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"Now comes my second wish. Give one of the fragments. If all goes as I planned, this time it will be easy".

"Don't be that sure. Not everything goes as planned. You must always try and think of other plans if your first one doesn't work".

As Greil said that, the second fragment appeared and then flew to Aiden and landed on his hand. He then smiled as he announced his second wish.

"I wish for The strongest Grace Sunshine to have infinite growth and be transferred to me under the laws and rules of the Sarna world".

Greil who heard that felt shocked and showed a little ugly expression as he looked at Aiden who started being engulfed by the rainbow pillar of Fate energy.

"This Bastard, he said transferred and not create that means the fate will bring to him the Grace Sunshine from someplace and even change it to have infinite growth and what's more he wished for it to be transferred to him under the laws and rules of Sarna world which will make the Grace very amazing even in the Sarna world. This way he will have more room to add conditions without needing to create a new Sunshine. He really knows how to play with the words".

This time Aiden didn't take too much time to assimilate the power of fate as his body was already a supreme body that can take on the Grace.
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Finally, Aiden finished taking on all the fate energy and was able to have his second wish successfully. When the Light pillar disappeared, Aiden found in front of him a White as snow crystal.

The crystal Had also an orange light inside it. Aiden could feel the immense Fire and heat coming from it. The crystal then entered his body and became smaller as it entered and fused with his heart.

"Hahahaha, as I expected, It really worked and now I don't really have to train and start as a weakling from the beginning. I am now at the peak of all hahaha".

Greil liked at Aiden and released his Soul power and tried to inspect his body but the moment his soul force got near Aiden, a huge pressure came and burned the soul force itself.

Greil was very shocked as he didn't expect Aiden to be this much strong just from 2 wishes.

"You truly surprised me Aiden. With your 2nd wish, you were able to merge the power you wanted with the laws of the Sarna world and this made it very strong. What surprises me is that now you look like a Magic beast and yet still with a human body".

" Ah, Greil, What do you mean??".

"You must know that every creature in the Sarana world need to use Mana so he can get stronger. Different from your world There are 6 main races in the whole Sarna world. Humans, Elves, Demi-humans, Dwarves, Demons, Angels. There are other minor races like half-elves and half-angels and many others but because of their little number compared to the main races, they can't be considered the main race".

"Your world is really interesting Greil, I can't stop of imagining how enjoying it will be there".

"Let me continue, please. As I said, There are many races in the Sarna world but no matter how different they are, they have all one common thing, The Mana. Be it a demon, an angel, a human or even demi-humans. They all use the Mana the same way, by gathering it in their Mana whirlpool, they can use spells or strengthen their body or anything else. They use Mana all the Same and nobody was able to use it otherwise".

"Greil, you still didn't explain what Magic beasts are???".

"You see, aside from the races, there is a special race called Magic beasts. they are a type of animals capable of using magic. Some are innately magical and simply grow stronger over time, while others must consume magic cores to get stronger. Most of them are just beasts without much intelligence but some are capable of speaking in other races languages. Magical Beasts which have reached a high stage in their Level may even be able to take on a human form".

"Are you saying that I am a high stage Magic beast now??".

"No, definitely not. You're 100% human but what's fascinating is that even though you're a human, you have a Magic core just like any normal Magic beast".

"Are you talking about the Crystal that entered my body?? but that was my Magic, Sunshine. How can you say that's it's a magic core".

"Well, I don't know how it happened but your Magic is somehow similar to Magic cores of Magic beasts. You must Know that aside from Magic beasts, Someone needs to have a Mana whirlpool to control Mana itself. Still, it doesn't matter. What I can say is that the Magic core you have inside you now is of a very high grade so you need to make sure to not tell anybody about it".

Aiden nodded as he understood what Greil meant. If people knew of something like a Magic core that can let you use Magic without a Mana whirlpool then everybody will go after it.

"Well, for now, you can go and wish for the 3rd one. Although, I think your power right now is enough to make you stand as an elite in the Sarna world that won't be enough to satisfy my 2 conditions".

"Okay, But before that. Tell me how the people in the Sarna world use Mana??".

"Pretty simple in fact. There are mainly 2 ways, people use the Mana to cast spells by storing it inside their Mana whirlpool. They also use Mana to level up their Mana whirlpool and making it get bigger and stronger to store more Mana. Those who use this way are Called Mages".

"So Mages are people who cast spells with the Mana inside their Mana whirlpool, got it. who is the second type??".

"The second type doesn't use Mana to cast spells but use it to strengthen their body and making their physical strength very big. They specialize in close combat and are called warrior".

"Oh, is that all?? what about the other classes?? like Alchemist, Blacksmith and other classes".

"Those are secondary classes. They use Soul power which is the power coming from your soul. For someone to become an alchemist or anything else, they need to have a considerable amount of soul power".

"Finally, how someone decided whether to go the warrior path or the Mage path??".

"Well, It depends on someone talent and ability. If someone is stronger physically and has certain mastery over a weapon, they can go the warrior path and be stronger in close combat and use special attacks. If someone has the talent to form magic circles to cast magic spells then they can become Mages. Of course, be it a warrior or a Mage, both of them need a Meditation law set so they can raise their level".

"Meditation law set??".

"Yes, it's like a meditation technique that can help warriors raise their Mana whirlpool level so they can have more strength. They do that any channeling their Mana through their whole body. For Mages, it's a little different. it can raise their Mana whirlpool level by gathering The Mana inside it and using it to break through to a new level. Some of the Meditation law sets have the power to give you double power or some special attacks. It generally depends on the level of the Meditation law set you to use".

"Ohhh, that interesting. Tell me, is there a Meditation law set that can make for the weaknesses of other Magic".

"Of course, My Master Lara because her Attacks we're mostly related to Space and time, she has to use much more Mana than a normal attack and because of that she becomes out of Mana easily. Fortunately, she had a Meditation law set that not only could speed up her cultivation but also offered her the power to use less mana when she casts a magic spell".

"Hahaha, that's very good. I like it. Greil, I know what my third wish is".

"Then what is it??".


" I wish for a Meditation law set that can compensate for all the weaknesses of Sunshine and can even compliment it to grow stronger".

The Fate energy started forming around Aiden body again and this time, it didn't enter his body but went to his soul so it can impart the Meditation law set inside his mind. Aiden then started laughing and said.

"Hahahaha, with this, even if I meet enemies during the night, I can use the Meditation law set to activate sunshine and use it to fight my enemies hahaha".

Greil: "0_0. I really can't believe how each time he cheats with the power of fate to become stronger and stronger. I hope I didn't create a Monster with this otherwise my Master will never forgive me".

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