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Aiden, Emelia, and Saya didn't wait for too long as they entered the building and went for the adventurer hall.

The adventurer hall is very big and could even accommodate over a 1000 person at the same time. This also shows the extravagance of the guild and how they take care of the adventurers.

Alcos city has over 2 million citizens. It's considered on the same level as the capital of the nearby kingdoms. Over 20% of the citizens are adventures.

This number even surpassed most of the adventurers of the other kingdoms in their respective capital. This shows how the management of the city is superb and also shows that the city cares a lot about adventurers as they are their line of defense from magic beasts.

as Aiden walked through the hall, you could see a lot of eyes staring at him like he was a monster. After all, Aiden is known as the strongest man around here. No one could take that from him.

Aiden didn't care a lot about them but the 2 girls felt huge pressure as they saw many people also staring at them and talking.

"Hey isn't those girls the twin roses of the desert rose gang?".

"Yeah, you're right. What are they doing with Aiden? That man is really super lucky. I heard that the white chairman is also interested in him and wants to take him back to the empire branch guild".

"Yeah, The white chairman is really a great beauty and she only cares about Aiden on the whole island. isn't the white chairman enough? does he also want to take the twin roses with him? damn him, if only I have that much strength".

"Well, if you had that much strength, all the women would be swarming at you from all the continent hahaha whether they're a beauty or ugly haha".

Aiden looked back at the two girls and noticed their expressions that showed how pressured they are. He sighed and then said to them.

"Don't care too much about them. Just don't listen too much to what they say and look normal otherwise you will hurt your mind".

Aiden suddenly raised his voice as he continued to say.

"They're just people who can't have any success in life so the only thing they can do is gossiping and talking about the people who succeeded".

When people heard what he said, they really got angry but they couldn't do anything as they knew his power and that they can't do a thing to him. What made it worse is that they also heard another voice coming from behind.

"Hahaha, you're right Aiden. Because they don't have the necessary strength to prove their point, they talk behind the back and try to stab someone with their words".

When Aiden heard the familiar voice from behind him, his eyes flashed and he didn't look behind him as he walked towards the stairs to the first floor. The voice still continued talking to him.

"Hey, where do you think you're going Aiden? Nolan is with Alexia right now. She's in the middle of kicking and punching him so you can't go to his office. hey, wait....."

Aiden didn't listen at all and just went with the 2 girls. Finally, a shadow appeared in front of him as it stopped him from going anymore.

"I won't let you go any more, just hear me. You will be very successful if you go with me to the empire. you will be even one of the 12 chairmen".

The one who talked is a woman. She has very white hair and with 2 long hairlines at the back at the end. Beautiful white eyes and also long ears. with earnings in each one. She's surprisingly an elf.

She has a very brown skin which signified that she's a hybrid elf. Most of the elves have white skin. This woman race was evident from her yellow eyes and skin. She's a Night Elf.

Night elves are special elves that have diluted demon blood. They are one of the 2 races who have demon blood in the whole continent. After the disappearance of the demons, what remained is only a handful of races that has the demon blood inside them.

No one spotted a pure demon in the last two hundred thousand years. This made the half-demons like Onis or Night elves who have diluted demon blood call themselves the night creatures.

It's also known that aside from night elves and Onis, most of the races who have demon blood in them are in hiding and don't dare to appear because of their few numbers.

There is also a reason and that they don't have a Saint-level powerhouse to protect them.

Because the Onis have a Saint to protect them and the night elves are also part of the elf empire, they are not hunted as nobody dares to go against a Saint or an empire openly.

This woman name is Lyssia Halrar and she's one of the 12 chairmen of the adventurer guild branch in Adratram Empire. She wears black baggy clothes and black leather gloves.

The black pants covered most of her legs except for the sides of her waist. the pants are connected to the black shirt through a brown belt. The black shirt covered only her stomach and left her huge chest showing how much her bosom is huge.

The shirt also didn't cover her shoulders and her neck was covered by a red scarf. This kind of woman can make any man drool over her. Aiden looked at her and sighed as he said to her.

"I said that I will not come with you. I am not interested in working for the adventurer guild. Unless you can defeat me in a one on one battle, you can forget about me coming with you".

When Lyssia heard that, she got a little angry and stared at him and said.

"How could I ever defeat you. We battled a month ago but I couldn't even touch you. You even went easy on me. You know that I can't defeat you, that's why you're not even trying to do anything to me but let me tell you something. I won't give up taking you with me otherwise I won't be the white chairman ever again".

Aiden felt a little annoyed by this woman. She may seem young but she's over 50 years. She was also one of Alcos city adventurers but because of her great talent, she got a promotion and became part of the guild branch in the Adratram empire.

After saying all of that, Lyssia looked at Aiden eyes with a burning determination and when Aiden was about to do something, another girl came from behind.

She's also a night elf but different from Lyssia, she has blue eyes and long hair. She also has a long sword around her waist.

"Big Sis, what are you doing? Stop annoying Mister Aiden. Ah, hello Mister Aiden, it's been almost a month. we waited for you to come back but you never returned. Nolan was about to prepare a Quest to search for you but you appeared at the right time. By the way, Nolan is in his office, he's waiting for us to come".

"Oh, Wanda, it's been a while. Just tell your sister that I won't come with you. I don't care about the adventurer guild. My goal is to just live and go on adventures".

The woman Wanda is the twin sister of Lyssia. Different from the tomboyish and unreasonable Lyssia, Wanda is very kind and has a happy go personality. She also tries her best to stop her big sister from making problems.

Aiden: "Okay, for now, let's go meet the old man. I think Alexia is already over with him".
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Saya and Emelia couldn't utter a word as they felt very puzzled. They never expected the adventurer guild to be this lively and at the same time have many weird people among them.


Right now, Aiden, Emelia, Saya, Alexia, Lyssia and Wanda are all in Nolan office. They all see Nolan with his swollen face as he got like that because of Alexia punches. He then said with a weird voice.

"So now that all of you are here. Aiden can you tell me what you found inside the cave".

Aiden looked at Nolan with a serious stare but he couldn't keep up the serious air around him because of Nolan's face. Finally, he sighed and said.

" Seriously, talking with someone like you is really a shameful thing for me but I will just ignore that and talk to you. Be happy that I did that"

"Yeah, yeah. just tell me what you found".

"Well, I found many things. I found Magic stones, Magic beasts, demon beasts. I even found what seems like an inheritance of a Heaven Archmage. I also found how to get to the place of the inheritance".

Nolan, Saya, Emelia, Alexia, Lyssia, Wanda: "0_0. Whattttttt!!!!!!!"

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