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After resting for some time, they continued their travel until they reached the gates of Alcos city. It took them a whole day journey to reach the city.

They are now in front of the magnificent walls of the city riding the lizards. The walls are very tall as they are over 30m. This wall has also great history related to the birth of Alcos city

These walls were built 400 years ago to defend against the magic beasts living on the island. Since then, the city became a haven for all the exiled people and the wall never got destroyed even during the rebellion 30 years ago, nothing happened and the wall continued to protect the people.

Aiden and the 2 girls passed the line and went immediately to the gate. When people saw Aiden, they knew who he is and didn't try to say anything.

After all, he's known as the Strongest man and with the strength, you get many benefits. The guards saluted him as he passed and also didn't do any inspection for him or for the girls with him.

They then went directly to the adventurer guild so they can report back to the guild master Nolan. The adventurer guild is a huge organization and it has branches over all the continent.

Aiden discovered from the people that the Sarna world has 6 continents and many big islands. Moxi island is part of the western continent.

He also knew that there 7 kingdoms and 5 empires ruling over the western continent. There is also some forbidden places on the continent that no person can enter.

In short, this world is a typical fantasy world where you can become and do anything if you have the necessary strength.

Aiden discovered that the adventurer guild was created 700 thousand years ago by 4 great persons called the 4 saints of the west. They were great powerhouses that ruled over the world.

Each Saint was a walking disaster that can destroy any Nation easily. Even the great empires don't have that many Saints. The kingdoms don't even have one.

This also shows how powerful saint Level warriors and Mages and how valuable they are. When someone reaches the Saint Level, they get a special title that's unique to them and represent their unique path.

The 4 saints of the west have also titles and are known even after their death. They are respectively 'The serenity Sword Saint', 'The Light Saint', 'The Poison Saint', 'The Frost Saint'.

A title for saint wasn't just a mere name but a source of awe and fear for those who hear it. It also showed the attainment of someone in his own power path.

After the 4 saints created the adventurer guild, none of the other powers tried to move against them because they knew that the 4 saints will immediately destroy them.

Finally, just after a thousand years, the guild reached a level where nobody could do anything to it and so it continued to exist for this long.

Even now, it's said that there are 2 Saints living in headquarters of the guild. It's also a fact that the guild reward system is very attractive for warriors and Mages.

You can even say that 90% of the Mages and warriors of the continent are part of the Adventurer guild and its connections and influence is already on the level of the old clans and Noble and royal families of the Continent.

That's why the Lefia kingdom doesn't dare to attack Alcos city. The other kingdoms didn't even dare to cut their economic ties fearing that the guild would use the adventurers in their Nation to wage war.

Old man Nolan knew about this and this is why he made the deal with the Adventurer Guild. Right now, they are going for the guild HQ in Alcos city to meet the Nolan.

Nolan built the guild in the city center to prove the authority and power of the guild. He also built the city council and chamber of commerce beside it so he can oversee the city development.

Nolan is 60 years old but still looks like he's in his forties. He's also a high-level Mage and is even famous for his Earth and fire spells. He's also great at politics and scheming.

Some people call him the War Chief because of his ingenious in battle tactics and strategies during the rebellion against the Lefia army 30 years ago.


Right now, Aiden, Emelia, and Saya are standing in front of the entrance to the guild. After they git the lizards and put them in the stables, they walked back and are about to enter the building.

Just when they are about to enter...


Something came flying from the guild and destroyed the doors. Then, it went flying directly for Emelia but fortunately, at the last moment, Aiden blocked it and held it with his hand.

In reality, the thing that was thrown is a man who seemed to be in his forties. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He also has a light beard and a little mustache.

He has an average body and doesn't seem that strong physically. He wears a long blue shirt and black pants and boots.

He also has a belt that has some pockets and contains unknown things. He also has a red long robe from behind that reaches till his legs.

???: "Aww, that girl is really fierce. I must really not antagonize her otherwise I will be finished. eh, where am I, I thought I was flying?".

Suddenly, just as the man said that a girl walked from the building and went directly to him.

The girl seemed to be around the same age as Emelia. She also has brown skin and dark brown hair. She doesn't seem to have developed that much as she has a small chest and a petite figure compared to Saya and Emelia.

Surprisingly though, she seems to have great strength and even have giant golden tiger claws on her hands. She also wears long black boots and armor on her shoulders.

She also looked angry as she looked at the man and then said with anger in her voice.
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??: "You pervert old man, where do you think you're going? I know that nothing happened to you. You used Mana shield spell to protect yourself and even this man...."

The young girl looked at Aiden for some time and froze as she didn't find anything to say. Finally, she said slowly.

"Mister Aiden, it's been almost month. I hope you're okay. Please, can you give me that old man? I want to punish him"

The man didn't give any chance for Aiden to answer as he said immediately.

"Aiden my boy. You have finally returned. I thought that something bad happened to you and I was about to send someone to find you".

Aiden didn't say anything and just hmphed at what the man said. He then looked back at the girl and said to her.

"It's been a while, Alexia, I believe the old man is harassing you again. I really can't understand how you can tolerate him as a guild master. Here, take him and make sure to punish him".

"Yes, of course. You don't need to tell me. Come now you pervert old man. Don't try to run".

"Aiden my boy, why did you sell me to her like this? wasn't I good with you when you first come here?".

Aiden gave Nolan to Alexia and she held him and didn't give him a chance to run away. He then started yelling at both Aiden and Alxia.

"How can you do this to me? I am the great Guild Master Nolan. Let me go".

Alexia didn't care at all and she continued waljing and humming happily while Nolan on her back is almost crying for help.

Both Emelia and Saya didn't understand what is happening but they understood one thing.

Emelia: "Sir Aiden, don't tell me that this man is..."

Aiden: "Yes, this pervert is none other than the great Mage Nolan. He's, in reality, someone who enjoys molesting young girls. The girl who came is one of the adventurers here Alexia".

Saya, Emelia: "0_0 0_0".

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