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The next day after The Sybil gang destruction, Aiden became truly famous and the whole city knew about him and his achievement. They also gave him the title 'Strongest Man' as nobody was able to destroy a whole gang in a day as he did.

They also discovered that before destroying the building, Aiden took down most of the gang members and even defeated the leader of the gang with one hit.

This was witnessed by the surviving gang members who run away just after Aiden killed the leader. He also took all the money and Treasures of the gang. He emptied the whole vault and destroyed the building completely.

After this, no one dared to fight Aiden in public again. They also didn't dare to anger him as he continued to live in his previous inn. In reality, the whole Alley became one of the safest places because of Aiden.

Of course, there were still some people who didn't believe it was Aiden because of the simple reason that you couldn't feel any Mana from him.

One of these people was Emelia father, leader of desert roses as he wanted to find Aiden secret as he believed that he has some sort of guardian protecting him from the shadows.

Emelia father, Morgan wanted to attack Aiden and see for himself if he's really strong. After all, no one liked having someone very strong in the city, someone that can break the balance between powers.

To understand the Balance of the 5 powers we must know who are these 5 powers and what Alcos city signifies for them to keep this balance. In reality, Alcos city is a place that was built by criminals and exiled people to the desert island, Moxi island.

The city was built 570 years ago and has a great history. It started from a little camp to a little town to the city and finally reached its current level of a big city 125 years ago.

At first, the city was labeled as a criminal city and a place full of devils and considered as the devils den but the nearby 2 kingdoms couldn't ignore the city anymore as each day passed, the city became stronger.

The nearby 2 kingdoms are Lefia kingdom and Ailonia kingdom. Both of them looked at the city as their new footing in the Moxi desert.

not only can they have the Moxi desert that's full of ores and natural resources to them. They also can have someone protect it for them. So, a great war happened 80 years ago.

It was called the war of the brothers because before this war, the kingdom had really good relationships but in the face of benefits, they abandoned their relations.

In the end, Lefia kingdom won the war and the Moxi island became under its jurisdiction. They also made sure to strike a deal with Alcos city that would benefit the city.

They demanded from the city to mine and export the ores and natural resources to their other islands and the mainland and in return, they will give them the citizenship of the kingdom, Make part of the army station in a special camp in the island to protect them and even make some of them, Nobles.

This huge benefits made all Alcos city very happy and also believed that it was the right choice and so they accepted but after 50 years, people discovered the importance of the Ore they have on the island and that the kingdom only used them so they can get it from them.

Finally, a revolution happened 30 years ago and the governor and the nobles under the kingdom fled away from the island. What's more, the one who led this revolution was a man born on this island and a high-rank official in the adventurers guild.

His name was Nolan Akintola. He made sure that the Lefia kingdom doesn't attack them by striking a deal with the adventurer guild and making the city and the whole island a self-governed state and not under any kingdom rule.

The Lefia kingdom was enraged at that time as they couldn't even attack the city because of the huge behemoth known as the Adventurer Guild behind the city.

The 5 powers of Moxi island also rose during this time and started growing in the haven created by the adventurer guild.

Nolan was made the guild master of the branch of the adventurer guild branch in Alcos city. He also maintained his neutrality for the last 30 years and left the 5 powers to keep the peace and also have some competitiveness among themselves.

The 5 powers are respectively known as the 3 gangs and 2 companies. The rose desert gang ranked 5th, the golden company ranked 4th, the Sybil guild ranked 3rd, the crow gang ranked 2nd and finally, The lizard company ranked 1st.

Each company and gang has its own business and they don't interfere in the other one business. Peace has been kept for the last 30 years until Aiden came and destroyed the Sybil gang.

The other powers wanted to investigate him and take the money he got from the Sybil gang. After all, they didn't like the idea of an outsider taking the money from the city.

Emelia father, Morgan wanted to move and decided to strike a week after the destruction of the Sybil but he was late one day as the crow gang and golden company formed an alliance against Aiden.

That day he was very sad as both the Golden company and the crow gang were faster than him and they will take all the money. Of course, that didn't last long as just the day after that, Morgan thanked and prayed to the god thanking him for not going before the other 2.

Eros did the same thing as the Sybil gang as he took all the money and anything that can be taken and then destroyed the buildings.

This time, after a month since he came, Aiden destroyed both the crow gang and the golden company at the same day and this time it was in front of everybody to prove that he really has the strength to go against anybody in the city.

Saya: 'This time, I was there when he fought against the leaders of the golden company and the crow gang at the same time. We all saw his true form and how great he was, The battle didn't even last a minute, barely 10 seconds as he finished both of them with one hit'.

This time, Aiden proved personally that he deserved his title as the Strongest man. This day was also called 'The second judgment day'.

After this nobody dared to question Aiden powers and even Nolan Akintola came himself and talked with him about something but nobody knows what they talked about.

After that, he bought a little mansion and lived there for over 4 months and also didn't cause any ruckus anymore. He also became an adventurer and joined the guild.

After 5 months, he suddenly appeared out of his mansion and then got out of the city and disappeared again for a month until he appeared right now in front of Emelia and Saya.


Aiden decided to take Saya and Emelia with him back to Alcos city.

He took one of the lizards and with the other 2 women rode back to Alcos city. It took them almost a whole day to reach the city.

This time they didn't meet any sand storms so they passed safely. Saya felt very nervous as she traveled back with Aiden and felt that a day was a decade for her.

Contrary to her, Emelia felt Normal and even chatted with him like he was any normal young man.
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Aiden didn't care that much and only answered her questions until she asked a specific question.

"Lord Aiden, why were you inside that cave? I thought only we had information about it".

The moment Emelia asked that Saya felt all her body sweating. After all, this was a private question and perhaps Aiden didn't want anyone to know. He might even kill them right now.

But to their surprise, Aiden answered them without caring at all.

"Oh, that? It was a mission that the old man gave to me. He said that it was a special quest so I took it".

Emelia: "Wait a minute....by the old man you don't mean..."

Aiden: "Yeah, I am talking about The old man Nolan. by the way, you need to come with me because I need to tell him about what I found there".

Saya: "Eh, do we really....."

Emelia's eyes glitter as she looked at Aiden and nodded immediately. She really wanted to know what's really inside the cave. After all, Emelia wanted always to have her own adventure like those great adventurers.

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