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Aiden who is a head taller than number 8 is facing him and looking down on him. Number 8 is looking at Aiden and inside him is already a raging fury.

"It seems that people keep interrupting me again and again. First, it's the dragon and now it's a weak human. I will show you what it means t to be a royal magic beast. It's something beyond your understanding".


Number 8 didn't give Aiden any time to reply as he hit him with his left hand to his face and made him go back a little.



Number 8 disappeared and got behind Aiden and punched him again in the back which made Aiden fly towards the forest. Aiden stopped as his front hit a rock.

"I remember you now, you're the arrogant guy number 10 talked about but as I see it seems like he got a little scared and overestimated you and nothing else".

Number 8 who's taunting Aiden is also walking slowly towards him while showing a smug smile. Aiden, on the other hand, is completely silent and didn't talk back.


Suddenly, when number 8 reached him, Aiden got out of the rock and moved away so fast that he appeared above him and punched with his left hand.


Aiden punch made number 8 whole body crash with the ground and a huge crater appeared as number 8 coughed blood.

Saya and e other two appeared behind ad looked at what happened just now. "Aiden!!". Saya who called for Aiden to see if he was alright could only see smoke as the whole place seemed like a place where a meteor has fallen.

On the other side, Aiden completely fine and standing before number 8 who's on his knees. Aiden is just sighing and looking disappointed at number 8 power.

"Sigh, I expected far more than this from someone who labels himself as a nameless titan but it seems like we need to omit the titan word from your title and replace it with weak".


Number 8 became fully enraged and looked at Aiden as his eyes became really red. He then rose and started somehow transforming. He started getting taller and fur started appearing around his body.

Even his tuxedo started tearing from his body change and Lightning stared sparkling around his hand. He then finally stopped as he reached 2,5 m high and his muscles became bulging.

"Well, how about now. This is my true wolf form and with this, I can defeat anybody below the legendary saint level, do you understand now? It's the end for you. You will die under my hands. I, the great wolf Seath will you".

Saya, Dianlong and Hu Zhao looked at number 8 discovered that his name is Seath and he's a royal magic beast.

"Oh, interesting. It seems that he's a descendant of the moon wolf divine beast. I never expected to see a one here. After all, they only live in the snow region".

Dianlong who looks at Seath is talking with Hu Zhao about Seath origin. Hu Zhao also seemed a little interested in Seath power.

"It seems like he also uses lightning attacks and his strength and level increase as he transforms. Before transforming, he was only a low 8th level but now he's a peak 8th level. This is something only demon beasts and those who have divine beasts bloodline can do".

Hu Zhao who seemed to know a little about divine beasts and demon beasts told Saya and Dianlong. Saya became a little worried and asked both of them. "Is Aiden going to be okay??"

Dianlong: "Okay??? I am more worried about the little wolf than Aiden. I mean, if this continues, Aiden will gain more power and lose control".


Dianlong: "Girl, you weren't here when Aiden tried to pass the trial. The guy literally almost destroyed the island. His power at the peak of noon is something beyond anybody's control, even Aiden Himself. There is still a whole hour before that time and he's already this strong".


"So you have a name after all and I thought that I will call you wolf 8 the whole time. Good for you".


"Are you going to attack me or what?? should I finish you already??".


Seath who felt that Aiden didn't give him any face at all but completely ignored the immense power he showed. This made him lose the remaining sanity and gather all his magic into his left hand in one full attack.


"Take this. LIGHTNING ROAR!!!"

zzzzzzzzzzz Pang

A fast powerful fist imbued with lightning magic is going for Aiden but e seemed completely uninterested as he just looked and said a word that only Seath could hear.



Aiden who was in front of him stopped Seath attack with just the palm of his hand. He didn't do anything as the attack just passed through Aiden and didn't do anything to him.


"You need to know that my body is able to take any attack and something like this will only itch a little for me. I believe now is my turn. Cruel Sun".

The moment he said that a huge sun like a fireball appears from Aiden's palm and directly goes at him as the first thing it hit is his left hand.

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Seath who didn't have any choice, immediately cuts his whole arm and escaped without looking behind at all. from Aiden and went into the forest. Aiden didn't care anymore and just turned off his power so he doesn't lose control.

"That was easy. I am not interested in going after him. He lost an arm and that's enough".


Saya who was watching the whole time came and hugged as she felt happy because he was safe and able to defeat the wolf.

Dianlong: "Aiden, you need how to control your power. If you don't do that, then you will harm yourself and your friends".

"Yeah, yeah. I can control it. I just need time".

Dianlong didn't tell him anymore and then looked at Saya who kept hugging Aiden. Saya who discovered that all of them are looking at her became completely red and didn't know what to say as she just left and run behind the tree.

"Sigh, so what now. We lost one of the most talented magic beasts I've ever seen because of you. What am I going to say to Charles".

Hu Zhao looked at Aiden a little disappointed because of what happened to Seath. Because of the smoke and everything, Hu Zhao didn't see Seath escape and so he thinks he's dead.

"Don't worry, he will appear again. I didn't kill him".

"Hmmm. okay"

"Let's go back now. There are four days until the end of the first trial".


"Ooooohhhhhhhh so that's what happened".

after Saya finished the story, Emelia felt shocked by Aiden's power and mightiness. Because, even against one of the nameless Titans, He didn't bat an eye and fought him while being completely relaxed.

Wanda: "This also shows how the gap between us and Aiden is wide so we need to train and raise our levels so we can get much stronger".

Saya: "Yes. we need to train so we don't beco.e a burden for him".

All the girls nodded while Alex, Alexia, and Nolan who looked at the girls while shaking their heads.

Alex: "Aiden this bastard. He has already these beautiful girls after him and we can't do nothing dammit".

Nolan: "Yeah, I want someone to comfort me sob. Aleeexxxiiaaa please heal my wounds".


Alexia who didn't talk too much just hit Nolan and made his face completely full of red marks everywhere.

"Hmph, go tell someone else. I don't like perverts".

Lyssia who was talking with the girls saw Saya happy expression and thought about something. She then gave a sly smile and asked Saya.

Lyssia: "By the way, Saya...you really got saved by Aiden at that time. He must've been like a charming prince".

The moment Lissya said that Saya blushed and her whole face and body turned red. You could even imagine steam coming out of her head.

" No...He just.....wanted to....."

Just as Lyssia and the other girls wanted to tease her more, another portal appeared and people started coming out. They're the groups who had more than five hundred and had to pass through the battle royale.

Aiden who saw this rose from his place and started looking at all the participants and started smiling.

"Now that all the participants are here. We will begin the trial. Let the second trial start right now".

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