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"Okay, let's just start for the first item auction" to take her mind off Ye Chen, Cheng Mengyan decided to start the auction.

"This item is called the Rainbow Flower, this flower has seven colors on each of its petals, the function of the Rainbow Flower is to increase the vitality of a weak body, all you need to do is brew the rainbow flower with warm water and then drink it, after you drink it I guarantee you will strong overnight on the bed "in a very seductive style Cheng Mengyan conveys what the function of the rainbow flower is.

Hearing the function of the rainbow flower, many people immediately excited, some people here have a weak vitality, most of them did not have vitality when they were young, they need this flower for themselves, all of them are waiting for prices to be opened for Rainbow Flower.

Ye Chen saw Cheng Mengyan, who was explaining the function of the rainbow flower, unexpectedly Cheng Mengyan's knowledge of medicinal plants was quite extensive.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the initial price of this interest is 200,000 dollars, please start the bid" Cheng Mengyan opened the price for the Rainbow flower.









People began to bid on these flowers, most of which bargained were elderly people who had aged.

Even Pan Du who was next to Xia Tian's grandfather also began to bid on rainbow flowers.

No one wants to budge and keeps bidding, until the price of the Rainbow flower jumps to 2,900,000 dollars, this is a very large number for a flower like this.

Ye Chen did not expect the rainbow flower to be appreciated as expensive as this, even though the function of enhancing the vitality of the pelagi flower only lasted for a few months, after the effect was gone the vitality would be weak again.

Well, it can't be denied if the people here are rich people, 3,000,000 dollars is nothing for these rich people, as long as they get their body's vitality back they are willing to pay a very high price.

"Does no one want to bid anymore? "Cheng Mengyan asked everyone who was here.

Everyone just stay quiet, they don't want to waste money on the first item.

Seeing that no one else would bid, Cheng Mengyan decided the winner "congratulations to the master in seat 145 for getting the Rainbow Flower" with a warm smile, Cheng mengyan congratulated the winner in number 145.

Cheng Mengyan: "Alright let's move on to the next item."

Cheng Mengyan went on to the second item "This is Ligong Fruit, all of you here must know the function of this Fruit, so I won't explain it in too much detail to you, the initial price for Ligong Fruit is 100,000 dollars" Cheng Mengyan started the auction for this second item.

Ye Chen looked more clearly at this Ligong fruit, Ye Chen felt that this was not a Ligong Fruit that could be used to heal external wounds very quickly.

This is definitely a Phoenix Fire fruit that is not yet fully ripe, maybe the shape is indeed similar to a Ligong fruit, but there is a slight difference that makes the two different and this is very rarely known by ordinary people.

This fruit is very rare in this world, this fruit can increase the strength of the deep fire of people who eat it, this is very useful for Ye Chen who has the power of deep fire.

It seems like the auction party was not thorough at all in evaluating the items to be auctioned, this was a good opportunity for Ye Chen, the Phoenix Fire fruit was a very rare fruit, it was very rare for someone to meet with this fruit in his life.

"1,000,000" Ye Chen was the first person to start bidding.

Everyone was astonished to see someone bid on a Ligong Fruit this expensive, in the market the price of a Ligong Fruit was only around 300,000 ~ 500,000 dollars, who exactly was a fool who bid this expensive.

Xia Tian did not think that Ye Chen would bid Ligong fruit at a high price, actually what Ye Chen was thinking about, why did he buy fruit at 2x the price on the market.

Xia Tian did not doubt Ye Chen, there must be a reason for this.

Everyone immediately looked towards Ye Chen, everyone did not know whether this person was indeed stupid or had a lot of money in his body.

After Ye Chen bargained with a high price, there was no longer anyone who dared to raise the price, who also would want to buy an item with a 2x price on the market.

Seeing the person bidding was Ye Chen, Cheng Mengyan felt a little awkward.

"Is there no one else who wants to bid? "Cheng Mengyan asked everyone who was here.

Everyone just kept quiet, no one wanted to compete with Ye Chen.

"Congratulations to young master Ye Chen for getting the Ligong Fruit" With a very gentle smile, Cheng Mengyan congratulated Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan unconsciously called Ye Chen's real name, Cheng Mengyan should only need to mention the number of seats that Ye Chen was sitting on, but instead she mentioned Ye Chen's real name in front of everyone.

Everyone was astonished when the Goddess in their hearts Cheng Mengyan, called the winner by his real name, did the goddess Cheng Mengyan know this person?.

Ye Chen immediately received a piercing gaze from all the young men who were here, even Xia Qingyu also stared at him with a piercing gaze.

"Ye Chen, you better explain this to me, how does this fox lady know you?" Xia Qingyu immediately asked Ye Chen how Cheng Mengyan knew Ye Chen.

"Damn Cheng Mengyan why does she have to say my name in a situation like this" in his heart Ye Chen cursed Cheng Mengyan for making himself a public enemy.

"Ye Chen, hurry up and say whether you know the woman" Xia Qingyu continued to question Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu would not stop before Ye Chen gave her a satisfying explanation.

Yes, yes, I know that woman, we have met several times before, that's all, there is no other relationship between the two of us" Ye Chen tried to explain to Xia Qingyu who looked dissatisfied with himself.

"Is it true that you don't have another relationship? "Asked Xia Qingyu.

"No, no, I have absolutely no relationship with that woman" Ye Chen immediately shook his head at Xia Qingyu.

Zhao Yanyan had forbidden Ye Chen to deal with Cheng Mengyan, because this was Ye Chen as far away from Cheng Mengyan as possible.

"That's good, if you have a relationship with another woman, just watch out" Xia Qingyu threatened Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no idea that Xia Qingyu would be a very jealous woman, if she knew that Ye Chen had many women what would Xia Qingyu do.

"Well, let's move on to the third item, the third item is still the same, Ligong fruit, the initial price is 100,000 dollars, please start the antidote."

"1,000,000 dollars" Ye Chen again offered the Phoenix Fire fruit at a high price.

Everyone looked back at Ye Chen with questioning eyes as before.

This person again bargained at a crazy price, no one wanted to compete with Ye Chen for fighting over the Fire Phoenix Fruit.

Ye Chen was very happy that everything went smoothly without any obstacles, he could get 2 pieces of rare Phoenix Fruits at a cheap price.

Because Ye Chen got 2 pieces, he would give one to Fu Lanling.

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