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In Another World With Escanor Powers 30 I Pity You And That's Why You're Still Alive

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"Congratulations, you are now a step closer to get the geezer Treasure but unfortunately for you, he told me to get people out as much as I can. so I came as The second examiner to tell start the second trial, I name it Cruel Sun".

Everyone looked at Aiden as they still didn't understand what he meant. they looked at him and then someone from the crowd asked him.

"How can you be our examiner?? I mean aren't you one of the participants?? You also came with the 3 chairmen which means that you can help them and make this trial unfair, hmph. Bring Saint Charles so we can talk with him". Everyone looked at that man like they were seeing a dead man.

'He's done for'. Everyone has the same thought as they looked at Aiden who turned silent. What they didn't expect is for Aiden to suddenly laugh.


People didn't understand what is happening and Everyone including Aiden's friends is looking at him waiting for an answer.

"I pity beings such as yourself, creatures who are prone to death".

The moment he said that the temperature started getting higher and a huge pressure started engulfing the whole place. Everyone couldn't talk anymore as Aiden became serious and his smile disappeared and said to that man.

"I don't need to do such a thing as favoritism because I am sure that they can defeat some weakling like you with the tip of their fingers".


Lyssia, Wanda and all Aiden friends felt very proud because Aide admitted their power. After all, despite the prideful air around him, Aiden didn't forget about them and considered them as his friends.

Of course, Aiden still made them go through the huge pressure as he believed that they could resist it. Aiden was about to rise the pressure more, someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see who it was.

He found that It was Hu Zhao as he appeared and looked at him. Aiden then understood what he meant and snorted. He then Stopped adding more pressure and everything disappeared like it was never there.

Hu Zhao: "Forgive us for this little inconvenience right now but we can assure you that Aiden is someone that Saint Charles chose and so he made sure that he will be fair in this trial and I will be here to make sure that nothing unfair will happen".

Everyone looked at Hu Zhao and felt his sincerity. Some people got a little surprised as they never expected to see a magical beast like Hu Zhao here.

Humanoid magical beasts type are quite rare because they live only deep inside the magic beasts living regions. They rarely appear in humans or other races kingdoms and empires.

The reason for that is because they're considered royals of the magic beasts. They have the ability to talk the human language since birth and can even be considered more powerful than demon beasts.

They're called descendants of Divine beasts because of their bloodline. That's why they don't go to the other races because they're hunted for their blood. It's a proven fact that each humanoid magic beast has a trace of the bloodline of a divine beast and it's very precious.

Divine beasts are legendary creatures only known in legends and believed to have disappeared from the face of the Sarna world. One of these divine beasts is dragons whether they're eastern or western type.

There is also the Phoenix, giant sea turtle, sky Griffen ruler, and many other creatures but Hu Zhao is very special.

"I congratulate all the participants who succeeded in the first trial and Welcome you for the second trial named Cruel Sun. I, Hu Zhao will be the examiner of this trial accompanied by my friend, Lion sin of Pride, Aiden. For now, I want all of you to wait for a couple of hours so all the participants can join us as some groups are still not finished".

Compared to Aiden's attitude, Hu Zhao seemed more friendly. Suddenly, one of them got a little shocked as you could see his face and then he looked at Hu Zhao and asked him.

"Sir, by any chance, are you, Hu Zhao, The Roshtar water tiger???".

"Oh, there are still some people who remember my name?? and I thought I have been forgotten".

When Hu Zhao confirmed it, the man suddenly felt the excitement from his heart. He knew the legend of the Roshtar water tiger from two hundred years ago.

At that time, he was just a little kid living in the east of Yodatya kingdom but he still about the legendary man from the eastern kingdom.

His legend is so great that it reached most of the western continent at that time. Before Hu Zhao could say anything more, a man suddenly interrupted him and said.

"Wait a minute, I am sure that Hu Zhao in the legend is from the Oni race and even famous for his blue sword with the tiger guard so how did he become a Humanoid magical beast and even has a different sword".

When Hu Zhao heard that, he suddenly turned gummy and you could see that he remembered something unpleasant.

"Let's just say that many little complications happened and made me turn into this form but you don't need to worry, let's just concentrate on the trial".

People didn't want to ask more because he really seemed to not want to talk about it. There was another reason which was his power.

Because two hundred years ago, Hu Zhao was just a little over forty years but he also was at peak of Martial Monarch. It was phenomenal. His talent surpasses those from the previous generation and this generation.

Perhaps only those who're from old noble families or royal families from the 5 empires can compare to him.

One of the participants felt very nervous but he still opened his mouth and asked Hu Zhao a very important question in all people's minds.

"Sir, I am an adventurer and also a traveler who is creating a book about this trial to record them. I want to ask you about your level right now so future generations can now about this moment".

"Future generations, huh??? Well, I don't see any inconvenience in telling you. My level right now is....."


Before Hu Zhao could say anything, an enraged voice came from far behind as someone appeared. It was the young man from the same group as Saya, group 8.

He is the young demi-human, the nameless titan number 8. What is different from last time is that the young man is missing his whole left arm.

Number 10 who looked at him felt true fear because he saw one of the upper titans, the one rumored to be the craziest is missing an arm.

The leader: "What happened, Sir. isn't that demi-human number 8? He lost an arm and it seems he has also some internal injuries".

"Yes, I can see that. It seems that all of us underestimated Aiden's strength completely. It seems that all three of us need to fight him at the same time to have a chance of winning. Go search for thirteen and tell him to come to me".
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"Yes Sir".

Aiden who seemed completely absent-minded suddenly returned from his thinking and looked at the young man.

"Oh, little magic beast. It seemed like I must acknowledge something, you're slightly strong than I thought. Congratulations, you can now participate in the Cruel Sun trial".

"Arghhhh. Aiden!!!!! I am gonna defeat you and then kill you otherwise I won't be one of the descendants of the divine beast Moon wolf. then I will take my arm back".

"Unfortunately, your arm is already ashes and I can't give it back to you".


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