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While Riss went to rescue Tina, Aiden was completely injured down under the rubbles. He had a very huge boulder under his left arm while a huge iron bar pierced his left leg.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

His heavy wounds were dripping blood made him unable to move at all and his falling made him break some bones that pierced his internal organs. a few hours have already passed and Aiden didn't find any way to get himself out. He couldn't move at all thanks to the boulder and the iron bar.

"Shit, At this rate, I won't be able to last until Sunrise. Argh, I can't believe that a pretty boy like him defeated me just like that. I need to find a way to get out of here and find him. That man will regret the moment he left and didn't stay until I am dead....but for now.....Sigh, I need to find a way to escape from here".

"....I believe that I can help you with that".


Aiden who was talking with himself suddenly heard a voice coming from above and when he looked above him, he noticed a shadow that was flying above him. Aiden couldn't see clearly well because of the blood and injuries but he knew from the voice that it was an old man.

"Who're you?? How did you also get here?? Did this island become a picnic parc or what??".

The old man didn't say anything and just started descending from the sky. He then started walking toward the rubble and said to Aiden.

"This might hurt so prepare yourself. I will use an Earth magic spell to get you out of there".

Aiden just said ok and waited for the old man to rescue him so he can get put. After all, he doesn't have many choices right now and so he will just trust the old man. The old man then went and used an earth magic spell.

"Earth magic, Stone Golem".

The moment he said that, stones started gathering in one place and forming many humanoid bodies. The body of the golem started forming from the legs and then reached the Torso and then went and formed many huge hands until It formed back and the neck and finally the head.

The golem was very huge and reached the height of five meters and his hands were very strong but he had no life and his eyes didn't have any vitality look and only a mindless body. The old man created five of those thanks to the stones and the abandoned buildings in the city.

"Golems, take out that man out of the rubbles and try to be gentle and don't hit him".

The golems didn't say anything and just walked towards Aiden's direction as they took the stones one by one. Because the old man didn't want to injure Aiden while getting him out, The golems went slowly as they took each stone alone one by one.

Finally, after two hours of searching in the rubble, they found Aiden but his left arm was stuck under a boulder by his left leg was completely pierced by an iron bar.

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Aiden who saw the golems became relieved as he thought that he was going to be to but the boulder and iron bar was hurting his body so much that the golems had to be careful. Any wrong move and Aiden could get more injuries.

The old man who was away from the golems the whole time came and then ordered The golems to take out the boulder. After that, he used one golem to take the iron bar slowly out of his leg without causing the pain. Even if the old man was careful, Aiden still felt some pain.


"There there. just take it slowly. Your left arm is completely broken and the bones have pierced the muscles of your arm while your left leg needs to be amputated otherwise it will just make you suffer more".


"Hahaha. I was just joking man. Yes, Normally that what would happen to someone but because I have this special potion, I can heal you immediately. Hahaha, you should've seen your face".

"Just heal me. I want you to help me heal so I can take my revenge".

"Your revenge, hmmmmm. for now, just take this potion and It will heal you immediately".

The old man gave Aiden a potion to drink. The potion was green in color and seemed so disgusting that Aiden wanted to throw up but he couldn't since he didn't have anything in his stomach so he just sighed and drank the potion.

gulp! gulp! gulp!

After drinking the whole potion, Aiden discovered that the potion wasn't disgusting at all but on the contrary, It was very sweet. Aiden admitted in his mind that he underestimated the potion and then threw the vial away.

He then waited for something to happen but his injuries were still the same. After some seconds and just when Aiden was about to ask the old man if he duped him or something, he felt his body starting to heat and his skin becoming red because of the high energy.

Aiden felt his heart beating like crazy and almost exploding but he could also feel that his wounds were closing and his bones also returning to their place. His organs who were pierced earlier started regenerating and becoming more efficient than ever.

After five minutes, Aiden's body started returning to normal as his temperature returned to normal and his body started feeling better. Finally, Aiden could see clearly and looked at the man who saved him.

The old man seemed to be in his eighties and looked like a harmless scrawny old man that couldn't do anything at all but Aiden knew that was just a false impression since the old man was perhaps a very powerful mage.

The man had a little missy hair but was very white like snow. He also had both a little mustache with a little beard on his chin. He surprisingly had heterochromia as his right eye was brown while the left one was green.

He was wearing a deep green robe with brown and white drawings on the edges of the robe. He wore a brown belt around the middle of his body to hold the robe. He also wore a light green scarf that covered his shoulders and neck. The old man was also wearing a glove on his right hand while holding a cane with a jewel on the top.

He then made his left hand inside his robe above the belt and left the left sleeve of the robe completely empty. He surprisingly had blue potions inside golden vials and seemed different from the one he gave Aiden.

[AN: https://pin.it/ykjjxroflgibbu (Ceaser Julius)].

"So how do you feel now?".

"I feel better. I thank you for getting me out and healing me, otherwise, I would had to wait for the sunrise so I can get out. By the way, how much time remains until Sunrise?".

"Well, there are 4 hours left until sunrise so you have to wait for some time".

"Four hours?!! tch, So I need to wait for four hours. There will be a problem. For now, I should return and warn Charles. Ah, by the way, I never knew your name?? Also, how did you get here??".

"Oh yeah. My name is Ceaser Julius but you can just call me Old man Ceaser. As for How I am here.....well, I am here thanks to the spatial gate I found back at the south Moxi island and when I went through, I found myself in the southern part and came flying all the way here".

"Oh, yeah. I forgot that Charles set four gates on the island. You must have found the one in the south".

"Yeah, I heard about the discovery of an ancient legacy while I was in Alcos city and so I came here".

Aiden looked at the old man as he understood how he got and then he turned a little serious and asked him, "So, are you here also for the treasure?".

".....well, it's complicated but I am searching for someone and I am pretty sure that he's right here on the island and so I wanna talk with him".

When the old man said that, Aiden felt something change in the old man as he noticed him showing some killing intent as he said that. Aiden didn't talk about it anymore and just nodded.

"Well, Just walk that way to the center and you will find a magic tower. I believe that the guy you're searching for is inside there. Just tell them that Aiden sent me and tell them that there are intruders and I went after them"

"Hey, what are you going to do young man? I just rescued you and you want to go again. are you crazy or what?? I thought that you will return to the tower. Cherish your life. You're just a mortal and..."

"I changed my mind!!".

Aiden who interrupted Ceaser went and got his Axe out of the rubble. He then turned back at the old man and said to him, "I must do something so I can't go with you right now. Just go to the tower and explain things to the geezer Charles. He will then tell you what to do to find the guy you're searching for".

"Oh....okay. You know, in all my years, I never net a mortal who talks to me like this. Well, young man, don't just die".

Aiden just smiled and then looked at Ceaser and said to him, "I'm not a mortal. I'm the lion Sin of Pride, Aiden".

"Hmmm, Pride huh. Well, I'm also known as the professor of magic. If fates want it then we will again. For now, goodbye".

As he said that, Ceaser started flying and went to the direction of the tower. The golems on the other hand started walking as they followed their master.

"Well, It seems that It's time to level up my divine meditation technique and become stronger".

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