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Alex was staying over in the flying continent. Having no interest made him lazy to even go out, enjoying the town.

He had not used his Premium Tickets that he got from beating the Angel Trial because he was too occupied in reflecting on the previous trial. He was surprised that despite having beaten the other six sins within two days, he was stopped by the Wrath Trial for about two weeks.

He never expected that despite telling himself and the others to spare the innocent, he would do something like that. At first, he thought it must be the pressure that made him do that, albeit, after three days, he could not change his opinion, thinking it was a normal thing to do. 

Stina finally came to take him back to the Phoenix Continent. However, Zarall accompanied her, wanting to say something to Alex.

"Before you go back, can we exchange our view a little." Zarall as the wisest one, would always want to exchange his view with Alex. He was surprised that Alex managed to clear the Tower far faster than him, except the wrath.

Alex glanced at Stina, who nodded her head and said, "Sure. It should not take too long anyway."

"Yes." Zarall acknowledged.

They were staying inside a private courtyard, so seeing they would like to talk, Stina excused herself. "Then, I will wait here."

"I think it will be good for the Phoenix Queen to join us. After all, you have lived the longest and I would like to exchange some views with you."

Stina pondered for a while before nodding her head. Alex would not mind too, considering she was not an outsider. Besides, she was filled with wisdom and he might be able to get his answer about the Wrath Trial.

They walked toward a pavilion in the center of a pond. The scenery was excellent and the atmosphere was calming. Alex loved to sit here when reflecting on the trial.

It seemed Zarall was prepared as he took out a pot of tea as soon as they arrived, pouring it for himself, Alex, and Stina.

"I suppose we don't need any pleasantries… So, I will cut to the chase. Seeing the order of your trial was Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. I think we can talk in that order.

"I will go first and explain my point of view about Lust. Lust is an intense or unbridled sexual desire… I also have lust in my heart, seeing pretty women and having a desire for them… I think that is pretty normal. However, I don't have the determination to do such an inhumane thing like rape or anything because I feel like I would betray my wife at that moment." Zarall explained. "To be blunt, Phoenix Queen Stina is a very pretty woman. However, the guilt in my heart would swallow the lust of that. I hope Queen Stina forgives me."

"I… I don't really have the lust in your mouth… Maybe because I love my husband so much, I never think that way." Stina shook her head, glancing at Alex.

"I came from a very low place, never experiencing the life of nobility like both of you and I believed because of that, my view of lust was shaped differently. Before the so-called Lust appeared, I would ask myself. 

"If I lost everything… showed my flaws and could not be strong in the future. Would she… stay beside me?" Alex said, remembering that particular betrayal. "That's why before thinking about lust or anything, will she accept me when I have nothing? If yes, then I can slowly build up a relationship with her."

Stina and Zarall were intrigued, finally realizing why he drove Shelka away. Looking at how she was too obsessed with 'Supreme' instead of him, Alex would not accept her.

"That is a really interesting perspective…" Zarall nodded. "If I have a son or daughter, I might want them to start from the bottom. That way, I can see if they love my children from the bottom of their heart or not. I can simply raise their power with enough resources from the palace." The Seraphim said, pondering about Alex's perspective.

"Well, certainly… I met my husband at my lowest point… Unfortunately, my daughter was too late for that." She sighed, wondering if her daughter would forever be single or not. However, the condition would not allow her to stay single, so her only hope was for a right man to appear before her.

Zarall nodded. "Anyway, I don't think we need to discuss Gluttony since we don't really need to eat. As for Greed… I will be alright as long as my family has enough and the race is happy. I assume the Phoenix Queen shares the same vision as mine…"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Greed huh… I don't really have an exact view of greed. I have my goal and to reach that goal, I need more and more money. However, I would always think about it over and over again before I decide to get that money or any precious things." Alex shrugged.

"As for the next topic, I have many things to do and could not procrastinate. So, Sloth is a no go to me."

"Well, there is always a desire to rest in our hearts. As long as it is not too much, it should be alright." Zarall nodded, skipping the topic before having a serious expression. "As for Wrath… may I know your perspective first?"

Zarall released pressure from his eyes, telling him that he might do something if Alex's answer would lead to an act of depravity.

Alex simply shook his head. "If they come for me, I would slaughter my enemies and spare the innocent. However, if they come for my family, then don't expect me to spare anyone because this is my Wrath. No one could change it."

Seeing the light in Alex's eyes, he sighed. "Around three thousand years ago. A great coalition army of three races led by Dragon Race almost led the Angel Race to extinction. The reason was because of my grandfather's rage. 

"He once tried to take the trials to the other races. He had completed the trial from Phoenix Race, and Elven Race. However, because of the treatment he received from the two Royal Family.

"The moment he finished the Dragon Race's trial, he decided to attack them, considering they could not attack him. After that, he attacked the Phoenix Race and Elven Race too.

"He enjoyed the satisfaction for a while until he was defeated in the fourth trial, Naga Race's trial."

"The three races took that chance to make a coalition army and strike back after getting back their race crystal.

"It was at that perilous time my father was born. And since then, I have seen many great things on the way here to today. And there has been one thing that I have always believed in. One should only strike at their enemies, not innocent.

"Because he attacked the dragon race that he had confidence in attacking the two other races," Zarall explained.

"Your Grandfather is a jerk. You can't blame me for giving him a bad treatment. He dared to ask for a palace woman to accompany him." Stina snorted, making the so-called Grandfather the bad one. On the other hand, Zarall's expression darkened, telling her he was having a serious conversation here.

"Cough… I think our conversation will end here. The Race Crystals could be considered as a weapon itself as we could non attack the one who has the crystal. For example, you can attack me, but I can't attack you… That is the power of the crystal. 

"Actually, this talk is not about exchanging views but for this. For an alliance between you and our Angel Race." He sighed. "Our Angel Race can help you to get all the six crystals or at least help you pressure the other races to let you take the trial without bloodshed."

"An alliance? And how would such an enterprise benefit the Angel Race?" Alex was amazed. "If I go to the other races… Having an ally like you beside the Phoenix Queen would be the greatest advantage I could hope for out of an alliance. I am just looking for a chance to go to the other world and won't hesitate to bury anyone that stands in my way…."

Zarall suddenly spoke with a serious expression. "Such as you say, there is no telling about the future. After getting the six crystals, you can be considered as the Supreme and no one could attack you. If you want to rule all races, you can. 

"In this talk, I want to see what kind of person you are. Your eyes tell me that you will fly straight like an arrow, which means you will only accomplish your goal and won't deviate. I am relieved after this talk… However, The view from the top is different… and when the time you arrive at the top comes, should your eyes have changed and become clouded by impurity… Then Angel Race shall fight to the last man to protect their home even if we can only expel you from this world."

Just like the first test, he was still worried that Alex would bring chaos to this world the moment he had all the crystals. He had seen many people get swallowed by their own power and hope not to see the same.

Alex simply nodded his head. "You said I would fly straight like an arrow, then you don't need to worry about that. After all, the arrow has yet to strike at the target.

"I think we should wrap this up before the talk becomes more and more confusing."

Stina nodded as she felt the talk became a bit nonsense… or might because she knew about Alex's goal that she was convinced that Alex would not do anything. They forgot to talk about the two other sins because of the heated situation earlier.

"Indeed… this is just my personal rant… I apologize for that." He sighed. "However, you may want to be careful against the Elven Princess. With her personality, there is no telling what she would do."

"I have already made an arrangement for that." Alex nodded.

"Then, I shall see you off," Zarall said to Alex and Stina.

They nodded, walking toward the phoenix that carried them up here. They were then escorted by soldiers out of the continent. Zarall said, "Our Angel Race would await your news."

Alex and Stina then went back toward the Phoenix Race. The Queen was aware of one thing… The fact that she brought Alex here would mean it would become big news to the other races. And she was planning to inform Alex about that when they arrived at the Phoenix Continent.

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