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"Let the second trial start".

The groups who came from the spatial gate didn't understand what Aiden meant as they weren't here before. Aiden didn't care about explaining as he started rising his power

Aiden was controlling his power before to keep it at a normal level without making it rise. This is one of his ways to train his body to try and get used to a certain power level without going and burning or blowing anything.

"Follow me. We will go to the second trial testing ground. Try to keep up otherwise you will get disqualified from the trial".


The moment Aiden said that everyone became shocked and couldn't understand why did he say that. Aiden didn't care as he started rising in the sky and flew towards the tower. Hu Zhao also started to follow Aiden as he flew and went after him.

It was known that to fly, you needed to reach the 6th level whether you're a warrior or a mage and as you reach higher levels you can even be able to breathe underwater and do special attacks that can destroy everything whether it's spells or warrior attacks.

The distance to The Tower wasn't that far from where the candidates teleported so they didn't need to fly. After running for about 10 minutes, they reached the front of the tower.

The Tower is in the center of the city but because all the city was entangled with trees and plants, the whole area around the tower became like a giant forest and even the tower has trees on its walls.

The tower looked imposing and majestic. It seemed like a king palace looking over all the kingdom. It was the highest building in all the island as it reached 500 m tall.

The Tower has little blue crystals all over it which made it more enchanting and there is even a little bridge that leads to a huge gate which 20m tall and 10m wide.

The gate is half blue half green and has 2 words written in white. The gate has the words 'Magic tower' written in the middle and it was very mystical. Aiden who is flying with Hu Zhao looked at all of them and then started looking above at the highest floor in the tower.

'Old man, hope you watch how I will only give you the best people in this bunch'.

Aiden then turned back his head and started looking at all the people while flying down to the ground. He then comes down in front of the gates. all of them are waiting for him to say something. finally, Aiden starts talking while pointing with his finger at the gate behind him.

"Let me explain to you how this trial works. You see that door behind me, I will take you all with me inside the first floor and then I will test two thousand people each time. Those who pass will become eligible for the final trial while those who don't pass will be immediately teleported back to Moxi Island. Now let me explain how this trial works exactly".

All the people felt nervous as it's gonna be the time Aiden is gonna finally explain his trial. Aiden looked at them and said.

"This trial is very simple. Inside the first floor, all you have to do is to resist a magic attack at the 7th level".

".... Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!....."

All of them became terrified. Even Aiden's friends didn't understand how they're gonna pass such an unthinkable trial. Unless you're a martial monarch warrior or a heaven mage then it's impossible to resist against such an attack.

Finally, Seath who was staying in the rear hmphed and looked at all of them. He then said to them with a smirk on his face.

"Hmph, you better all quit since most of you aren't gonna pass this trial. All you can do is cry for your bad luck. Only those at the monarch and Heaven level can pass. hey, Aiden, you don't need to do this trial at all. There are only 20 monarch/heaven levels at best so you don't need to do all of this. just let us pass".

Aiden just looked at Seath who seemed completely uninterested and didn't care about his comrades at all. all he cared about is passing the trial. Just when Aiden was about to continue talking, a voice came from the group who passed through the royale battle.

"I believe that Sir Aiden still didn't explain the trial completely so why don't we wait for him to finish what's he about to say and jump to conclusions that only benefit little people here".

When all the people turned to see the source of the voice, they found a young man who barely looked 18 years old. He has black hair and brown eyes. He also has a sword on his waist. He seemed completely harmless and didn't have an aura of danger or anything else. He seemed co completely normal.

The Young man is none other than the second prince of the Lefia kingdom. Right beside him is Geroge and his friend Saifon. all three of them were in the same group in the first trial and passed through the royale battle to get here.

The people start to notice them as they knew how the second prince looked and even his how his guard looks like. This time, all three of them are wearing normal armors and not their expensive ones.

All of this was so they don't attract people's attention but even with that they still couldn't hide their identities. Even if you look normal and all, as long as you're a royal family member then you will have a special aura only those from royal families can have.

person A: "Hey, isn't that....the prince Williams from Lefia kingdom???".

person B: "Yeah, it's him. I heard that his uncle caused some problems back at Moxi island and it was in Aiden's property so the second prince decided to not bring him so to not cause problems for them in the trials".

person A: "Oh, so that's why I saw many nobles from other kingdoms and not that Anthony".

People started talking about Anthony and Aiden's accident but neither the second prince nor Aiden cared about This. The second prince didn't think Aiden will care so he also didn't care while in reality Aiden completely forgot about that incident. Williams looked at all the people present and then smiled as he started talking.

"Since some of you know me, Let me introduce myself to the others. I'm Williams Lefia, The second prince of the Lefia kingdom. On my left is my head guard George and on my right is my dear friend Saifon Grey".

All of them became shocked and felt surprised. not because of Williams's introduction but because of Saifon introduction.

"Hey, by Saifon. He means that Saifon!!!???".

"Yeah. I heard that Saifon is friends with the second prince".

"I can't believe it, the greatest genius of the south-west plains is here right now in front of us".

"wait a moment, since Aiden is here right now and he even defeated one of the 12 chairmen, doesn't that make him more talented than Saifon???"

Hu Zhao and Aiden became a little interested in this man and Aiden then turned to Lyssia and the others waiting for an explanation. After all, since he came here, no one ever talked about him. Lyssia walked towards Aiden and then smiled as she started talking with him.
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"Well, looking at your face, it seems like you don't know about him at all. Let me explain to you then. You see, Saifon Grey is a talented young man who became famous 2 years ago in the tri-kingdoms tournament as he not only became champion at the age of 18 but he also was known as the young man with the best potential to reach the Saint-level in all the south-west three kingdoms".

Hu Zhao and Aiden finally understood why all these people became shocked when they heard his name. After all, a man with the potential to become a Saint never appeared in the kingdoms of the western continent and that's why the seven kingdoms don't have a Saint-level powerhouse.

Lyssia: "To be frank, his talent is very good and even in the empires, he can compare to the elite of the rich families and royal families. for the Lefia Kingdom to give birth to such a genius is something even a miracle can't do".

Hu Zhao: "Oh. He looks very interesting. What level is he at???".

"Well, he didn't appear for two years so nobody knows. One of the chairmen went to that competition 2 years ago to watch for talented people and she told me that he was at the High Martial Commander level at that time. So now he must be at the Martial King level. I can't really believe it. Someone like him whose 30 years younger than me is in the same realm of power as me. It isn't shocking that he has the greatest potential to reach the Saint-level in this generation. Unfortunately for him, Aiden appeared and took his place".

Hu Zhao: "took his place????? hahaha, girl, You need to know that Aiden didn't take his title at all because of Aiden..."

Aiden: "Hu Zhao, we don't need to talk about this because right now we need to finish the trial. let's go and start it right now. Heeeyyyy all of you!!!".

All of those people who were busy about Saifon and the others turned and looked at Aiden. Because of Saifon appearance, all of them forgot about the trial and Aiden completely.

"Cruel Sun"

When Aiden said that, a sun-like flame ball appeared in his hand. Aiden is controlling so the heat doesn't spread in the whole place but people could still feel the danger coming from this attack.

They then finally understood that this is the attack they need to resist against but they knew it's impossible because of the power they feel from it. Seath is especially a little afraid because this is the attack that took his arm.

"Since all of you are listening now let me continue. all you need to do is to resist the heat coming from this sun while moving fifty meters from your first position".

All of them started shivering, they knew how powerful is the Cruel Sun, it can evaporate a whole lake in Seconds, let alone them.

Aiden: "Also, No need to feel afraid. I controlled the Sun so it can only be as powerful as a heaven Level".


Seath: "Hahahaha".

Aiden: "Sigh, you don't need to what me. I took into consideration your level so I will make you stay away from the fire according to your level".

When people understood how the test is going to happen. they finally understood the difficulty of this test. Aiden then canceled his magic and started going towards the gate. He then opened it and entered the tower.

The others also followed him and entered the tower. After walking in a long corridor they found themselves in front of a door which leads to a huge arena. The arena is very big and can accommodate over 5000 people easily. Hu Zhao was seating in what seemed to be a VIP area while Aiden was in the center of the arena smiling while looking at them.

"Those from group 1 till group 4, place yourselves in the arena and others wait in the spectators' area. This trial will continue for three days and will be half an hour for each group. Now let's start this, I'm sure it's gonna be fun...for me Haha".

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