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In Another World With Escanor Powers 46 First Level Of the divine sun meditation technique.

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Aiden separated from Ceaser because he wanted to seclude himself and try to meditate using the meditation technique he gained before he came to this world.
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This technique has 9 levels and Aiden's mind has only the first 5 as the other four are completely locked. Frankly, Aiden didn't care much about this technique because of all the battles he won at this point.

Aiden didn't notice it but his arrogance made him think that he's truly invincible until he met Riss. Riss made him completely unable to move as his power was immense and even though Aiden was fighting him during the night, he knew that even if he fought him in the day, he might not have a big chance unless he was in "The One mode".

Through this battle, Aiden finally discovered that his arrogance blinded him and that he needs to get stronger and his current power isn't enough to make him stand at the pinnacle of this world.

Aiden started remembering about the first level of the meditation technique. The meditation technique contained the way of how to channel the mana and where to channel it to.

Aiden discovered that he was different from the other warriors and Mages. The warriors and Mages have a Mana core that they use to channel through the Mana and store it inside.

The Mana core is situated in the naval area and is formed when someone enters the first level of their warrior or mage path. All the races have the same path except for magical beasts.

Magical beasts don't have a Mana core. They have Mana crystals that are stored in their hearts. Some magical beasts who have more than one heart can have multiple mana crystals which makes them have more Mana than other magical beasts who have one crystal.

An example of magical beasts who have more than one heart are dragons who have at least two hearts which makes them have more mana crystals and more mana to use.

the difference between mana crystal and mana Core is like this. The Mana crystal is a reservoir of pure Mana like the Mana in the air while The Mana core is a reservoir of special mana that has gone through all the body and merged with the cells of the person and makes them have a special signature completely different from the pure mana in the world. Each person has a special signature from another person unless they're twins.

This makes each person from any different person have a special Mana signature from which they can be recognized and differ from another person from the same race. All the races except magical beasts because they don't have a Mana core.

The studies about magical beasts proved that the Magic crystals found inside magical beasts and the magic stones found inside the mines and in the world(Za Wardou) are the same and that makes the crystals If magic basts easy to absorb.

This is the reason why People kill and purchase magic beasts because they're considered as the Main source of Magic crystals after the mana stones found in the mines.

Aiden is completely different from other people because Although he's a pure human, he doesn't have a Mana core which makes him a mortal but he surprisingly has a mana crystal in his heart like a magical beast.

But Aiden isn't a magical beast which makes him a complete anomaly in this word. Whoever meets him will question how he was able to modify the system of the Sarna world that didn't change for millions of years.


Aiden chose one of the buildings and then entered and closed the door and all the windows. He crossed his legs and got in meditating position as he thought about the meditation technique.

'I won't move from this place until I reach the first level and then I will search for Riss and show him how I will completely crush him'.

Aiden started sensing the mana around him as he tried to enter the state where he can only concentrate on the pure Mana and forget everything else.

After some minutes, Aiden started feeling the mana around him and then went on and started absorbing the Mana into his heart and to be exact into his Mana crystal. The mana crystal inside Aiden was white like snow with the center that shined like a Sun and continued illuminating everything around it.

Aiden didn't think about stopping as he continued absorbing the Mana nonstop and the Mana crystal continued to shine and a blinding light started coming out of Aiden's chest as he absorbed more.

Finally, Aiden felt something and opened his eyes but surprisingly he found himself in a whole other place. The place was a very vast blue sky and very white clouds while a calm and infinite sea was under Aiden's feet.

Aiden looked around him and felt very calm and warm in this infinitely vast place. This atmosphere in this place is Serene and It felt good. It can make anyone feel happy and warm.

'I finally understand what is happening. This technique makes it so I can enter my mindscape or also called the sea of consciousness. This is the place where I will find not only the sea of memories but also the spiritual core'.

Aiden started walking as he went through the seemingly infinite space until he reached the center of the sea and found in front of him the spiritual core. The spiritual core of Aiden was red like the flame as Aiden could almost see the core like it was made from fire. It showed how his power has integrated with his soul and became part of him.

Finally, Aiden noticed something besides the spiritual core. Aiden couldn't believe his eyes as he saw a Sun that was the size of a tennis ball hovering around the spiritual core.

Aiden became interested and then touched the sun but the moment he touched the sun, he felt some kind of information coming suddenly out of nowhere. Aiden then went and started understanding the information.

"So this is how the divine sun meditation technique works. By absorbing pure Mana, I can strengthen my soul and using the meditation technique, I can create a pseudo-image of the Sun in my mindscape enabling me to use Sunshine in the night. This way, I can use my powers even without holding Rhitta. What's more, My pseudo-image Sun can be stable and last me for one hour just on the first level. It can be even strengthened each time I raise the level of the meditation technique".

Aiden felt happy as he can now use sunshine even in the night and adding Rhitta he can even use more. He was right now starting to see the path that's gonna lead him to the peak of the Sarna world.

"Let's start this. I will raise the level of the divine sun cultivation technique until the peak".


[After four hours].

The building where Aiden was meditating was very calm and very warm. Aiden who was meditating continued to try and stabilize his sea of consciousness. Yes, After six months since Aiden came to this world, He was finally able to enter the first level of the divine Sun meditation technique as he felt the pseudo sun inside his mind world becoming completely stable and orbiting around his spiritual core.

"Now, I can use sunshine for a whole hour without rhitta while being at the 6th level. Compared to Escanor who could only keep his power for a few this during the night, this is already way better".

Aiden rose from the place and then went out of the building. He then noticed that the Sun is already starting to raise and now he can use his power without needing Rhitta or his night time powers.

"I should probably look for Charles and the others. Riss goal must also be inside the tower and with this, I can meet him and get my revenge".

Aiden then activated Sunshine and started growing larger and taller. He then started running towards the center of the city and to enter the tower.


While Aiden was meditating in the abandoned building in the city, Lyssia and the others started getting out of their rooms as they finished absorbing the evolution pill and prepared themselves for the third and final trial.

Lyssia who got out the first, found Hi Zhao in front of the stairs as he walked towards her and then asked her while smiling, "So Lyssia, Did you get any benefits from the pill??".

"Yes. It was a huge benefit. When I meet Sir Charles again, I will make sure to thank him".

"Oh, don't think too much about it. For Charles, this kind of pill is useless compared to all the treasures he has inside his treasure vault. You know, I always saw Charles as a mysterious man who doesn't care about treasure as much as he cares about knowledge and power. He always says that investing in people is the only use for my treasures".

"They're very wise words".

After Hu Zhao and Lyssia continued to discuss a little more, people started getting out of their rooms one after the other.

Finally, all two hundred fifty persons were out and prepared for whatever challenge Charles is gonna give them. Hu Zhao just smiled and showed them the way towards the final examination place.


While People were at the inside of the tower preparing for the final trial, The tower was completely closed as you could see many magic circles protecting the gate while a huge magic formation protected the whole tower.

In front of all of this is two people. One of them is a blue-robed assassin who seemed injured while the other is a young man in his twenties who was holding a dragon spear on his left hand.

"It seems that Charles doesn't want us to enter and take his precious friends. After all these years, he doesn't wanna meet his old friend whom he didn't see in ages. Tina, It seems like we're gonna enter without an invitation".

The assassin called Tina didn't answer Riss and just looked at the white magic shield protecting the Magic Tower. Riss then walked and put his hand on the shield while smiling.

"Let's start this party now, shall we??".

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