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How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating 1 Where The Hell Am I!?

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There I was standing in a vast rocky plateau with nothing but rocks and dirt as far as the eye could see. Well, that was except for this weird platform with four pillars on each side of it, that I was standing in the middle of. The air was dry and very hot. "Where the hell am I !?" I yelled as sweat dripped off my forehead, as I looked around to try to get a bearing on my surroundings. You must be wondering how I ended up in such a place. So let me go back in time a little bit and explain how I even got to the location I am currently at.

It all started on a normal day. Well, not so normal it was a school day after all. I was sound asleep when I woke up to my mom knocking on my door. "Sora! Time to get up! How long do you plan on sleeping! You are going to be late for school!" My mother yelled as she swung the door open. I was still half asleep rubbing my eyes when I was suddenly drenched in water. "I've told you time and time again that if you did not get up I was going to dump a bucket of water on you until you learn to get up by yourself!" My mother was yelling at me but I really couldn't say anything. I was still in shock by the cold water she had just dumped on my head. After she finished scolding me, she turned and left the room once she confirmed that I was awake. "Hurry up and get ready and come and eat breakfast!" She yelled as she walked down the hall.

'What the hell!?! What the hell!?!. I know she always threatens to dump water on me for not getting up by myself. But I never thought she would actually go through with it.'

After the shock wore off I finally got out of bed and headed to the bathroom dripping water all the way. As you may have guessed my name is Sora Shimizu. I am an American-Japanese hence why I say my given name first and my surname last. My parents were born in Japan. But I was born here in America when my father moved here for business. I have lived all seventeen years of my life here. Only going to Japan to visit relatives during the holidays. So in a way, I'm lucky because I learned how to speak both languages growing up. I have black hair that stops at my shoulders with dark brown eyes and am about one hundred and fifty-nine centimeters tall. A few things about me is that I'm really into things like magic, witchcraft, and cute girls.

Anyway, anything related to magic will catch my eye even if its a mile away. I can basically home in on it like I have some kind of radar for it. You could say it is one of my obsessions. As you would guess, because of this I read a lot of books and manga that have such elements in it. My hobby or obsession whichever you would want to call it ends up having me spend a lot of time at the library. Which is where I went every day after school. Not to mention my allowance gets spent mainly on it as well.

Now that I think about it maybe this is more of an addiction. I wonder if they have group meetings for these types of things where you can get help for weird addictions.

Then there is my passion for cute girls. That's right cute girls you heard it right. I do not like boys one bit. I think they're dirty! I mean what girl would want some rough dirty man touching them. Me, I would prefer the soft touch of a cute girl any day. I mean cute girls just make me want to walk up, hug them and pat there heads all day long. Of course, I do restrain my self in public since I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of weirdo or something. My other hobby already makes me seem strange as it is. Maybe that is why I don't have that many friends?

Anyway, I have yet to even experience the soft touch of a girl. Oh, how I wish I could. I would put my face right between their legs and then... heh... heh... heh...


Sorry drooled a little... But you catch my drift. I am a one hundred percent lesbian! It's just no one but me knows about this. I guess that is enough of my introduction so let's continue.

After getting ready, I headed downstairs to eat breakfast as fast as I could so that I wouldn't miss the bus. If I miss the bus I would get an ear full from my best friend Sara. She really hated taking the bus by herself. Once I was done with breakfast I quickly got my stuff together and headed out the door to the bus stop at the corner. Sara was standing there looking in my direction waving at me to hurry up, as the bus had just pulled up. I ran at full speed to get to the bus. Sara had asked the driver to hold on a minute because someone else was coming. Thanks to her I did not have to wait for the next bus to come. Which would have been a twenty-minute wait and would have made me late for school.

"Sora you were almost late again today." Sara looked at me with a sharp gaze. I can always tell when Sara is agitated. She will always have her left eyebrow up above her normal eyebrow line when she looked at you. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

It's not like I missed the bus and she's still mad. I mean I could have gone back to sleep soaking wet but nope I got up and rushed here just for her and she's still like this. I guess it's best to try to get back on her good side.
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