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Aiden kept smiling as he looked at those water Mages who tried each time to use the vapor but just failed as they lost their concentration because of the vapor that comes from under the ground.

The warriors on the other hands tried to use elemental weapon techniques related to wind or water but couldn't do a thing against the overwhelming heat that radiated from the Cruel Sun attack.

Saya who looked at the struggling participants couldn't let herself but think that if Aiden used this trick since the beginning, None of the previous participants would pass. Aiden who noticed that didn't say anything and just started explaining to her and Hu Zhao

"You see. I also didn't think about the air layer trick until Saya used it to win so you don't need to think that much about it. In the first place, Cruel Sun is a direct magic attack type and it wasn't created for this kind of thing. I only wanted to use it to see if I could create other attack types and that's all".

He then turned at all the others who passed the trial and said to them.

"Saya and all the others, You won this trial fair and square. You even pointed out some of the trial weaknesses and that's why thanks to you I am now able to correct that mistake. That's all".

All the participants in the VIP area also felt glad that they were among the first groups who tested because they thought that they were disadvantaged but now they became happy.

Aiden then turned back at the arena and looked at the current participants and how they're gonna deal with it. As he expected, the only one who passed this time is the woman from the black market alliance.

This woman is a fire mage. Although she used a 6th level spell to control the temperature around her to walk normally, it still took her over 20 minutes because of the high amount of mana she used.

30 minutes passed and the trial ended for groups 17-20. It was only one out of two thousand that passed. Until now, 20 groups went through the trial and out of nine thousand three hundred and two people, only 33 persons passed which is very small compared to the huge number of people.

It's half an hour after midday and its the turn of groups 21-24 to enter. What is interesting in these groups is that the second prince of Lefia kingdom and his guard is gonna participate because they were in group 21 during the first trial. There is also Wanda, Emelia and Abrat in group 23 and they're also gonna participate.

Saifon was in group 126 during the first trial so he's not gonna participate with the prince this time. Aiden didn't care about the prince too much but he was more in Saifon who seems always very calm.


The second prince who's setting with George and Saifon right now raised from his seat and then looked at Saifon. Saifon looked back as he also looked at the prince and didn't say anything.

The prince also didn't say anything and they both just stared at each other eyes. Finally, the prince was the first one to speak as he just smiled and said to him.

"Well, I'm going now Saifon. I will be waiting for you above. Don't you dare lose".

Saifon was wearing half mask until his nose and so you couldn't his facial expression but he just nodded and said in a voice that only the prince could hear.

"Good luck, friend".

The second prince got a little surprised but he just smiled and then laughed and started walking with George towards the arena. No one really knows what level the second prince is at right now. because just like Saifon, the second prince didn't fight or show his strength for the last two years.

The last time he showed his strength, it was also during the tri-kingdoms tournament where he was a dual element 10th stage Archmage. In reality, he reached the finals and fought with Saifon but still lost. He was the only one who made Saifon show his true level of power.


Aiden: "It's gonna also be interesting for these two thousand people. So does anybody here know what are the two elements he's attuned with??".

Aiden asked one of the guys in the VIP area of they knew what is elements that the second prince use.

"Sir Aiden, He's a Mage with wind and fire elements".

Aiden: "Wait so he's a mage??? why is he wearing a warrior armor and not a Mage robe if he's a Mage???".

The person who answered Aiden just shook his head signaling that he also didn't know but Hu Zhao's expression changed as he remembered something and then looked at the second prince and said something.

"perhaps.....but...how can he have that??

Aiden: " What, did you notice something??".

Hu Zhao: "Ah, No, Nothing. just something st ridiculous I remembered".

Aiden: "Oh, okay".

Aiden didn't care anymore about the second prince and Goerge as he turned his attention towards Emelia and Wanda who just entered the arena followed by Abart behind them.

AN: [Man, I always forget Abart name and change it to Abrat].

Emelia stopped at the 500-meter line be wise she was only a 9th stage grandmaster warrior while Wanda stopped at the 298-meter line because she's an intermediate stage Martial king.

Finally, Abart who seemed the strongest among all the participants stopped at the 200-meter line showing that he's an initial stage Martial monarch. Aiden is a little curious about Abart as the guy doesn't talk too much and he only talks when it's necessary. He really wanted to see how he's going to pass this trial.

On the other side, the second prince stopped at the 346-meter line showing that he has 3rd sea Erath Mage level. People became shocked as they didn't expect a young man who is exactly 18 years old to have this much power.

Lyssia: "It seems like his talent is the same as Saifon when ha was his age. If someone from the Lefia royal family ever reaches the Saint-level, they will usher in a new era. It may be the era where a new empire will be born".

Olenna: "Don't think like that, little Lyssia. One Saint won't change anything. Don't forget that each empire has at least 5 saints. It's been millions of years since the birth of the five empires and seven kingdoms and the western has passed through many catastrophes yet no new empire or kingdom has ever been born. Do you think that it will be very easy to break the balance that continued for such a long time".

Lyssia didn't say anything and just looked at the second prince again. At the same time, Aiden declared the beginning of the trial for groups 21-24.

Boom Boom.

Some people tried to use Saya trick again but it didn't work and it made things way worse because it injured the participants and made them try to heal and pass the trial at the same time which is very bad.

After this last-ditch effort, people finally understood that the vapor trick doesn't work anymore and if they try it anymore, it will just cause them more harm.

Aiden looked at Abart and became a little surprised as he didn't understand what is he doing. He was just standing looking at the center of the arena. 5 minutes have passed and he still didn't move. The second prince and surprisingly Emelia and Wanda are also just standing and not doing anything aside from looking at the center of the arena.


[Some minutes before the start of the trial].

Emelia: " How am I going to win?? I mean, I'm a fire element weapon technique and it doesn't control the heatwaves like that red mage woman. I'm definitely gonna lose. What's more, I don't have any trick to deal with the vapor. I don't wanna be the only one to not pass after all of this".

Olenna who saw Emelia sad expression couldn't say anything as she also knew that it will be very hard for those below the 6th level to pass this trial. She could only pat her head as she tried to comfort her.

Alex: "You know, I can give you a trick to pass if you want but it's gonna be very dangerous and you can injure yourself. the good thing is that Its perfect for you and its very hard to be seen through unlike the previous one Aaya used".


Everyone who heard that looked at her as they waited for him to spill the beans and tell them how this trick works. Emelia looked at him with fire in her eyes as she wanted to pass no matter what.

"Please tell me how to pass. I will be indebted to you no matter what".

"sigh, ok. it's very easy. All you need to do is...."

[End of flashback]


Emelia: "I hope this works".

It's been ten minutes since the test started and Emelia and Abart and Wanda finally all started moving at the same time. They all closed their eyes as they're started moving slowly and suddenly they opened their eyes.

Swoosh Swoosh

Emelia used her so-called long battle hammer as she stroke the ground while Wanda cut through the ground with her long sword and Abart clinched his bare hand and hit the ground with all his force.

Boom Boom Boom.

The moment they hit the ground an explosion happened and the vapor covered everything around those 3 as you couldn't see nothing and then something unbelievable happened. The three of them started flying as they have been thrown towards the center thanks to the explosion.

Because of the immense shock of the explosion, the huge power pushed them more towards the center as All three of them traveled way more than 50 meters. Wanda almost passed a hundred meters because of the powerful sword technique she used.


Someone who was among the spectators couldn't understands what happened just now as he felt very puzzled. "What happened just now???".

another person answered as he couldn't also answer the first person question. "I don't know. I couldn't see a damn thing because of all the vapor but I want to say that they're really crazy. what would happen if the vapor is too strong and something happened to them".

"I think that they used the vapor to launch themselves towards the center. What is weird is how did they do that since the vapor exploded vertically and it should've launched them towards the sky and not to the center. in the first place, isn't this considered cheating".

Everyone looked at the person who said that but that person just looked at Aiden as he waited for him to sag something. Aiden and the others in the VIP area are also shocked and couldn't understand what is happening.

Saya didn't just say anything as she just kept thinking about how Emelia and the others pulled it out to push themselves like that.
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