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"You used sorca (magic) right?" The girl said. She got up slowly but looked like she was thinking."The power of the ancients." She pointed to the magic circle that my body drew on its own accord. So I was guessing sorca was a word for magic or power. For some reason even though she said sorca it sounded like magic to me. "Did you not come from EElac?" She asked me with seemingly excited eyes.

"EElac? Is that like a country of some kind and if I may ask where exactly am I?" I asked. Since she seemed up to talking now I was hoping I could figure out where I was.

"This is the world of Cora. Well, what's left of it anyways. This platform here was used by a race from EElac in ancient times. EElacians would use the platform to come to our world. The EElacians were very strong and could wield all kinds of magics. Well, that's what I have been able to read in ancient texts that I have found anyways. But as you can see this is what our world looks like today."

She also went on to add that. There was also another race of beings that used the platforms. This race was not as kind as the EElacians and would hunt the Corians for sport. They killed millions upon millions of the Corians without a second thought. She said that they were able to wield power that rivaled the EElacians. The EElacians tried all they could to help the Corians. But there were few EElacians and thousands of the other beings. She said that they ravished the world and took almost all of its resources before they moved on. The Corians that were left have survived to this day by exploring old ruins and scavenging for resources where ever they could. But as far as they knew, the world was nothing but a wasteland now. She said it's been over one thousand years since the last EElacians were seen and eight hundred years since the other beings have been seen. It just so happened she was here on this platform looking for resources and or any kind of objects from ancient times that might be of use. That was when I had appeared in a huge flash of light in the middle of the platform just as the ancient texts had said. The reason she was so scared was that she did not know if I was an EElacian or one of the other beings since there are no images of either beings. So she had no idea what either looked like.

'I guess I'm no longer on earth from what I gather from her story. I should reassure her that I am not here to harm her or anyone for that matter...'

"Well, once again I am very sorry for scaring you and I am not here to harm you or your people that is for sure. The place I come from is called Earth. As far as I know, I don't think anyone from my planet has come to your world. Umm... My name is Sora Shimizu. I'm seventeen years old. May I ask what your name is?" I said all this as I put my best smile on my face. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Oh! I'm sorry my name is R.. R.. Rio Ralaca." She stuttered as she gave me her name and gave me a small bow.

Rio seemed to be a very polite girl. She couldn't be more than sixteen years old, although she was shorter than me. But from how she talked she seemed knowledgeable for her age. She was wearing a brown coat with a brown jumpsuit underneath. On top of her head was a brown cap with ear flaps and a pair of goggles. Around her neck was a brown scarf that flapped in the wind. She really did blend in with her surroundings now that I thought about it. She also had a cute round face under the smudges of dirt. Her hair was blonde and was kept to about shoulder length. She also had some really deep blue eyes. I was really surprised at how cute this girl was. She was only about five feet tall. I was amazed to see a girl this cute out here all by herself. Well, that was until she told me her age.

"Ahem.." Clearing her throat a little. "Sorry... I am Rio Ralaca. I am one hundred and twelve grand tarac's(years) old." My mouth just dropped.

Once again even though she said grand tarac for some reason in my head it came across as years as if I knew that was what it meant. It seemed that anything that was a completely different word for things in this world I would hear it as if it was said correctly. But in truth, it was being said in this world's language almost like a dubbing with two voices at once.

Was I hearing her right did she just say she was one hundred and twelve years old!!!?? And why is she so damn cute!!!! I need to calm down I might start drooling.....
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