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Zatiel was pleased with the expression on the twins' faces. All sorts of plans where going through his mind as he remembered the words of Mr. Grey.

When he heard their story, he was able to detect the handiwork of the Sage and the backlash that he will receive if Sigrid and Aren are able to free themself from the path in which he put them, will be immense.

He also understood that there is another party who his targeting the duo. Whether they are directly cooperating with the Sage or are another piece on the board, they are powerful enough to destroy a clan with a Peak Rank 4 life form in a matter of minutes.

The knowledge that Zatiel has about the powerful organizations in the Magi World is not much, but Dante had been investigating them and there is something that called his attention when he went through the information about the Eye Dynasty.

"In your dynasty, there is something called the Holy Trial that any Eye King can go through. Tell me everything you know about it."

When they heard Zatiel word, the eyes of the duo widen and a look of realization appeared on their faces. They were thinking that the only way they could fight back against the people that attacked their clan and the Sage was to hide for hundreds of years and only come out when they become powerful but the Holy Trial was a different path that will be much faster.

It took a moment for the duo to regain their focus and Aren was the one who explained everything he knows to Zatiel.

"Yes, the Holy Trial is one of the most sacred tests for our race. It was left in the Magi World by our Holy Mother when she became a Being of Laws..."

There was veneration in the eyes of Aren when he mentioned the Holy Mother and give a full explanation about the trial.

The Holy Trail was something sacred for the Eye Holder race, not only because it was left by Eve the Holy Mother, but because those who do well in it can obtain all sorts of miracle reward, which can even include have your bloodline upgraded.

Minor rewards are given as you advance in the trial and the final reward depends on the tier in which you end up, after going through all the tests in the Holy Trial. The highest being Tier 1 and the lower Tier 9.

Any sort of external help is forbidden. That means that you can't bring into the trial any type of weapon or rune and you can only depend on yourself.

There is something special about the trial. It changes depending on the level of the bloodline of the trial challenger, and the more powerful your bloodline is, the greater the danger becomes.

Those with a Rank 1, 2, or 3 bloodlines can take the trial without any fear since they can exit it whenever they want and only those foolish enough to not recognize their limits die.

But everything changes for Rank 4, King and Emperor bloodline. They either complete the trial and obtain the final reward, or they die inside it.

The Holy Trial that those with Emperor bloodlines take is so difficult that the death rate is 95% and in the last five thousand years, no one has been able to complete it with a classification above Tier 6.

"... but that changed when he appeared, Gwyn Xinter. He managed to do the impossible and finished the Holy Trial for those with Emperor bloodlines with a Tier 1 classification. His bloodline was transformed by a drop of blood from the Holy Mother, advancing all the way to a Law bloodline and obtained the title of True Lord. His status is equal in the Eye Dynasty to those with the Holy bloodline."

Neither Aren nor Sigrid could hide the admiration in their eyes.

When Zatile found out that the young genius he met years ago had advanced so much, he was surprised.

'Very good brat, consider me impressed. The greater your destiny becomes the more useful you will be.' A meaningful smile appeared on Zatiel before focusing once again in the twins.

"Ok then, it is decided, you two will take the Holy Trial and I will do everything I can to help you achieve it." Zatiel plan was simple. If Sigrid and Aren finish the trial with a high Tier, then their fate will change once again and destroy in one swift move the machinations of the Sage

Hope appeared in the heart of the twins but after a moment, disappointment filled their eyes.

"I don't think we will be able to do it, since the entrance to the Holy Trial is in the center of the territories of our dynasty. Just like with the Aeternum Empire, the borders of the Eye Dynasty are highly regulated, so that means the ones who attacked our clan and kill the Patriarch and Elders were Eye Holders." Sigrid spoke to Zatiel and the frustration in her heart was immense.

The Neo-Demon understood immediately the meaning behind Sigrid words. If they go back to the dynasty with a Rank 3 battle power, the group that attacked the Terra Eye Clan will capture them before they get close to the Holy Trial's entrance.

"Don't worry, I will find a way to take you two to the trial with safety. Tell me the nature of your bloodlines and powers, to see how can I help you." There was confidence in Zatiel voice as he spoke.

When Sigrid and Aren heard Zatiel's word, they were surprised. The leader of the forces who attacked the Terra Eye Clan was probably a Law Engraving existence, and yet Zatiel spoke about handling him with such certainty that they found it hard to believe.

If it was any other Rank 3 life form who spoke those words, the duo would have thought he was crazy, but it was clear to both Sigrid and Aren that the man in front of them was everything but simple.

He was able to lead a thriving city full of hundreds of thousands of people despite being targeted by the same person whose actions destroyed their clan.

The first to act was Aren and the moment his bloodline eyes glowed, a yellow layer of earth appeared over his skin, increasing his power but the most impressive thing was how the gravity in the entire floor rose tremendously.

"My power is relative to the use of earth's magnetic field. When I push my bloodline to the limit, I can control the gravitational energy, making my body exponentially heavier or lighter and in a lesser measure affect the gravity around my opponent." 

Aren was able to maintain his control over gravity for a short time and it was clear that even with his bloodline, manipulating the gravity of an entire room was very hard.

Zatiel was very satisfied when he heard the power of Aren's bloodline. Gravity is not only extremely powerful but also flexible and there is all sort of uses for it in a battle.

After Aren's demonstration was over, it was Sigrid turn and when her grey iridescent bloodline eyes glowed, all sorts of illusion appeared. A peculiar form of energy was being channeled inside the woman's body.

"I am a master of illusions and my bloodline gives me the ability to establish a link with the Ethereal Plane, increasing the power of my spell and giving me the ability to affect the dreams of people."

When the Neo-Demon saw Sigrid power, he was surprised. The Ethereal Plane was a plane out of phase in were all sort of creatures reside, and where even weak life forms can enter during their dreams.

Being able to channel its energy inside her body meant that her bloodline was very special even among Emperor bloodlines.

If Zatiel could use all of the resources at his disposal, he was sure he could make the duo complete the Holy Trial with a classification above Tier 3, but he was restricted.

Transforming them into Neo-Demon was out of the question. Even if he trusted them, the origin of their bloodline is a Being of Law who ruled one of the most powerful organizations of the Magi World.

The moment he tries to break the connection of their bloodline with Eve, the Being of Laws will be enraged and with just a word, she could make the entire Eye Dynasty attack him.

In the end, Zatiel decided to go with the second-best option. He put information in two crystals, before throwing them to the duo.

"In there is a Path Technique that will allow you two to display to the maximum the power of your bloodlines and spells."

The moment the twins go through the information the crystal, any doubt they had about Zatiel's capabilities vanished.

Their Path Techniques not only described a systemic way to increase the proficiency over their spells but also a body transformation technique that worked perfectly with their bloodline. Although it did not have the section for Rank 4 life forms and above, it was incredibly useful for them.

All of a sudden Zatiel's aura changed and was once again cold and solemn, startling the duo and reminding them of the type of monster in front of them.

"I will come back in a few hours, use the time to familiarize yourself with the Path Technique. I will leave the Magi World very soon to continue a world war and you will accompany me. You are not part of my clan, so I will not allow any type of mistake or weakness. If you don't manage rise to the task and make me lose my time, then you will not have to bother with the Sage anymore."

Sigrid and Aren understood clearly what Zatiel wanted to say and they nod before closing their eyes and starting to train immediately. 

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