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Aiden looked at Emelia, Abart, Saya who are light injured and have bruises over their bodies. He couldn't understand how could they think of pulling such a dangerous tactic to just to win.

Abart didn't even need to do that as he was a martial monarch warrior and so he didn't need to do all of this at all because his strength is enough to walk through. after this little episode, Aiden still didn't stop the trial as only those three were injured but not too much.

What is a little troubling is that the arena ground got destroyed and a little cracked so you could barely walk through but it was just in the places where Wanda an the other two hit the ground so It's still acceptable.

Aiden: "So what do you think Hu Zhao?".

Hu Zhao: "To pull a trick like this means that they need to control the vapor which is impossible to do that directly unless...."


This time, Saya interrupted Hu Zhao and continued speaking. She became a little serious and looked at the destroyed arena as she told both Hu Zhao and Aiden.

"unless they controlled their attacks to break the ground in a way that the cracks will transmit all the pressure from the vapor in one direction and in this case, the center instead of the sky. I believe that only Alex is the one who came with this plan".

Aiden: "Oh, so its that guy...hmmm".

Hu Zhao: "Oh, do you know him, Aiden?".

Aiden: "No. I only met him once when one of the nameless Titans tried to attack him. I was passing towards the place where the participants were gathering and saw him by chance above one of the buildings".

Hu Zhao: "Ohhh. I understand now. still, Aiden, all your friends that you know are special people and even those you barely know are special. Hahaha, I can't but believe that you like gathering talented people around you. Perhaps even....ah ah ah....".

Aiden didn't seem to care about Hu Zhao's first words but then when he didn't seem to hear him continue, he became a little puzzled and turned to him to see what is happening.

Aiden noticed Hu Zhao shocked expression as he turned and saw that he was in one direction and his eyes glued on one person. That man is the second prince himself.

When Aiden turned to the arena, he noticed something unbelievable. The second prince had already walked the fifty meters distance and he even continued walking and reached a hundred meters line.
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The problem is that prince Williams is walking through the high temperature without using any spell or anything. He's just walking like Seath previously did. Aiden couldn't understand what is happening as he started doubting that his Cruel Sun isn't working anymore.

Hu Zhao, on the other hand, looked at Williams and didn't look at anything else. Even after the end of the trial and when Williams started walking towards the VIP area, Hi Zhao's eyes didn't leave him at all. It was like Hu Zhao was afraid of Williams disappearing and him just being an illusion.

the 30 minutes for the trial ended and only 7 people qualified including Emelia, Abart, Wanda, Williams (the second prince), George and two other people who won by chance because of the destruction those three caused.

Each one of those 7 started walking towards the VIP area and didn't look behind them. Emelia who felt happy sat beside Saya as they discussed how the trial felt and how they passed.

Abart sat in the chair behind Hu Zhao and Wanda behind Aiden's. Aiden didn't care too much about the new addition as much. He looked at Hu Zhao who is completely concentrated on Williams and didn't let him leave his eye at all.

He didn't understand where Hu Zhao's obsession came from as he didn't notice anything weird in the prince. He couldn't contain himself from asking.

"Hey, did you notice something weird about hun or what?".

"Ah, Ah...No. It's just that I remembered about someone I knew from the past and the prince has some resemblance that's all. You don't have to concern yourself with it".

"Okay. So, Abart, why did you use the trick of the ground. won't it be easy if you just use your warrior powers and pass?".

"....... It seemed funny".


Everyone didn't ask anymore and didn't say anything else. He didn't care too much about the new way anymore as no one really saw how they did it and so no one will try to use it. It was also dangerous because of one wrong move and you will get blown. He then declared a pose of 5 minutes so the tower can fix the arena and resume the trial.

After the little pose, the turn of groups 25-28 and it was very normal as nothing surprising happened and only 3 people who passed this time. People started feeling a little down because of the low numbers of people that passed.

After that, it's the turn of groups 29-32. This group has Olenna and Konstantin in group 32. Aiden waited for these groups to gather. After counting all the people, there is only one thousand and six hundred ninety-eight.

Aiden didn't care too much because he's sure that Olenna and Konstantin can easily win. After all, they're both a member of the twelve chairmen and can easily pass this trial.


As everyone is prepared for the start of the trial, Aiden and everybody hard the sounds of steps as a black-robed person appeared out of nowhere and started walking towards the same place that Konstantin and Olenna are sitting in.

Olenna is a 4th sky stage Heaven Mage level so she stayed in the 194-meter line. Konstantin is an advanced stage martial monarch warrior so he is standing in the 192-meter line. The black-robed man didn't care about all the participants as he continued to walk towards the 200-meter line showing that he's at the 7th level.

This man is the person who was sitting beside the number 10 titan the whole time. His whole face is hidden and you could only see his smile as he was walking.

Finally, The man reached his place as he also stopped at the position of the 192-meter line showing that he is the same as Konstantin with a power level of advanced stage martial monarch.

The man seemed to look at the center but the people couldn't really say because of his face hidden by the black hood. In the end, they started hearing him laugh as he turned and said to Konstantin.

"Isn't this funny Konstantin? who thought that at the age of 150 years, I will be tested a young man who is seven times younger than me. It's really more embarrassing for you since the same young man defeated you like you're nothing hahaha".

Konstantin's whole body became numb as he heard that voice. It was like everything working in his body stopped and couldn't a thing more. Olenna also became shocked because she also perhaps knew the man.

Everybody else became puzzled because of the tone that the man used. It seemed that he was talking to him like talking to an old body and so they didn't understand Konstantin's reaction. Konstantin, on the other hand, became a little cold as he looked at that man and then said.

"Rei, so you're the one they brought here. I can't believe that you came here just for a heaven archmage treasure. You're really one greedy bastard".

The man didn't seem to care about Konstantin saying his name and just smiled under the hood then he held the black robe and throw it away as he showed his true identity.

The man has dark skin and black hair. He has a blue tattoo around his left arm and shoulder. He's wearing black armor gloves with a blue gear symbol in it. The gloves are of very good quality. The guy even has a shoulder armor around his right shoulder.

He wears a white shirt and has a black long vest around his tied around his waist. The best hid his black armor legs and has golden knee guards. His lower body is completely armored and didn't seem to have any openings from outside.

Aiden looked with curiosity at Rei half armor and seemed very interested in it. Although it was just only the lower body, it is still cool. Rei still hid it with his long vest which made it not understandable.

Hu Zhao: "So he's another titan. I'm surprised. I never expected that it just took you to have a martial monarch level to be called a titan. I should've joined when they proposed to me that time two hundred years ago".

Aiden: "Wait, they asked you to join them?".

Hu Zhao: "Yeah, back in my younger days. It was the guild master of the number 5 guild in the black market alliance. He said to me that I can become a vice guild master the moment I join but I refused and the guy almost killed me hahaha. the guy almost killed me. I wanna meet him again. He must a Saint-level by now hahaha".

Wanda, Saya: "..."

Emelia: "Wow cool. Mister Hu, you're really awesome".

"Hahaha, thank you. I was young at that time and did everything as I liked".

Everybody including Seath and Aiden looked at Hu Zhao especially Seath. Seath knew who Hu Zhao is talking about and knew how powerful he's right now. Even he can't fight against him because he's very powerful.

They never expected him to be this brazen. To refuse someone from the top five guilds of the black market alliance and even more, the guild master of that guild, you must have some bal*s.

Aiden: "Well, for now. Let's just see what is going to happen and if something bad happens, we'll just stop the trial".

"Oh, okay".


"What is it, Konstantin?? it's been almost ten years since we last met and you won't even say hi to your friend??".

Rei who didn't seem to care about the trial at all looked at Konstantin as he tried to make him show any emotion but unlike his usual self, Konstantin's face was calm and didn't show anything. It even became colder.

"We're not friends. You're the one I want to take revenge on. I searched for you for the last ten years but it seems that fate is on my side and delivered you right to me".

"Ouch. You know, you're hurting me very much. I remember the day when we first met. You had that rage inside you that could kill the whole world but know, look at you. It disappeared completely. Sigh, what a waste".

Olenna didn't try to talk as she looked at both of them then she turned at Aiden and said to him.

"little Aiden, can you start the trial. Any second more and they might start to fight".

Aiden looked at her and nodded.

"Well, then let's start the trial for groups 29-32. The trial starts now".



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