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At the same time, Alex appeared outside the base before using his token to open the barrier. 

Upon entering the barrier, Sherry, Kyle, and Stina came out of his body. Alex smiled. "Good work for all of you."

He closed the barrier first before entering the meeting room and summoning the other spirits. 

Alex took his seat, the furthest away from their seat as Anna and Anya took the seat beside him.

He placed his hand on the round table as he supported his chin. Thinking about the system made him a bit motivated to find her whereabouts. Although he only had some interest in her, it would still be nice just to have a chat with the real her. 

"Well, we can forget about what happened earlier because we couldn't afford to separate our attention from this crisis." Alex sighed with a tired expression. "First of all, the mistake comes from my side because I underestimated the power of Martial Saint. At that time, I thought I would lose you guys… since with how you guys are acting, you would obviously put your life on the line just to block a single attack from that Martial Saint."

"Don't say it like that, Alex. You are only going to hurt us if you say that. You should say thank you, not sorry." Anna stopped him by patting his shoulder and smiling at him.

"Yeah. You are right." Alex turned his head and sighed. Then, he turned back and corrected his words. "Thank you for sticking up with me despite facing death."

"Rather than talking about this depressing topic, how about we move to the real part? It's about the information that b*tch provided, right?" Anna suddenly broke her silence while cursing Shelka.

Alex nodded before looking at Stina. "Stina, in your opinion, why do you think that person can enter this world?"

"I am not very clear…" Stina shook her head, having no imagination. "However, if I am her, I would reach the Martial Emperor first, then start hunting the crystal with this order."

Stina used her Spiritual Energy to write a few words in the air. 

"I see. Human first, Angel Race, Sea Race, Dragon Race, before going to your race."

"Yes. Angel Race has exiled her from the flying continent, so If I can make a surprise there and challenge him before anyone could find out, it would be my win. The second thing would be the sea race, the guardian of the portal. First, I need to secure my goal before I can take care of the key. As for why my race is the last, I am sure I don't need to tell you anymore, Master." 

"Indeed. Ellen has inherited your will, so there is no way she would let her get the inheritance." Alex nodded. "But I am still confused as to why Shelka suddenly reached the Martial Emperor…"

"Master, have you forgotten about your own lightning tribulation?" Stina asked with a smile.

"Ah!" That question enlightened him in an instant.

"I am sure there are a few things that come to play. Firstly, she must receive something good from that golden flash. I don't know what it was, but let's say she at least got one star from it. Then, she can ask for the Elven Race to focus their resource on her. It's been two years since the angel race expelled her, so it's plausible." Stina answered.

Suddenly, Alex slammed the table. "Why didn't I see this? She was already a 9-Star back on the World Summit. She must be a peak 9-Star at that time, and after going back to the Elven Race, she entered 10-Star. Then, she could easily reach the 1-Star Martial Emperor. Meanwhile, we have almost a year to give her that time. I underestimated her too much."

"Yeah, you might be right." Stina nodded before correcting his statement. "We underestimated them."

Alex thought for a moment before turning his head to Anya. "Anya, if you are her, how will you defeat all the trials?"

Anya pondered for a few minutes as they looked at her expectantly, wondering what kind of plan would be.

After waiting for some time, Anya finally opened her mouth. "Firstly, I don't have any better order other than what Stina said earlier. Then, I would ask a few Martial Emperor elders to carry me, so I don't waste a single time and energy challenging the trials. Let's talk about each of them in detail. 

"I would go to the Human Race for a few reasons. They are the nearest and the weakest of other races. But the most important thing was their hate against you. Because they didn't get anything from you, Shelka would have no problem challenging them for their crystal. I don't know what kind of trial the human has, but it shouldn't be really that hard.

"After that, the elder would carry me to the next continent, which is the Angel Continent. Before going to that continent, I would send an envoy as a bait, so they didn't suspect or recognize me. I know that I wouldn't be able to enter the palace hall to meet the Seraphim since the guard would stop me. At that time, I would just find a way to sneak inside the throne room. According to your memory, I could see many mirrors and gaps to exploit. With those, I could somehow enter the hall.

"Then, I would challenge the trial before anyone could stop me. As soon as the crystal recognized the challenge, no one would be able to stop me anymore. You already know about her crazy personality, so I assume you can picture how she could pass the trial in an instant. At first, I doubt she could pass the Lust trial since I am sure you would be there to stop her… but considering the ultimate yandere ability, I can picture how she would butcher that image ruthlessly.

"After conquering the trial, the Angel Race wouldn't be able to touch me. Then, there was only a single threat left that needed to be dealt with, the Naga Race. They inhabited and had the most population in that world. With how the Angel Race would react, they would inevitably ask the Neptune to be on his guard. I also could safely assume that the Seraphim didn't inform the Neptune while Shelka challenged the trial, or he just didn't have enough time.

"Either way, she managed to enter the Sea Race and challenged the trial first. The trial wasn't hard, to begin with, so she would surely beat the trial in a breeze. The Neptune had no way other than let her go even if later he got the information from the Seraphim.

"Then, the elders that I had scattered around on other continents would carry me to the next place, the Dragon Clan. At this point, I couldn't think another way beside poison. Although the Dragon Clan trial was a one on one battle, the king didn't specify that no poison or anything could be used. The fight would still be considered legal if she didn't do any irreplaceable damage or kill him. In other words, a poison that could weaken him was enough to defeat him.

"That dragon prince would surely lose the battle without its strength. This would leave me to the last place, the Phoenix Continent... it would be easy for me to challenge the last trial. After all, I would only need to use the entire Elven Race to pressure the Phoenix Race. No matter how unwilling they were, they needed to step down, mainly because of the five crystals in my possession.

"I am not being cruel or underestimating Ellen, but as wise as she may, she would give in. The Phoenix Trial is not hard to be honest, considering Shelka's element was a Pure Wind and a pureblood Elf." Anya finally finished explaining her plan.

All spirits fell into silence as they stared at Anya with a complicated expression. Anya was confused as she glanced at Alex.

"I suddenly fear what would happen to me if you are my enemy…" Alex decided to joke.

"Pfft… Haha." Anya laughed out loud. "I am sure you could also come up with a plan like this. In fact, you should have planned more than half of this plan, assuming that Shelka had the determination to chase you to this world."

"Eighty percent to be exact." Alex shrugged as he looked at the ceiling. "I wonder if I should kill all enemies and my potential enemies…"

"Up to you. There is no right and wrong unless you decide which one is right and which one is wrong. This is like there is no number zero or number one before the people agreed there was one. It was then any species started knowing about the conversation before learning about language. That's why, no matter what your choice is, as long as you deem it as the right choice, it's good enough." Anna smiled. 

"That's right." Alex closed his eyes for a few seconds. "Alright. Let's close this topic and move onto the next topic."

"!!!" Anya narrowed her eyes as she said, "Fire God Clan?"

"Yeah." Alex nodded. "With the leaked information about my Fire God Clan, they would surely chase me. Even if I claim that I have given my Sacrificial Fire to Firia, they would still eliminate me.

"There are a few reasons. Firstly, the death of those two elders and their so-called young lord, Ryan Hinga, was it? The second reason would be my element. They are Fire God Clan with most disciples using Fire Element. I am the bane of their clan and as long as I can reach Martial Saint Stage. I believe I can suppress them to a certain extent." Alex furrowed his eyebrows.

Anya nodded in agreement before inserting her opinion. "Indeed. If I am the patriarch, I will chase you down by Martial Saints to make sure I have enough power to eliminate you. Especially, with how they tricked the Blackwade Clan, it would surely invite much displeasure from them after that elder reported it.

" The relationship between you and Blackwade Clan, the VIP card, and the friction between the two clans are enough reasons for me to invite you as the Blackwade Clan guest. I would protect you by using the clan resources until you reach Martial Saint Stage before launching an attack against the Fire God Clan.

"Your Pure Fire is overpowered, so I can safely assume that the moment the war breaks out, one of the clans will perish." Anya released her killing intent. 

"Thank you for your input. Now, we are going to discuss how we should deal with the retaliation of the Fire God Clan…" Alex closed his eyes while coming up with a plan.

Anna and the others also thought about it, but they knew Alex or Anya would come up with a plan first. That was why they began thinking about some twists in their plan to make a more interesting plan.

Anya sighed. "Since our destination has been set, we can only go to the Sacred Continent. Firstly, we will fulfill the promise you made to Zwaka. Seeing the progress of Nelson, we can destroy them right now, like how we destroy the Joyful Union Sect. Besides, seeing how they are unacceptable by society, their number wouldn't be that high. 

"After that, we will go to this realm (?) that Teodross told you to strengthen yourself. Besides, when we fought against their Martial Saint, we could use those two weapons to block the Fire God Clan for a while and teleported."

"Ah! I am sorry. I didn't use high ranking weapons often to prevent me from relying on them. Besides, I would be able to progress quickly because of that system. I wanted to use the swords as a last resort, but still a bit hesitant since those elders still needed my Sacrificial Element. At that time, I knew the elders wouldn't kill me, so I didn't use the weapons. Sorry, my misjudgment." Alex apologized. 

"Alright. Leave it for later." Anya stopped him.

"You have become a 6-Star Martial Emperor anyway, why don't we go back to the Willow Continent now and help Rose before the Fire God Clan realize this matter," Anna asked, concluding the meeting.

"Yeah. Let's go. The sooner, the better." Alex nodded. "We are going to rest for a day before going according to the plan."

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