love for Rika was just a fascination and that the one I should really be with is you! Master, make love to Caeda right here right now! You can beat me all you want in the process too!" Caeda started to remove her clothes right on the spot. Her eyes were full of lust and a bit of craziness as she looked at me. Just watching her tits jiggle around in front of me while I was just as flat as a runway I couldn't help but raise my hand and slap the damn things in front of me!


"Oh! Master yes hit me again! Abuse me anyway you wish!" Caeda fell to the floor. She was currently breathing heavy as she moaned out in ecstasy after I slapped the lumps of fat on her chest. I came to realize that maybe beating her up was a bad idea… I seemed to have unlocked something in her brain that makes her love being hit by me… 

Caeda latched on to my leg as she rubbed her face all over my shin. Begging me to hit her some more. Not able to take any more of her antics I kicked her off me while shouting: "Put your damn clothes on and follow me! You need to apologize to Rika before I decide what to do with you." 

Caeda obediently nodded her head as she put her clothes back on. She then latched on to my arm and would not let go. I actually had no idea how I was going to explain this to the girls. The one I beat up was now hugging my arm fawning all over me. We walked up the stairs and then to the room. I opened the door to have all four girls looking back at me. Their expressions were just as I thought fifty percent surprise and fifty percent confusion. 

I walked in and peeled the big titted elf off my arm and said: "Caeda you know what to do." 

Caeda nodded and walked in front of Rika and dropped to her knees and pressed her head against the floor. "Rika, I am very sorry for all the trouble I have caused you today and in the past. I hope that you will accept my apology as I now realize what I had for you was not love. It was just an infatuation." Caeda slowly got up off the floor. Pressed her hands to her chest, her face full of admiration and love as she continued: "After taking the love taps from Master, I found that my true love was the same as yours. Master's every hit showed me how much she cared for me. Each jolt of pain was like an instant orgasm! Master love for me was like a shining ligh..." 


I couldn't let her continue! The damn elf turned into a complete masochist! I had no choice but to slap her huge tits again! "Okay stop there." Caeda obediently nodded her head as she moaned softly. 

"So Rika it's up to you on what you want to do. Whether she stays or goes is all your decision. Although now she is a lot weirder than before she does seem well behaved." I did not want to bring Caeda in if Rika was going to feel weird about the whole situation. So I figured it would be best to let her decide Caeda's fate.

"If she promises to give birth to Sora's babies then I'm fine with her being with us. Maybe after a while, I might even let her get me pregnant as well..." Rika looked at the Caeda version two and couldn't help but shake her head. ' Did Sora give the poor girl brain damage when she beat her? ' At this time Rika could only feel sympathy for Caeda.

"Un! I promise to have as many babies as Master wants. I don't care if she wanted me to pop out hundreds of babies I will do it. As long as I can be with my Master! I will spread my legs and let her fuck me until she is satisfied. Even if I pass out from having too many orgasms and she continues to fuck me until I wake up again. I would be the happiest Elfcoian in all of Cora!" Caeda said as she grabbed my hand and shoved it down her skirt pressing my fingers into her already wet pussy. 

It was only now that I realized that I had brought along a headache. But I did have to say without the swollen face she was very pretty. Well, all elf's are pretty anyways. At least the ones back on earth were from the manga and anime anyways. It just irked me that her tits were so big. I wonder if there was magic I could use to shrink them down. But then again they might be very comfortable to use as a pillow. I will have to try that out later….

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