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Greil looked at Aiden who is meditating and reading the Meditation law set in his mind. Greil understood what Aiden 3rd wish meant. He knew from Aiden that Tr grace can make the strength of its holder as the sun goes higher in the sky.

Greil: 'But what he told me was only the basic thing. It also had a great weakness which is night itself. So, Even if he could be ridiculously strong during the day, he would be weaker than a normal mortal during the night'.

Greil also knew that Aiden Eliminated this kind of weakness by having the Meditation law set and giving the Grace an infinite growth.

'He said in his wish that He needed a Meditation law set that can eliminate all The grace weaknesses which mean Sunshine had more than one weakness and now it will be completely gone with him training with the Meditation law set. Now, it's going to be very hard for him not soar in the Sarna world'.

After what seemed to be an hour, Aiden opened his eyes and smiled. He then couldn't keep himself from laughing as the Meditation law set he got is truly amazing.

"Hahaha. Not only does this Meditation law make me able to use Sunshine in the night. I can even reach a level where I can use The power of 1000 Sun in one attack, Hahaha".

Greil: "Just use your 4th wish and stop playing here. I don't have much time and I need to tell you my conditions otherwise I won't tell you the way to get out of here".

"Oh, yes, yes. Let's continue and end this. I also don't have time to waste here as I need to go and experience the new world that waiting for me".

Greil's eyes flinch a little as he hears what Aiden says. Aiden didn't show any emotions and just smiled at him. Greil didn't like this and started thinking about it.

'Why is he like this. Normally, he doesn't show any emotion but now, after getting his power, it looks like he became a little overconfident'.

Greil: "Aiden, don't forget who you are and don't be blinded by the new power. If you try and challenge something that is above you, you will get hit by a huge wall that can destroy you".

Aiden: "hahaha Greil, what are you saying. I know what you are thinking but you must know that with this Grace inside of me, I can be considered one of the strongest peak powers and even if your 3 enemies come here, they won't be able to defeat me and their own fate is to be defeated by me".

"I must acknowledge something and that your new power is amazing but you must also know that in the Sarna world, you're not the only special one and there is much different magic that you can find anywhere. Even my Master Lara wouldn't dare to say that she has the strongest Magic in the Whole world".

Aiden sighed and looked at Greil Serious Expression. He couldn't take a no with that face and so Aiden just didn't say anything and used his fourth wish.

"I wish for the ultimate weapon, Divine Axe Rhitta, a weapon which is in perfect harmony with Sunshine and holds my Great Power".

The 4th Stone came before him and then the rainbow light pillar appeared again and this time it started condensing into what seemed a giant battle Axe.

The fate energy stared condensing and forming into the Battle Axe. It started forming from up as the blade like crescent moon started forming together with the two golden protrusions, one larger than the other, with the white tips of a spear, the longer one is in the middle at the top of the axe and the smaller one is on the opposite of the blade of the axe.

Then it descended and started forming the golden long shaft and then the dark blue handle and the golden spikes around it. Finally, When the Fate energy is almost condensed and the weapon is almost done, an Orange light got out from Aiden chest and went towards The Axe.

The orange light came from the Grace crystal as it was the link between the battle Axe Rhitta and The grace itself. After that, The Axe. flew toward Aiden and landed in his left hand.

"Hahaha, what do you think now Greil?? Won't this weapon make me also strong? hahaha".

Greil who looked at Aiden Expression that was showing how mighty he is as he started swinging with The axe and trying it.

'Aiden, this bastard. If I knew that there was such a power in his world, I would've at least made sure to choose a better person. Now, I don't have any choice as he already used all the fragments and so I must entrust my mission to him, sigh'.

Greil then looked at Aiden and said with a Serious tone.

"Aiden. Now that you used the fragments, I will tell you my 2 conditions".

"Yes, tell me now so I can go on my adventure and prove to the world who is the strongest man".

" Sigh, listen to me well. I must tell you about the 2 wishes used by those 3. You see, Aenik was the most talented and also the one who dealt the final blow, he took one of the fate fragments. He didn't use it in front of me but I am sure that he used it to increase his own power. He's after all, a person who longs for strength more than anything else".

"Heh, then he will find that no matter what he uses, he will never be stronger than me. I should tell you this but it's been 1 million years, I don't believe that they stayed alive this long".

"Don't underestimate him. There are many ways to live that long. Of course not with the Fate fragment but there are other ways like sealing yourself in a sub-dimension where time is slower or even freezing your time with a magic spell. Of course, this kind of spell needs a huge Amount of Mana and no person can achieve that much. What I want to say is that there is a high possibility that all the three especially Darghun and Estelle".

"Why is that??".

"Because they changed the world".


"Yes, In reality, Draghun and Esetlle had an affair behind Master back and Estelle was the one to poison Master because of her jealousy. At that time, Estelle and Draghun git the 2nd fragment and I am sure that They used their fragment in front of me and Master but no matter how I try to remember what they wished I can't recall it at all. What's more suspicious is that their wish has not only affected me but also each and every person alive in the Sarna world at that time".

"doesn't that mean that now that a million years passed, nobody will remember this thing that you all forgot".

"I don't know about it but each time I try to remember, I get this uneasy feeling like there something out of the norm. I can't put my finger on it but I am sure that it's related to them".

"Are your 2 conditions related to all of this??".

"Yeah, First I want you to discover what they changed and undo it so I can have peace after my death. The second and most important thing I want you to do is to kill those 3 if you ever meet them. I am sure that at least, Aenik and Draghun. are still alive because I can still feel their presence in the Sarana world".

"Oh, then teleport directly to their location and I will kill them for you".

"I won't or to be exact, I can't because I don't know their location. I only know if they're alive or not. It's up to you to find them. Aiden, please promise these 2 things and I will be very happy even if you don't fulfill them".

"Hey Greil, Who do you think you're talking to. I am the one who stands atop everything and after hearing your story, I decided to make sure that they will get their punishment. The foolish ones will have the honor if being judged by me so you don't need to be worried".

Aiden promised Greil and as Greil looked at him, he could see the orange in his eyes burning a little. Greil smiled and suddenly started fading. He gave a weak smile and then with a flip of his hand, he opened what seemed to be a portal.

"This portal will lead you directly to the Sarna world. Hope you enjoy your adventure there. Don't be overconfident too much and try to show some humbleness. Also, Don't forget about your promise, I am holding it from you".

Aiden started walking to the portal and took his axe on his shoulder. Before he entered the portal he turned to see Greil for the last time and said to him.

"Don't worry, I will make sure to send them to hell for you".

Aiden then turned and didn't look again as he walked to the portal and after some time, the portal closed and what remained is only Greil in the white space as he started disappearing.

Before he disappeared, he gave a weak smile but what was different is that this smile had a slight weak killing intent. He then said for he last time.
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"The second phase sarts now hahaha. You won't have to wait for Long Master".

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