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The other participants didn't know that the young man is a nameless titan and so they didn't care about him that much. On the other hand, Hu Zhao looked at the wolf and said to him.

"Young man, how about you stop and just participate in the trial. Both of us know that you can't defeat Aiden even if you had your arm. I can just tell you that if you can get to the final trial and pass it you can even get a treasure from Saint Charles collection".

"Hey, old tiger, what can treasure do to me?? I don't need a treasure to get stronger. My strength is enough".

"Huh, Even if it's a mechanical arm and also one of the Blacksmith Saint Luthor artifacts?? I heard Charles say that it's Luthor twenty-fifth creation".


When the young man heard that, he suddenly turned silent and looked Hu Zhao and then back at Aiden with a huge rage that could kill anybody.

The other participants also turned silent as they never expected That one of the legendary hundred artifacts to be in Charles's hands and he even has one of the higher ones.

"If I get that treasure then I can sell it and have money that will keep me rich for my entire life".

"I can give that treasure to a Saint and get another useful treasure for me and get stronger".

Many of the participants had the same ideas as their greediness showed itself the moment they heard about the legendary hundred artifacts.

The Legendary hundred artifacts are a set of a hundred different kinds of magical artifacts. From weapons like swords, spears, Bows to magic Wands, magic staffs, magic necklaces and many other kinds of artifacts.

All of these artifacts are created by one man known as the Blacksmith Saint, Luthor Guillory. There is even a legend about him creating an artifact that can give you the strength to battle a Saint but no one really knows.

The only known information about him is that after he finished creating all these artifacts, he decided to scatter them all over the world and then said his legendary words.

"Search for your true masters and show me how my creations can shape this world".

Yes, The Legendary blacksmith created these artifacts for the sole reason to see how the world can become. He belived that with his works, he can shape the world as he wants.

"Old tiger, if I ever discover that you're lying. I will make my goal to kill you".

".....Hahahahaha. Yes, no problem. If I ever lied to you then you can come and kill me".

After that, Hu Zhao just ignored him and then looked back at Aiden and said to him.

"So what are you doing now???".

"Well, we will wait for DianLong to come back with the remaining participants and then start the trial. I don't want to take too much on this trial so we will do a quick talent test and only let people who're at the 8th stage High mage or higher pass while only 8th stage Grandmaster warrior or Higher can pass for warriors".

"That's better. We can have fewer people test".


It's already been an hour and Dianlong still didn't come. Saya who stayed silent the whole time as she was searching for her young miss. Finally, she found her accompanied by all the others including Alex and Lyssia.

"Young Miss!!!!".

Emelia turned and found Saya behind her. She felt happy that she found her friend. After all, only Saya was accompanying her during her childhood but the moment Saya saw Emelia, she started crying and run to her as she hugged her.

"sob sob, Young miss. I almost died. I almost died back at the first trial and if it wasn't for sir Dragon Dianlong, I would've died and never be able to see young miss and the others again sob sob".


Emelia and the others are surprised as they didn't understand what was happening. Saya is completely terrified and is still hugging Emelia and felt that if she left her, she will disappear.

"Saya, what happened???". Konstantin who was silent asked her about what happened. Saya looked at him and then told them about what happened in the snow mountain.

"I can't believe that young demi-human is one of the nameless Titans and even a high-rank one". Lyssia who heard what happened said with a shocked voice.

"No, he isn't a demi-human". Abart said to them as he was sitting on a rock and listening to them.

Alex: "Definitely, the guy isn't a demi-human. No, he's a magic beast. To be precise, a royal magic beast".

Wanda: "How did you know???".

"He said it himself. He's descendent of the divine beast Moon wolf".


"Really, you believe him because he said it???". Lyssia who heard him say that he looked a little annoyed and just didn't care about him anymore.

"There is also the reason that he has a magic beast core on his chest inside his heart. You can see it if you try to feel the mana inside him. It's definitely a magic beast mana and not demi-humans".

Alex smiled and looked at Lyssia as he smirked at her and smiled. She then turned back at him and looked again.

" You couldn't say that from the beginning, right?? No, let me guess your answer. It's a drag, right??".

Alex didn't answer and just smiled as he heard what she said. Alex then turned serious and looked at Aiden who was sitting with Hu Zhao waiting for the remaining participants to come.

"What is surprising is that Aiden could defeat him and even take his left arm. It means that Aiden is as powerful as a high-rank nameless titan".

Wanda: "I can't believe that someone like him exists. I refuse to believe that he's human. He might be an angel".

Olenna: "No, he's definitely a human and a mortal one even more but Somehow, he has a magic core just like magic beasts".
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Nolan: "Well, it's good to have someone like him with us. He's also can guarantee that members from the black market won't do something very bad".

Wanda: "Yeah, you're right. By the way, Saya, how did Aiden meet the wolf? I thought he wasn't in your group. What happened exactly".

The moment Wand asked her, Saya blushed and her face became like a red tomato as she became really embarrassed and then she took some courage and said to Wanda.


[Four days ago]

Aiden who went outside the tower walked and he was accompanied by Hu Zhao as they searched for Saya and the wolf.

Finally, after some time, they found Saya coming in the way of the tower and number 8 who was behind her. Dianlong spirit form is with them as he decided to come back and take them to the tower.

Saya who saw Aiden coming their way felt a little happy and also went running towards him and started hugging him while crying a little as she felt afraid when number 8 attacked and no one from her friends was with her.

"Sob sob, Mister Aiden, you're here. That man sob sob....."

Aiden got a little surprised as he didn't expect Saya who seemed most of the time afraid of him and doesn't talk with him too much to do all of this and feel afraid this much.

He then sighed and patted her on the head. Saya seemed a little short compared to Aiden who was taller because It's still before noon. He then comforted her and said.

"I already saw everything. You don't need to tell me. Just go stand beside that tiger and I will deal with everything else".

Saya then separated herself from him and looked a little embarrassed because of what she had done. She then looked behind him and found the tiger.

She walked to stand behind him and then looked at how tall and huge he is. She then looked at number 8 and Aiden who's walking at each other.

Dianlong didn't care and teleported to be beside Hu Zhao. They all looked at Aiden and number 8 who are now facing each other. Aiden who is 2 m while number 8 is 1,8 m.

Number 8 seemed a little angry as someone got on his way for the second time today while Aiden just smiled as he faces him.

"Human, get out of my way or I will squash you and no dragon will be able to save you or bring you back to life".

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Aiden: " Hahahaha, it seems like you misunderstood something. I am here to teach you a lesson and also you're the one going to be squashed by me".

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