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Aiden then looked at the people from the groups 1-4 and said to them.

"There were six hundred seventy thousand people at the beginning of the first trial and these people were separated into 268 groups. After the first trial, only one hundred thirty-four thousand remained. you must now that when you entered the corridor, those who didn't have a level higher than the 8th stage grandmaster warrior/ High Mage were immediately teleported back to the island so what remains now is one hundred thirty thousand people exactly".

Now that the people in the arena and the spectators heard that, they turned and felt that some people disappeared suddenly and didn't get out of the corridor. Aiden then continued saying to those inside the arena.

"The trial for you will start in five minutes so prepare yourselves. this is an arena with five hundred meters radius. Those at the 3rd level warrior or Mage, you start at 500 meters line. the 4th level archmage first stage or supreme warrior first stage starts at the 450th-meter line and the 2nd stage starts at the 449th line until the 10th stage which starts at the 441st line. Don't underestimate that one meter because it will be very hard to pass. The same is for the 5th level 350th meter line and 6th at the 300th-meter line and 7th at the 200th-meter line. finally, the 8th level which I doubt anyone here is at that level but I will still say it, they start from the hundred-meter line. any questions???".

AN: [Let me give u an example. If you are an Earth Archmage first sea then u start in the 300th-meter line and if ur fifth sea then u start in the 282nd-meter line. And this is how it goes. u divide by the number of stages and start counting from line corresponding to ur level].

When Aiden finished explaining how the trial works, he didn't say anything more and then created another cruel Sun in his hand. He then put the flame ball in the center and jumped to the VIP area beside Hu Zhao.

"One last thing. If I find anyone not in his position according to his level then I will immediately disqualify him and send him to the Moxi island by throwing him from this island".

When Aiden said that, all of them looked at how serious he is and knew that he will definitely do it. Aiden smiled as he looked at their reactions and then raised his hand.

"The trial for groups 1-4 will start in....5...4...3...2...1begin".

The moment he said that a big wave of heat assaulted all the two thousand people in the arena as they felt like they're inside an oven right now and even more. It looked like they were in front of the sun itself.

The heatwaves are only inside the arena and so the spectator's area is completely normal and they don't feel anything. All they could see is the people's faces inside the arena as the temperature started rising and they sweating too much.

Aiden: "Right now it's 10h30 and so you have 30 minutes to walk 50m otherwise you will be teleported back to Moxi island without getting anything at all. On the other hand, If you pass the second trial, not only will you go to the final trial but also you will get a special reward".

The moment Aiden said that, all the participants' eyes started shining. They all thought about the special reward that they will get. After all, it's a reward from Saint Charles's special collection so they got really excited.

Some people even started walking through the high temperature as they tried to pass the trial. Aiden didn't know anybody from these groups so he didn't care about them. ten minutes passed and Aiden started getting bored. Hu Zhao, on the other hand, seemed interested as he looked at them while also asking Aiden.

"Well, how much people do you think will pass this trial from this group?".

"I say no one. It's been 10 minutes already and looking at their positions, the best one is that elf woman with her 2nd sea earth archmage level and she only reached 8 meters so she can't win. I would say that she would reach half the distance when the time ends".

"you're quite hard on them. don't you think so?".

Aiden smiled as he looked at the arena. He inwardly felt quite satisfied as he believed that this test is the perfect one to disqualify as many people as possible.

"The geezer said that he needed fifty people so I will make sure that happens. Also, this test isn't about how much you can resist. It's about how to use your warrior and Mage advantages to walk 50n through all this heat".

When Hu Zhao heard what Aiden said, he felt quite puzzled and started about Aiden's words meaning. The other people who were looking at the participants' bodies who became red from the heat felt a little afraid of this trial and that something might happen to them.

Finally, thirty minutes passed and the test for the groups 1-4 ended. As Aiden predicted, none of those two thousand participants passed. In reality, all they got is injuries and disappointment. Aiden rose from his seat and made the flame fly in the sky so it doesn't affect them anymore.

"Since none of you completed the fifty-meter task, you are now disqualified and don't need to continue the trial anymore. Hu Zhao, I will let you do it".

Hu Zhao who looked disappointed, said with a little sad voice. "Such unluckiness, Okay. goodbye then".


Hu Zhao snapped his fingers and people started getting teleported as the white light started engulfing them and then they disappeared completely. Aiden then looked at the remaining people and said to them.

"groups 5 to 8, you can descend now because it's your turn. take your positions and prepare yourselves".

When the people heard that, the ones from group 5-7 started walking to the arena. Finally, people started noticing that no one from group 8 cane out. They became puzzled as they wondered where group 8 participants are. Hu Zhao then remembered something and said.

"Ah, Since there are only 2 people from group 8 then we will have only 1502 people taking the trial. So, the two people from group 8, you can come and participate".

When the participants heard that only 2 persons survived in group 8, they became a little terrified of these 2 persons who can survive and kill almost twenty-five hundred persons in one group. Suddenly, a girl rose among Emelia and Lyssia group and she started descending the stairs leading towards the arena.

The girl seemed to be seventeen and has clear grey eyes. She has long hair till her back. It's blonde at the top and black at the end. She wears a black jacket opened at her chest and has a little white tie over her neck. She wears black gloves and black pants with red lines. Finally, she wears black shoes with high red heels.

It's none other than Saya who prepared herself for her turn in this trial. Saya seemed a little different as she had a determined face that showed how much she wanted to pass this test and go for the final trial.

AN: [I never described how Saya looks so I decided why not now. After all, she's still a beauty. Saya: https://pin.it/2offzjcomcm72p].

Although the Saya level which is a 9th stage high mage barely makes her qualifies for this trial, she still wants to try her best to win even if it's nearly possible.

People were surprised that one of those who survived in group 8 is a little girl who didn't seem dangerous at all. They couldn't see in her someone who could kill that many people and they were right because right after she walked through to the arena, another person followed.
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This person seemed like a demi-human but in reality, he's a royal magic beast, a divine beast descendant, the 8th nameless titan, Seath. Just the pressure emanating from him made the people feel like they're suffocating.

This pressure is just the pressure coming from an 8th level magic beast as Seath shows his power and pride in being one of the fifteen nameless titians. Unlike Saya who stopped at the five hundred meter line, Seath continued walking as he passed through all the participants as he didn't care about them at all.

He then passed through the two hundred meter line and continued. Each step he took made all those looking at him feel terrified and shiver in fear and awe. Aiden and Hu Zhao didn't care about him at all but they still watched him as he's walking towards the one hundred meter line.

When he reached the hundred-meter line, he finally stopped and looked behind him at all the participants. Finally, he looked at Aiden and then said with a voice that you could feel a little contempt in it.

"Let's start this idiotic trial".

Aiden just looked at Saya who seemed prepared and determined. He then turned and looked at Seath and said with a smile in his face.

Aiden: "You're right. Let's start and enjoy this trial".

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