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Emelia: "Feminist? what is that?".

The three women didn't understand what Aiden meant by his last words but they didn't care. The man in front of them is very dangerous and is known in Alcos city as 'The strongest man'.

Although he looked normal and his body was a little average, they know that he could change his form and become muscular and even his strength becomes very immense.

The second woman didn't know what to do. She didn't expect at all that someone as powerful as Aiden will be in this barren place.

'What should I do, if I escape without completing my mission, the company will definitely kill me. They never go easy on someone who didn't finish the mission. I need to do something but....'

What she's seeing now in front of her isn't a normal person but death smiling at her. If she dared to even move an inch towards Saya or Emelia she will die without even knowing how.

Finally, The second woman decided to leave. The mission was a huge failure as she couldn't kill either Emelia or Saya but the important thing is that she's still alive.

What's more, with Aiden appearance, all chance of winning has been lost. Aiden who saw that sighed and looked at her.

"You have done well. fighting me will be a stupid and foolish decision".

She started retreating back slowly and went from where they came but before she could leave, Aiden remembered something and said to her.

"By the way, I believe that I don't need to tell you but don't forget to not tell anyone about this place otherwise..... you know what might happen to you and I don't need to explain as you will have the fate of the previous three powers in the city".

Just when the woman started walking and when she heard what he said, she felt a shiver run down all her body. She didn't know what to do. So, she decided to not report about the cave at all.

'I will just say that we decided to rest at night and when the night came I decided to kill them but Aiden interfered and I couldn't do anything'.

The second woman didn't dare to say anything and just nodded and escaped away from the disaster. Finally, you could only see Emelia, Saya and Aiden inside the cave.

The silence that went trough cave made it very akward and very annoying. Finally, The first one to talk was Saya as she bowed to Aiden while saying.

"Lord Aiden, thank you so much for saving me and Young Miss Emelia, the desert Rose gang won't forget this and we will make sure to thank you when we return to Alcos city".

Aiden looked at Saya and then sighed. He then turned to Emelia while saying.

" Of course, I would save you. I wanted to defend my title as the strongest man because that woman disrespected me and fought in front of me. For now, I need to go back to the city so farewell".

Both Saya and Emelia felt a little surprised. After all, no matter what, they were great beauties and have a great title of the twin roses in Alcos city, yet, Aiden didn't try to flirt with them or do anything but just went away like that.

Emelia finally decided to tag in the conversation and said to him.

"Since Lord Aiden is returning back to Alcos city, we should return together so we can be more safe, especially after this attack. Of, course, we will make sure to pay you handsomely".

Both Aiden and Saya didn't Expect Emelia to say that. It seemed like she was trying to buy Aiden to protect them.

What she didn't know is that during these 6 months, Aiden didn't just get the title of the strongest man but also a huge fortune from The powers of Alcos city themselves.
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Emelia didn't know about that as she just knew that Aiden destroyed Three huge powers from Alcos and that's all. But Saya was different, she knew the story of Aiden completely, she even has details that Aiden himself doesn't know.

Saya: 'Young Miss, why did you say that?'.

Saya started remembering about Aiden information from the different reports she got. Aiden appeared from thin air 6 months ago. The man didn't appear in any of the records they knew.

He also didn't come to the island from the sea or The airships because according to some witnesses, he appeared from the inner desert of the Moxi island.

The inner desert is a very dangerous place, even the strongest leaders of Alcos city don't dare to venture there alone yet Aiden seemed to get out of that place safely.

Some people even said that they heard Aiden calling the inner desert 'a place that even kids can play in'. At that time it was very shocking for many people, Someone dared to call the inner desert, The place that is known as The graveyard of heroes a kids playground.

Of course, this was just a rumor and not a confirmed fact. The First time people really noticed Aiden was when he started the 'The judgment' event.

After he entered the city, Aiden went and stayed at some inn and lived there for some weeks. Everything was normal and nothing was weird about him aside from his personality and his hunting.

His hunting seemed weird because he went monster hunting during the day and returned just before sunset bringing with him high leveled magic beasts and selling them.

The weird thing is that he didn't look strong at all and you couldn't feel either the warrior or Mage power from him. So, some people got interested in his power and wanted to know his secret.

That was the start of the misfortune of three out of five powers. The first to move against Aiden is the Sybil gang.

The Sybil gang was one of the 5 powers of the Alcos city, they are famous for their brothels and restaurant business across the whole city. They are also known as the 3rd power in the city.

The reason they moved against Aiden is that they thought that Aiden knew a secret way to hunt high-level monsters and they wanted to have the secret so they can enter the magic beasts business.

They sent one of their men to negotiate with Aiden and get the secret from him but the man they sent talked to Aiden like he was a lucky person to be noticed by their gang and that he should be happy that they would buy it and not take it directly.

Aiden didn't just say anything and he refused him directly. The gang didn't think that Aiden will refuse and thought that he didn't put the whole gang in his eyes.

What they didn't know at that time was that Aiden was just annoyed to deal with them and just refused so try can go away from him. Unfortunately, The Sibyl gang didn't know what's good for them and so they sent people to take the secret by force.

That's when things got ugly, Aiden didn't just kill The people sent by the gang but he also went to the headquarters of the gang and did something unbelievable.

Saya: 'I still remember that day. We all thought that a deity appeared and was going to punish us. No one could imagine someone causing a huge explosion and turning the whole building of the Sybil gang to turn into ashes'.

Yes, to put an example, Aiden used a Cruel Sun attack and punished the Sybil gang by removing them completely. In 3 weeks, he destroyed one of the 5 powers of Alcos city.

What's more terrifying is that thing didn't end here.

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