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How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating 49 I Beat Up A Big Titted Elf!

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After a little water fun with Tai in the shower, we got our things together and went next door. I walked into the room to find Rio and Sola still sound asleep. They were both completely naked laying on top of each other. It seemed that Rio was the one taking it hard last night as I could see that her pussy seemed a little red from being pounded too hard by Sola. The dildo was still connecting the two as they slept. Smiling gently I walked over and started to push the dildo in and out of the two of them causing their pussies to start to get wet. These two were always sound sleepers so no matter how fast and hard I slammed the dildo into them they still did not wake up. Their soft moans turned to loud moans as I was bringing them to their climax. After a few more minutes the two started to cum. It was not until they were halfway through their orgasms did they finally start to wake up. This caused them to cum even harder which made me smile seeing those lustful faces.

When they finally came down I watched as they gave each other a deep kiss which was kinda turning me on but I restrained myself because we had to head out soon. "You two need to get dressed we have to go soon." 

My voice seemed to have woken them up fully as they broke their kiss and leaped at me. "Sora!" "Master!" They both clung on to me and pushed their faces close to mine at the same time. I tongue wrestled with the two at the same time until they were satisfied. Only then did they put on some clothes and start to get ready. But I did not see Rika at all. 

"Rio, Sola, where is Rika?" I asked, still looking around.

"Earlier while Sola and I were still having sex, she said she was going to the store next door." Rio explained.

"And she still hasn't come back yet!?" Not saying another word I ran out of the inn and went next door to the store. Soon after the three girls followed behind me. 

Before I even walked into the place I heard yelling coming from within. "Rika how could you!? You just met that bitch the other day and you are already pregnant!? Why couldn't it have been me? You know how much I love you yet you still would not give me the time of day. But, you, you went and got pregnant from some slut you just met!? I already know that slut has many wives! So why couldn't it have been me!?"

"Caeda! I already told you I have never wanted to be in a relationship with you. But you never listen and continue to pester me! Please leave me alone. I do not have any feelings for you and never will! So let go of me you are hurting me!" Rika yelled. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Hearing the words "you are hurting me" caused me to lose it. I dashed into the store to find Caeda gripping both of RIka's arms trying to force her lips onto Rika. "Rika you are mine! I do not care if those babies are not mine because they will be raised by me and will see me as their parent!" Caeda's eyes were full of craziness. 

Seeing this I roared out: "Let go of my wife this instant! Did you not learn your lesson the last time?" 

Hearing my voice the tears that Rika seemed to have been holding back finally flooded out as she cried out "Sora!"

Seeing Rika's face full of tears made my heartbreak. I rushed to the two of them and gripped Caeda's wrist causing her to shout out in pain. She finally released Rika as I pulled Rika behind me. "Rio, Sola, Tai, you three take Rika back to the room and help her calm down. She's pregnant and it's not good for her to be too stressed."

The three nodded and pulled Rika along before they left, I heard the three say "Sora, Master, be careful!" 

I did not answer the three only nodded my head as I stared at Caeda who was glaring back at me holding her wrist. "It's you again! Why do you always get into between me and my lover? Rika is only using you to make me jealous! The two of us have been together for so long yet you wish to jump in between us!? You are nothing but a slut! It would be better if you no longer existed in this world!" Caeda screamed out, well I guess it was more like a shriek than a scream. She charged right at me with her face full of viciousness. I could even feel the small bit of killing intent she was exerting. Luckily I went through the training of killing demonic beasts or I wouldn't even know what killing intent felt like.

Seeing Caeda charging right at me I knew it was pointless to even argue with this crazy person in front of me. But seeing how crazy she was, I felt if I did not teach her a hard lesson today that she would cause more issues down the road. So as soon as she got close to me and reached out at me, I grabbed her wrist with my left hand pulling her straight towards me as I came down with a hook with my right hand. It seemed that the big titted elf did not learn anything from last time as my fist slammed in the side of her face causing her body to fall sideways while spinning in the air. She landed hard on the ground as she shouted out in pain. But even after taking such a heavy hit she still turned her head and glared at me with even more killing intent. I sighed and walked over to her and pinned her to the ground. I raised my fist and slammed it down on her face again. Yet she still glared at me. Seeing this I gave up and just started alternating my fist back and forth slamming them into her face and body. I made sure to hit the milk udders on her chest quite a few times. 

I did have to say that she was very tenacious with her hate. It was not until I threw the fiftieth punch that she finally showed me a face of fear. Finally seeing something other than hate I figured maybe she learned her lesson this time. I gave her a cold look but as I saw the tears roll down her face, I felt a little bad. Before getting up off her I said "You know… you went about this the wrong way. If you hit on me instead and got me to take you as my wife, you would have been with the one you love. But instead, you went the wrong route and tried to take Rika by force. This is why I hit you today. I do not like hitting others but if you show no goodwill to my family then I will have no choice." 

Caeda burst out crying. I knew she must have had a hard time. Such a one-sided love was a hard thing to deal with and could make one make the wrong decisions. Seeing the girl crying in front of me made my heart go soft. I was a sucker for tears. What can I say? "Caeda was it? What do you think of me?"
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