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In the middle of the desert, a great sandstorm is passing through the whole place destroying and taking everything with it.

You could even see some little trees flying in the air. This Sandstorm is very dangerous and you could even say if a house was in front of the storm, he would've been easily turned to oblivion.

But surprisingly, you could see a bunch of people traveling normally in the storm. They are riding what seems like a large lizard. This kind of Magic beast is known as Salthesta.

Salthesta is a large reptile Magic beast commonly found in the huge deserts of the Sarna world. Measuring around 6-7m in length which the tail takes almost half. These kinds of creatures are very agile and rapid and they are also very adapting to survive in the desert.

They also have the ability to walk on the ceiling and walls to avoid being spotted. Most of the Salthestas live in groups so they can fight against predators.

They are used as mounts because of the easiness to tame them through magic. The people living in this place also cover their ears, mouth and half the face with a mask while they used goggles to protect their eyes.

They also wear robes to protect themselves from the sand storm and be able to travel normally. Finally, after some time, they passed the sandstorm and reached a little oasis so they decided to rest a little.

There were 6 people traveling together. four women and two men. two of the four women seemed looked to be in their 30s as they took their masks and goggles out. The other two men, on the other hand, seemed older as they looked to be in their 50s.

Finally, the last 2 somen who seemed to be the leader and the guard surprisingly seemed to be little girls who didn't pass 20. The leader seemed to be the woman with the red hair.

She is a brunette with red hair and light blue eyes and has a little beauty mark under her left eye. She has also a little tattoo on her right-hand palm, it was a little rose that seemed very enchanting.

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One of the men came beside her and started talking to her about something while explaining something through the map.

"Young Miss Emelia, looking at the Map, I can say for sure that we're almost near the cave. I heard from some people that we can find many low mana stones there. There is even a possibility of finding the legendary middle mana stone. If we can find such a thing, the Master will be very happy and our gang will rule over the city".

When the young miss heard the last words of the man, she signed and didn't say anything. She then looked at the sky and said.

"So you really think that we can rule Alcos city while that man still lives there. didn't you hear what he did all this time? We need really some heavenly luck to do that".

When the man heard what she said, he shivered as he started remembering the disaster that man representing. he stopped shivering and then started talking again.

"But Miss didn't he disappear for over a month now. I mean, he dared to enter the inner desert of Moxi island, and no one ever returned from there. Everybody also knows that he's not interested in ruling the city, wouldn't that make our job easier?".

"You don't understand, that's the whole reason why he's more dangerous than the other ones. He's immensely strong and nothing can stop him. Previously, there existed 3 gangs and 2 companies ruling over the whole Alcos city yet now what remains is our gang, the Desert Rose and the last company, the Lizard company. In 6 months, he destroyed 2 gangs and one company. The reason that we still exist is for the simple reason of not angering that guy".

When the man and the other 3 followers heard what she said, they trembled as they thought about how his power is terrifying.

"And the thing about him disappearing is just a rumor. We can't be sure that he truly left until a year pass at least".

These all nodded as what the young miss said was very logical. After saying that, Emilia sighed and then said again.

" You don't need to feel downcast. If he's really dead then it will be a good thing for us and if he's still alive then we just have to not anger him and everything will be okay. For now, we need to concentrate on the cave".

When the 4 heard what she said, they all looked determined and hopeful. What they didn't notice was that one of them had a little glint in his eyes as he looked at the young miss and a creepy smile appeared on his face.


After resuming their travel again and after a long day of travel, they reached a place that looked like a little Canyon. They then hold on their Lizards as the lizards started descending the Canyon.

With their ability to climb ceilings and walls, they could easily reach the bottom of the canyon. When they reached the bottom of the canyon, they found that the road is too little for the lizards to move so they left them at the entrance and started walking.

After an hour, they reached the end of the canyon and found the cave. It was very hidden and you could only find it if lady luck smiled at you. All the men and women felt very happy while Emelia kept her senses open so she can immediately react to any danger.

One of the women looked at Emelia and then said to her.

"Young miss, I can't feel any magic or formation inside so I believe that we can enter safely. Of course, we can go back and bring more reinforcements to investigate clearly this place".

The woman who talked to her is her personal bodyguard and considered as Emelia's friend, her name is Saya.

"No, we need to go and see for ourselves. We can't guarantee that someone will discover this place so we need to find what's inside and retrieve it if possible. After all, the story of the cave started as rumor and we were only able to get the map by chance. We need to take this chance".

Saya: "Yes of course, as you order young Miss".

After saying that, the 2 men prepared themselves and after them was Emelia and Saya. Finally, The 2 women came from behind to guard the rear.

As they are walking through the cave, darkness is the only thing that they are able to see. They could hardly tell their direction.

Saya looked at one of the men and then ordered him.

"****, light a fire so we could see the way".

A/N: [I didn't bother to use names for the others as they are unimportant].

"Okay. Fire magic, fireball".

After he cast the spell, a fireball appeared in his hand and started floating around him. This was one of the famous magic spells in the Sarna world, The fireball.

As they walked through the cave, the fireball illuminated their way a little over 10m and so they could see a little what lies ahead of them. After walking a little more, they could see a little light coming from the front.

Emelia and the others became tenser as they walked slower than before. Finally, when they reached the end, they were stroke by the light and then they saw something unimaginable.

They saw a bunch of gloating stones everywhere inside. They couldn't believe that such a thing existed here on this desert island. Emelia who saw all this felt happy as their search paid off and now they could finally have a chance to rise and soar in the sky.

Saya: "I can't believe that a barren place like the Moxi island could produce a vain of Mana stones. If the Lefia kingdom hears about this, the king and government will really invade this place. We must keep it a secret no matter what".

Emelia and the others nodded as what Saya said was very logical. The then continued searching and found that the vain continued a long way and they couldn't reach the end at all.

Emelia seemed very excited as she saw a huge chance in making their gang raise and also her warrior level. She then started thinking about the new possibilities.

'With this many Mana stones, It's guaranteed to reach the level of the supreme warrior in half a year. I might even reach the level of Spirit warrior and become an elite class warrior'.

Emelia: " Saya, we must....."

Before Emelia could say anything more, one of the women attacked the 2 men while the other woman sneak attacked Saya.

Swoosh Swoosh.

With the sword in her hand, the first woman appeared suddenly and went immediately for the heads of the 2 men. The 2 men didn't even understand how they died as she cut them and their heads rolling on the ground.

On the other hand, Saya was able to feel the danger behind and immediately defended against the dagger attack with a blue shield around her. She then looked at the second woman and asked with anger.

"*****, What is the meaning of this?? why did you attack us like this, you even killed **** and *****".

A/N: [Again, didn't bother to give them names].
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The woman gave a creepy smile to Both Saya and Serena as she said with a cold voice.

"Of course we won't tell you. Just know, as much as you want this vain, other people will also want it from you".

Both Saya and Emelia who heard that understood what she meant. Their faces became a little black as you could see anger and rage. The 1st woman who attacked the 2 men didn't give Emelia any chance as she went after her immediately.

Emelia was weaker compared to the other 5 and she only came here to gain experience but it seems she didn't expect the betrayal at the last moment.

Saya tried to rescue her but she couldn't get free as the 2nd woman kept her occupied while the other one deal with Emelia.

Emelia didn't have any chance to escape so she stopped running and turned back to face her. Saya who saw this panicked and started yelling.

Saya: "No, young miss, don't face her. you can't defeat her. Argh, stay away from me. I must rescue the young Miss".

2nd woman(with a dagger): " Give up already Saya, She will lose her life and you will also follow after her shortly".

Finally, just when the sword was about to reach Emelia's neck, an Axe suddenly appeared out of nowhere and immediately cut the woman's head directly without any delay.

"This world is really chaotic. It's been only 6 months since I came here and I have seen deaths more than any soldier back on earth. Sigh, now, I need to go back to that city and get some food. It's been almost a month since I stayed here".

The Axe floated back from the woman's corpse and returned to the hand that appeared out of the dark. When the man finally showed himself, Everyone was shocked because they knew this man.

2nd woman(with the dagger): "Impossible, they said that you disappeared after destroying the crow gang and the golden company. what are you doing here".

The man looked at her and then said with disdain in his voice.

"Why should I tell a weak one like you what I am doing here. I am Aiden, The Sin of Pride, I don't need anyone to tell where I am going to because they don't deserve to know".

Emelia who saw Aiden appear out of nowhere felt happy and also scared because she was afraid that he would do something to her and Saya.

"Now then, let's end this and return back to Alcos city. You, the woman with the dagger, you should leave while I am still happy otherwise you wouldn't like me when I am not a Feminist".

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