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Dongcheng, Hongjing Bay Villa District.

Yang Fan stood in front of the gate of Villa No. 1 and gently rang the visual doorbell hanging in the upper right corner of the gate.

"Hey! Who are you? Why are you standing in front of my house?"

A crisp and sweet voice came from the doorbell, the voice sounded young about 10 year's of age and seemed to belong to a little girl, but the tone of the speech was a bit arrogant, as if someone owed her hundreds of dollars.

Yang Fan mouth twitched, who's family child is so rude?

"Hello Good Miss, I..."

"How do you know if I am good or not, have you not seen me? Hey, hypocrite, what my mother said is really right men are not a good thing!"

Yang Fan: "…"

This …. did I bother her some how or is she messing with me, did this child eat gunpowder for breakfast? Why are you so rude, didn't your mother teach about being polite?


"What I.. I.. ?, looking at your oily face with a glace I can tell that you are not a good person. You stay far away from my house door, or I will call security guards on you!"

Yang Fan's heart almost lost all his patience, the swearing words that had just arrived at his mouth he swallowed back.

No way, since because I can't prove that I know the owner inside, the security of the community will not let me in. I have no choice but to sneak in by jumping the wall. If the security guard saw me jumping the wall, it will be another drama.
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  The gang of police officers who suspected me for string of pet murders and rushed me to the police station for interrogation early in the morning, not even letting me to bring my mobile phone leave no way to contact Zhu Caiwei.

I thought that as long as I went to the agreed place at the agreed time, then I could easily see Zhu Caiwei, start my career as a bodyguard for 12000 yuan a month, and then embark to the peak of life, no longer have to worry about livelihood.

I didn't expect that things would be so unfavorable today, stepping on the door steps I encountered such a strange thing.

What to do? should I just break in?

Yesterday, Zhu Caiwei set the appointment time with him at 8:30 in the morning today. The time on the luxurious doorbell shown was already 8:29:13. There was only forty-seven seconds left. I have to go in to sign the contract.

"First day on the work, I must not leave a bad impression on my new boss!"

Regardless of whether this strange encounter at the door-step is a special test before he gets the job. with that thought in mind Yang Fan decided to go all out.

He need this job desperately, all the assets on his body now add up to less than one hundred. The previous deposits have all been turned into food and gas into his belly, and then if he doesn't get this job. Today's lunch he is afraid will be Fasting.

After all, Killing all those monster pet has increased his strength to a greater height. even then he has to face the daily survival problems such as eating and drinking.

Poor and rich, now let's not talk about it.

After Yang Fan's strength improved by leaps and bounds, his food intake has exceeded the norms of ordinary people. an a ordinary vegetarian food is difficult to meet his gastrointestinal needs, only those high-nutritious and high-energy meat can truly Keep up with the consumption of his blood and qi.

To put it simply, he can eat a lot now, and he needs to eat at least 20 pounds to 30 pounds of cooked meat for a meal, and this also only temporary. As he improves, this value will keep increasing. his huge strength comes with huge hunger.

When he breaks through to the level of the martial Artist to Martial arts Master, he might not be able to satisfy his hunger even with ordinary meat. He could only go around to find spiritual medicine or hunt low-level monsters and eat their flesh and blood to keep up with his body Daily consumption, otherwise the psionic energy in his body will be forced to wear out, making the repair stagnant.

"This is the trouble of repairing too fast."

Yang Fan sighed in his heart. He can now improve his blood intensity by just running and kicking his legs few time, he just flipped over a wall and his cultivation broke through into the third level of Martial Artist. He did not even get time to make a psychological preparation, you say if this not annoying? he really wants to stop this but can't he only keeps improving his blood intensity.

"Hey! you,Why are you still not leaving? I warn you, if you don't leave now, I will really call the security guard! "

The voice of the little girl came from the doorbell again, and was filled with threats.

Yang Fan screamed in his heart, He was too lazy to talk nonsense with a little girl, you say your temper is not good, I had moderate depression, lets see who is afraid who?

Yang Fan turned around and avoided the monitoring equipment in front of the Villa door, Yang Fan used the moon-shadow method that he had just learned last night his body shape gradually hide in the shadow of the wall.

"You have used the Moon-Shadow method, and your understanding of the Moon-Shadow method has increased, Your skill proficiency has improved, body Constitution +1, agility +1."

The fence outside the villa were not high, only about two meters. Yang Fan jumped to other side of the wall. Because of the sneak effect of the Moon Shadow, the surveillance monitors in the villa and the workers who were taking care of the lawn did not find his trace.

In just three seconds, Yang Fan passed through the courtyard corridor of more than 30 meters, and unconsciously walked into the hall room in the center of the villa.

Zhu Caiwei's appointment with him yesterday was here. He looked up and saw the ancient pendulum like clock hanging on the wall of the main hall it showed 8:29:35, he was not late.

No one was in the living room, Yang Fan did not see the eccentric little girl who was so temperamental earlier. He stoped using moon shadow and his body was reviled in the hall. He sat down on the west side of the living room. There was hot tea pot on the table, and the mouth of the pot was still had steam come of it, tea should be hot.

Yang Fan was not polite he pour himself a cup of tea, while drinking the tea, he looked around the hall and at the decoration in the hall.

One word, luxurious.

Two words, Imposing Style.

Three words, Extremely distinguished Wealth!

This is life!

Yang Fan sighs in his heart, but he is not very envious, because he is very clear, it will not be long before, all of this will become a passing sight.

These luxurious villas, and then the exquisite decoration, in the end all are just decoration, They can neither save ones lives nor satisfy hunger or quench thirst. there safety performance is not even as good when compared to a ordinary cave.

After all, during the end of the world, Ones own strength is fundamental, everything else is useless and insignificant.

With such a thought, the sense of superiority in Yang Fan's heart rose, and his eyes that had just been dim once again brightened.

Being poor has its own advantages, at least during the Apocalypse, he will have no villas to lose, no luxury cars to be destroyed, and will not have hundreds of billions of properties which are too late to spent, his losses will be smaller than these rich people.

If you can't eat the grapes and say that the grapes are sour[1]. Yang Fan is very skilled in this. After all, he has been playing this game for more than 20 years, and he has a lot of experience.

After drinking a cup of tea, he did not see any trace of Zhu Caiwei, Yang Fan is not impatient, people are his new boss, even if she is late, she should have her reasons.

He picked up the teapot and pour yourself a cup tea again and slowly took a sip as if enjoying the tea.

In fact, he does not know how to appreciate a quality tea. After all, he tea he drank iced black tea most of his life. Even if you give him the legendary Dahongpao[2], he will feel that it is not better than iced black tea.

he thought of impressing the new boss by show off his elegance while drinking tea.

After a while, the minutes hand on the pendulum clock was already pointing at 8:50, Zhu Caiwei still had not arrived, the living room is still empty, Yang started to think that nobody new that he was here. Yang Fan was too lazy to pretend to be a model and drink tea with elegance. He simply sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and practiced the "Basic Breathing" method.

slowly the clock showed the time as 9 o'clock the but suddenly from the upper part of the living room to be exact from the second floor bedroom a suddenly Scream was heard.


The screams are loud and sharp, and it seem as if not penetrating, but real.

There is a smell of monsters! i the air.

Yang Fan was awakened for the practice at the first scream. then he smelled the smell of the monster coming from the second floor. he reacted as quickly as possible and he flew directly to the second floor and kicked the door of the room filled with a the monsters atmosphere.

A little girl in a white pajamas shrinking into the corner with her hands clasped over her head and her head buried between her knees, and trembling with terror could be seen. The scream from her mouth just stopped but as soon as she heard someone Come in, the screams suddenly stopped.

The little girl's back is facing Yang Fan, and a pink bear embroidered on the back twists with the little girl's trembling body, as if the bear was making a face at Yang Fan.

When Yang Fan saw that the she was not injured, she ignored it and glanced at the room in a vigilant manner. he quickly focused on the bathroom inside the bed room and the smell of the monster came from in there.

Yang Fan carefully walked over and slowly pushed the bathroom door open, it was struck and then a thick, pungent bloody smell came out from the inside. Yang Fan's heart was tight, was someone had been killed?

He no longer hesitated, his body's blood and qi burst and Yang Fan forcibly broke into the door.

In the bathroom, unlike his previous assumption nobody was kill there was only a corpse of a fat cat with a length of one meter lying in the back of the toilet.

The corpse is very fresh, its limbs are flat and stiff, and there was even a slight twitching action, its neck was torn by something, with that huge wound the blood rushed out in a strong way and has already spread all over floor, Yang Fan feels That the smell of the beast is emitted from the fat cat.

This cat turned out to be a real monster that has completely awakened the blood!

Who, or what, killed it?

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[1]sour grapes :- The story concerns a fox that tries to eat grapes from a vine but cannot reach them. Rather than admit defeat, he states they are undesirable. The expression "sour grapes" originated from this fable.

[2] Dahongpao :- an expensive type of oolong tea.

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