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While Everybody was inside the Magic tower protected by the magic formation, Aiden was running through the city as he almost reached the center.

Finally, after some time, Aiden reached his destination as he found the tower in front of him the Magic tower but what was surprising is that the tower was protected by a huge magic formation and the gate also protected by special magic circles.
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"It seems that Charles knew that Someone invaded the island so he closed everything. Now, since Riss didn't destroy the formation, he must be somewhere else and I need to find him right away".

Woosh Woosh

Suddenly, Aiden who was looking at the tower noticed someone flying above and trying to break through the tower. Aiden concentrated on that man and noticed that he was using magic to break the shield.

"Eh, what is he doing here?? I thought that he would be inside the tower. Well, It doesn't matter".

As Aiden went up and flew towards the man, he noticed the green scarf and the cane the old man was holding. Aiden discovered that the old man was none other than Ceaser who rescued him last time.

"Hey, old man Ceaser!"

The old man, Ceaser Julius who was preoccupied with the shield was a little surprised as he saw Aiden flying towards him. The young man in front was very tall and had a large body so he didn't recognize him as Aiden at first.

"Eh, wait a minute.....you're the young mortal that I rescued some hours ago and....eh, How are you able to fly?? Also, your body is way bigger than the last time. What happened to you???".

Ceaser who was completely shocked by Aiden's change couldn't understand what happened to him and how he could show this much power. He then thought about how Aiden is about to use magic.

'If he can fly then that means that his power is at least at the 6th level and his body emitting such energy makes him very strong. How couldn't I see through him earlier? It was like he was hiding it very well that I completely passed through it'.

As Aiden reached the old man, he smiled and looked at him as he asked, "So old man Ceaser, what are you doing here? I thought that you would be inside the tower but you're still here outside".

Aiden didn't answer the old man so he just ignored his questions and asked him back. When the old man heard Aiden question, he started smiling awkwardly and scratching his head. It seemed like He felt a little embarrassed asking about Aiden's powers without knowing him that much but he also felt embarrassed about something else.

"Hahaha...let us not think about that right now. I wanted to go meet you again in the city and ask you if you knew any way to enter the tower. I tried to search for the magic source and found that it's inside the tower which makes it impossible to enter right now".

"Hmmm. Seems like we need to either find the magic source and deactivate it and since that is impossible, It only leaves us with the choice of destroying the formation directly with raw power. Well, we don't have much time Let's go with radical measures. I'm sure that Charles will forgive me".

Suddenly, Aiden started looking behind him as he tried to pinpoint the direction he came from. Ceaser became a little puzzled as he wondered what Aiden was doing.

"Okay, let's try it".

Aiden started flying higher as he wanted to create a distance between him and the shield. Ceaser who saw that he started having a bad feeling about this as he wanted to know what Aiden is going to do.

"Hey, boy. What are you going to do? If you're trying to break the shield then it's useless. Unless you have an attack at the Saint-level then it's gonna be very hard to break it directly. We must find the source first".

"Heed my will and come to me...!! Divine Axe Rhitta".

"....Sigh, He didn't hear me at all. Well, Let see what he can do. I want to discover how his power works after all".

Somewhere else at the building where Aiden was meditating previously, The Axe Rhitta started moving.


Booommmm Swwooooshhh

The Axe who started shaking immediately started flying and destroyed the whole building with it as it continued flying towards Aiden's direction. Ceaser who felt something turned and saw something flying towards Aiden at very high speed.

"Now what? Something is approaching at an incredible speed..."


The Axe flew directly into Aiden's hand and he took it and then prepared to attack as he gripped the handle of the Axe.

"Sacred treasure release".

As he said that, a sudden wave of light and heat appeared out of nowhere and Aiden in the middle of that wave. Ceaser who looked at the amount of energy being emitted couldn't feel anything but shock and surprise.

"What is this power? All this heat that is been emitting from his body is stored inside the weapon. Don't tell me that its one of the Blacksmith Saint divine weapons. If it is then I can't believe he created such treasure".

Ceaser couldn't believe someone having such power. He felt like he was looking at another sun who was just in front of him. He then looked back at the shield and started thinking that they might have a chance.

"It seems like he's making the Axe absorb all the power and heat energy emitted by his body and then he can release it into one very powerful unbelievable attack. Truly, It seems like the weapon was tailored just for him and his special power".

Ceaser who looked at Aiden couldn't resist as his breathing started becoming fast and his eyes started shining with curiosity and thirstiness to know more about Aiden.

"Ah, perhaps with his help, I can have a breakthrough in my research about divine abilities because such power can only be achieved by having a powerful divine ability. Hahaha, who thought that coming here will give me the chance to find a way to continue my experiments".

Aiden didn't know that Ceaser was able to see a little through his power just by looking once which showed how knowledgable he is and that his title as the professor of the magic wasn't a joke.

"Hahaha. Now Aiden, release all your power at once. Let me see how powerful you truly are".

The moment Ceaser said that, Aiden released all the powerful energy and attacked the shield directly without any hesitation but before the attack could hit the shield, the magic shield protecting the tower mysteriously vanished and the attack passed and went directly for the gates protected by the magic circles.


The attack was so powerful that it generated a light that blinded both Ceaser and Aiden. Smoke covered the whole area as no one was able to see what happened.

"Wind spell, wind surge".

Suddenly, the wind started clearing out the smoke as Ceaser who used magic to see what really happened. He then started coughing and waving with his cane to clear the smoke around him so he can see.

"cough, cough.....that madman. He used such a powerful attack and destroyed almost everything around. Hey, boy...hmmm, Ah yes. Hey, Aiden, where are you??".

"I'm here".


As Aiden said, he suddenly appeared beside Ceaser who was searching for him. Aid seemed totally fine as the attack didn't take any toll on him because it was just at the beginning of the day and his power is still rising.

"What happened. Just when I launched my attack, the shield disappeared and then it hit the gate. Now the whole gate and the corridor are burned to ashes".

Aiden was right. Because of his burning attack, the steel gate was completely melted and it even has the edges of the gates still burning while you could see the walls of the corridor leading to the arena completely black.

Aiden and Ceaser started walking through all of this while Ceaser was thinking about what happened previously. Both of them then reached the arena where the second trial happened. Ceaser looked at the center who was also destroyed because of Aiden's previous attack.

"It seems that someone deactivated the magic source just before you launch your attack. Without the magic source, this tower is just like any other normal tower. Some Mage must have infiltrated the tower and found the source to take the tower....."

Ceaser who started speculating about who deactivated the tower and the reason behind this. Aiden then looked at the VIP area and then said to Ceaser. Both of them then jumped and started running towards the higher floors.

"No, they must have wanted to cripple Charles so he can't use the Tower magic. He's a Spirit and doesn't have a magic core so he needs the tower to use magic".

"Then your friends may be in danger. We need to hurry and save them".

"Hey, Ceaser, tell me. Why are you doing all of this?? What is the reason you're doing all of this??".

"Well.....I told you earlier that I'm searching for the person. That person is someone who kidnapped my granddaughter. I followed their trace until he reached his place".

"...So do you know who is this person is?".

When Aiden asked him, Ceaser turned serious while killing intent started emanating from him. He then said with a cold chilling voice

"Of course. He's one of the nameless Titans. He's the titan number 8, Seath".


While Aiden and Ceaser were heading to the highest floor, Charles and the others were in front of Riss who continued giving a friendly smile and looking at Charles.

"It's been a while old friend. After all of these years, we meet again".

Charles has a shocked face and became numb as he couldn't believe that the man in front of him is still alive.

"How?? after all these years. How are you alive?? No one can live that much".

Riss, on the other hand, seemed calm as you could notice blood on the tip of his spear while lying beside him is Seath who seemed to be covered in his own blood.

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