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PersonA: "His strength is really amazing. He finished the test in a matter of seconds"

PersonB: "He didn't even use mana or anything. Just his body strength made him able to resist the heat. Truly a majestic scene just happened in front of us".

Alex and the others who knew of Seath true identity didn't feel surprised. It was a normal thing for one of the nameless Titans to easily counter a 7th level magic attack. his power was just phenomenal.

Alex: "He really deserves the title of the nameless titan. Just his physical strength is enough to resist the power of Aiden magic attack".

Lyssia: "He has the right to be arrogant because the nameless Titans are the power that everybody fears in the continent except the Saints themselves".

Konstantin: "Don't think like that".

Everybody turned to Konstantin who is looking at Seath without showing any emotion. No, he is looking at him like looking at an idiot. He then turned back at them and said.

"You must know that Aiden level isn't fixed like all of us. according to my observations and Aiden fighting style, I would say that his power is according to the sun position. Rising along the day and reaching its peak at high noon and then getting weaker afternoon".

Everybody seemed surprised by what they heard except for Alex, Wanda and Lyssia who didn't seem shocked by what he heard at all. Konstantin noticed Alex's expression and asked him.

"You also noticed???".

"Yes, of course, I noticed. I mean, just from his attacks name and his power rising and going down so easily, you could notice that it was related to the sun. This kind of divine ability is a blessing and a curse at the same time. He can be as overpowered as he wants but as long as he passes the timeframe and it becomes night, he will return to being a normal one just like any mortal there".

AN: [Sorry to tell you but I already fixed that one XDDD. So no mortality].

Suddenly, they heard a burst of laughter behind them and noticed that both Wanda and Lyssia are laughing at Alex who seemed Solomon and serious when he said all of that. Alex became a little puzzled and didn't understand their reason for laughing like that.

Alex: "What is it?? why are you laughing like that? did I say something wrong??".

Wanda: "giggle giggle. Yes and No. You're right but also wrong. Aiden's power in the night isn't like his power in the day at all. You could say that it can't be compared at all".

Lyssia: "In reality, when I fought Aiden the first time, I fought him during the night and our battle lasted only for seconds because he couldn't use his power for a long but at that time, I was sure of something. His power was at the peak of the 6th level, a martial king like me and you. He just found a way to counter the curse of the night".



Hu Zhao: "you know, in a way to me, It seems like he's taunting you".

Aiden: "You know that magical beasts age standard is just like elves. 80 years old is just still being a teenager that's all. How can I lower myself to him? You also know that this magic attack can't affect him unless it's on the 8th level so it's kinda useless to explain that to him".

Hu Zhao: "Well, you're right but seeing him try his best to anger you is kinda funny and makes me laugh so much that I can't help it but think that he wants to get your attention".

Aiden didn't answer this time and just looked bored and didn't seem to care anymore. He waited for the time of the trial to end and when the trial finally finished, Hu Zhao announced the names of those who passed this time.

"30 minutes have passed. I declare the end of the trial for groups 5-8. The one's who qualifies for the final trial is Saya and Seath from group 8. The others are disqualified".
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The moment he said that, Light started enveloping people just like the previous groups and in the same way, they got teleported back to Moxi island. the only remaining ones are Saya and Seath. This time, it was Aiden who spoke.

"Saya, Seath. Since you two passed the trial. You shall come with us to the VIP area where you will wait for the end of the second trial with us".

Seath just hmphed at those words and didn't care at all as he just jumped at the VIP area and then went to the back seats and sat there. He put his legs at the seat in front of him and waited there. Saya, on the other hand, is very happy and couldn't contain her joy as she runs towards the stairs and then entered the VIP area.

The VIP area has over fifteen hundred seats and Aiden and Hu Zhao are on the front seats while Seath jumped to the last ones beside the exit. Saya who was blushing by each step she took finally decided to take a seat beside Aiden and Hu Zhao as she took the seat in Aiden right while Hu Zhao is on the left one.

No one decided to talk about it but you could see Emelia pouting a little while Lyssia and Wanda Both hmphed and turned their heads.

Alex: 'tche, that lucky bastard. He has 4 girls already into him. I wish I was in his place. Having all these girls loving me'.

Olenna didn't say anything and just giggled while Konstantin shook his head and Abrat continued with his silence. After this little episode came the turn of the groups 9-12 and surprisingly, 20 people of these groups passed as they used Saya trick again.

Aiden became a little frustrated because such a trick can be used as many times as they want as long as they have an affinity for the water element, good control of vapor and the necessary mana for the spell to continue.

after that came the groups 13-16 and this time 10 persons passed out of two thousand because there weren't many people who have an affinity for a high affinity for the water element because of the affinity that can be classed from 1 star to 5 stars.

Having an affinity of 5-stars can give a huge boost to a spell and it's way better than someone having a 1-star affinity to the same element. Finally, it was the turn of the groups 17-20.

In a corner of the spectator's area, two black-robed men hiding their faces away. One of them is a very tall man while the other is shorter compared to him but can also be considered a man with an average height.

The tall man: "It seems that out of those who passed, only 10 are from the black market. Well, considering that it's almost half then I think it's good".

Short man: "One of the executioners from my guild is in group 18 so he will be next. We can have him also try to control the other ones who got in for the final trial. This way, we will have a bigger chance".

Tall man: "No, right now we're marked by Aiden as members of the black need. If your executioner tries to get in contact with the others, we will only blow their covers. He just needs to pass the trial and wait".

Short man: "Well. It's as you say. You're the Boss. hey four, You can go now. Just try to pass the trial and don't contact anybody".

the so-called Number 4 is a woman who seemed to be in her forties. She has curly brown hair and an eye patch for her left eye. She Has a long red robe while holding a wood staff with a red orb in the peak.


Number 4 just answered Him and started walking towards the arena. She then reached the 294-meter line which shows that she's 4th sea archmage. Aiden became a little interested in this woman as it was obvious that she's from the black market alliance because she was right beside one of Titans. Hu Zhao who also noticed that said to him.

"It seems like the number of people who will pass in this group will be bigger than all the previous ones".

"You might be right but this time, that won't happen because I will use another trick to counter Saya trick".

Saya who heard that became a little interested as she didn't understand how Aiden can counter the isolated air layer because that kind of trick can even work in molten lava. Aiden just smiled at them and then looked at the arena.

"You will see hahaha".

the groups 17-20 had only about eighteen hundred because the other two hundred were among those who had lower cultivation and couldn't participate. The one with the highest level is the woman Mage from the black market alliance.

Finally, Aiden declared the start of the trial and then watched with a smile the participants and how they're gonna deal with his new trick.

Mages who have water affinity started using the vapor spell and then the moment they gathered the vapor around them something unexpected happened.


Hot air started coming out of nowhere from the ground. People didn't understand what is happening. The only thing they could do is looking at Aiden who smiled and didn't say anything. In reality, he wasn't able to stop from laughing in his mind and saying.

'Hahahahaha. You could try to gather vapor as much as you want haha because the moment you do that, the vapor in the underground will also come out like an explosion and just hurt you hahaha".

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