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"The trial starts.....Now!!".

The moment Aiden said that, the flame ball appeared in the center again and the heatwaves assaulted everybody in the arena. including Saya, there are one hundred persons at the 9th stage and 10th stage of the high mage level while in contrast there are over two hundred persons at the grandmaster warrior level so there are over three hundred people at the 500-meter line trying to pass this trial.

Saya is a Mage with the rare affinity to two elements which is very amazing considering the level of talent in the southwest plains. She is attuned with water and light elements so this makes her perfect for healing using either water or light element. Saya didn't take too much longer as she cast her spell.

"Water spell, water shield".

magic spells function by drawing mana from the mana core while also saying the name of the spell which then makes the mana get out of the body in the form of the wanted spell.

Spells that use natural elements tend to follow a naming convention of their nature type followed by a more specific name. With practice and experience, certain magic spells can become second nature to a Mage, allowing them to perform it at will without using the name but That still demands the Mage to have perfect control over the mana of the mana needed for the spell while also drawing out of the body.

AN: [For those who don't remember, there are 12 main elements: Light, Lightning, Fire, wind, earth(stone), water, darkness, Poison, Nature, Metal, Psionic, Time, space. Psionic spells are like mind control and illusion and those things].

Saya is only on the 3rd level so she can't cast a very powerful spell but it's very enough to protect herself from the heatwaves but she still underestimated Aiden magic because of the moment she casts the spell, the water around her started evaporating like it was never there.

Aiden smiled as he looked at how each time the water evaporates, Saya continues to cast the spell no matter. Only 5 minutes passed but Saya already cast the spell over 15 times.

"At this rate, She won't be able to continue because her own mana will deplete before she reaches the 50-meter mark. She's just a high Mage and she can't continue casting spells forever. What's more, she only marched 4meters so her consumption of mana is way more than the distance she walks".

Hu Zhao said that while looking at Saya who seemed more determined than ever. Aiden, on the other hand, continued looking at her and then said with a solemn voice.

"The key to passing the trial is to not have immense amounts of mana or to have the higher cultivation. It's determination and intelligence. If you're intelligent enough to know how to consume your mana while walking through the heat, then you can definitely win".


While Aiden and Hu Zhao are talking Saya is in an immense dilemma as she couldn't balance between her mana consumption and the distance she travels.
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'My mana is being consumed way more than the distance that I passed. At this rate, the best I can get is 8 meters. If this continues, I won't be able to pass and the....'

She then looked at Aiden who's talking with Hu Zhao and didn't notice Saya gaze. Saya then shook her head as she became a little red in her face more than before and it wasn't because of the high temperature.

'What is happening to me. Why do I wanna win this trial for him??? It's not like I care about his opinion or something.....but I wanna be prized by him again.....No....he's a monster that destroyed the 2 gangs and one company so he's very dangerous and I need to stay.....beside him. Arrgghhh, Saya what are you thinking about!! you should try first to pass through all this heat but HOW!! everything inside is on dire even the ground is boiling....wait a moment...the ground. Yeah, Yes!!! the ground is the main problem because it's too much hot, each step I take need to have water around but if I use it like that, perhaps It can work but still...perhaps my mana won't be enough to get me there'.

While Saya was thinking about her now plan, 10 minutes have already passed and this Emelia and the others a little puzzled as they didn't understand what she was doing. Emelia started yelling at Saya.

"Hey Saya, what are you doing?? you need to continue walking or you won't make it. Hurry up now. There are only 20 minutes remaining".

Lyssia: "I think that she gave up because her mana isn't enough for her to continue so she doesn't want to exhaust herself".

Wanda: "Sister, that's a mean thing to say. Saya is a girl who tries her best no matter what. It's not her fault if mister Aiden test is very hard".

Olenna: "I must say, that boy Aiden is very hard. If he becomes ever a teacher then it's gonna be very difficult for his future students. I don't know them and I already feel sorry for them".

AN: [You don't need to feel sorry because his students...Ah shit, I spoiled that he will have ones. well, it's still far away in the Madokun story arc....Shit, I should stop already].

Alex and the other remaining people didn't say anything. Finally, they heard Saya shouting out of nowhere as she said.

"Argghh, I don't have a choice. let's just bet that it's gonna work".

When everybody heard her say that, they became a little interested in whats she's gonna do. Even Seath who seemed like he didn't care turned to see what's gonna happen.


Aiden became curious about Saya next step and waited for her next step. Saya didna make them wait for too much as she cast her spell.

"Water spell, aqua water".

The moment she said that, a huge amount of water started gathering around her. Aiden and the others didn't understand what she wanted to do as the water is gonna just evaporate and become useless.

Saya didn't care about their reactions as she just continued to cast the spell many times while the water continued to gather and evaporate at the same time. Finally, Saya smiled and looked at Aiden and the others. She then cast another spell immediately.

"Water spell, water vapor".

The moment she cast the water vapor spell, all the water behind her turned into vapor. people got surprised as they didn't understand what she wanted to do with the vapor. Suddenly, you could see that Saya skin started looking normal and not red anymore.

"...How did she do it...."

she even started touching the ground like it's nothing and even started walking and even running like she was in a picnic. the participants didn't understand what is happening. They thought that Aiden was helping her and turned towards him but they soon dismissed that idea because Aiden is completely shocked as well.

Aiden who looked at the vapor and Saya finally understood what she's doing and he really felt shocked inside him. This idea of using the vapor like that never came to him even with his knowledge from earth but Saya was able to understand and implement that idea.

Hu Zhao: "Aiden, what is happening to her. Why is she able to walk while it seemed impossible for her earlier???".

Aiden: "I can't believe it but she got the trick for the perfect shield in this situation".

Hu Zhao: "Eh! Can you explain more???".

Aiden: "Well, the idea is that she's..."


Alex: "She's using the vapor to create a layer of isolation".

Everybody turned at Alex as they saw his excited expression as he continued explaining about Saya trick.

"You see, when she tried to form the water around shield around her, she couldn't keep it up because of the water evaporation each time. The trick in her next shield is that she made it out of vapor. That way, a layer of air between the body and heatwaves isolating her from the high temperature.

Moreover, if she continues to produce more vapor, she can create a little domain that moves while she stays in the center and moves easily. This way, she can easily move. truly she's a genius to think of that. Now I can use my wind techniques to imitate her and easily pass the trial hahaha".

When Everybody heard Alex's explanation, they finally understand what she was doing and felt a little surprised about it. They never thought that Saya could come with such a complex idea and be able to use it like this.

Lyssia: "I really underestimated that girl. Although her level is lower compared to us, her ideas are still something like we never think about".

AN: [The idea itself is a reference to a famous character. If you can find it, write it in the comments. I can give u a hint: jojo].

Emelia: "I was sure that she can do something like this. Saya was always a person that thinks out of the box".

Wanda: "Perhaps she can gain something out of this and it will make her magic control even better".


Hu Zhao: "I truly never expected that someone will have such an idea. It really surprised me. It seems that we all underestimated the little girl Hahahaha. I think that she has a very big hidden talent. I think that Charles will like this girl very much".

"It wasn't just her intellect that helped her. Her determination made her never give up and think about many ways to overcome this trial until she won"

Aiden smiled as he looked at her and then also started thinking about a way to counter this trick for the next group so nobody can have it easy again. Finally, Saya reached a distance of 50 meters from her first position and finished her trial in 15 minutes.

"Yes, I won, I won. Now I can go for the final trial".

Saya felt very happy as she is the first one to ever pass the trial. This showed how intelligent and determined she is to win. Suddenly, She then looked at her front and found that Seath was eying her while manifesting his full killing intent.

This made her have a big pressure that she only felt back at the first trial. Seath didn't do anything as he just looked at her and smirked while saying at her.

"Do you think that winning by a cheap trick like that will make you stand in the same league as us, the truly strong people". He then retracted his killing intent while turning his head at Aiden and then smiling. "Let me show you the true power of a true fighter".


As Seath said that, he started walking for the first time since the trial. During the first 15 minutes, Seath just stood there and didn't do anything at all. He only watched the sun-like flame ball.

The participants at first became excited because He was an 8th level powerhouse and they never met one in person. If they knew that he was one of the nameless titans then they would've just shit themselves.

When Seath didn't move, they become bored as they looked at him and didn't care anymore so when he started moving, they started getting excited again.


Seath just continued walking without caring about the stares or anything at all. He just smiled and already reached the 50-meter line already in a matter of seconds. Everyone became shocked as they looked at him.

His greatness, His arrogance, his majesty as he looked at everybody while standing at the peak. He has all the right to have all of this because of his great power and his noble bloodline that is from the king of wolves, the divine beast, moon wolf.

He then turned at Aiden and just gave him a smirk and then started laughing nonstop. His laugh made him look more evil as he said to Aiden.

"Hahahahahaha. I, Seath, King of the wolves overcome your pathetic trial. Now, I am a step closer to finishing you, Aiden Hahaha".

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