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Lyssia who seemed to regain her breath started getting nervous as she didn't expect 3 of the nameless Titans to be here. After all, The nameless Titans are the strongest legends in the black market.

Each one of them is a powerhouse in itself and a leader of one of the fifteen 1st grade guilds. They rarely appear and when they do, they cause huge disasters.

It's known that the weakest of the titans is at least at the Advanced Martial Monarch warrior level or a 7th sky Heaven Mage. It's said that the last time one of the fifteen titans died was four hundred years ago.

They say that the top 4 who're also the Saints representing the whole black market are true elite even among the Saints of the continent. This is the reason why the Adventurer guild could never get rid of the alliance.

Each time they destroy a base, they just create another one and it's back to square one. The bigger problem is that through all these years, they could never find the main HQ which is l'île a huge mystery.

"So you're saying that 3 of the nameless Titans are here and even one of them is from the single digits. Who are they? What are their numbers??".

"It's number 13, number 10 and finally number 8. I also know that aside from number 8, Both of the other numbers brought 4 executioners each. I am under number 10 and I also was with one of the executioners in this group but you took him yesterday".

He looked at Alex as he told him that he took one of the executioners without even knowing. He then told him that both of them separated and took half the forces each so they can take as many people as possible.

"Hmmmmm. So I took one of the executioners without even knowing. I really didn't notice as I felt that I all the people I met yesterday were just weak.....wait there was that guy who wore orange clothes and came to attack Me but it took me just 3 attacks to take him down".


"....I think I found a monster just like Aiden".
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AN: [Woman, you didn't say what I think you said. Are you nuts!!!! No one compares to the Lion Sin of Pride, The Great Aiden!!!]

"Hey!!!!!, don't compare me to that monster. I am very normal compared to him. I don't think that there exists someone who's in his twenties and can defeat someone at The advanced level Monarch".

"Yeaaaa, you're right. Aiden is special".

They completely ignored the leader who's losing blood and started losing his consciousness. He even started coughing blood nonstop.


Alex looked at him with pity and then sighed. He then walked towards him and took the spatial pouch from his belt and then put his hand in the pouch as he searched for a healing potion.

In the end, he found one and then gave it to him. The leader started drinking the healing potion and after some short time, the cuts started mending and his face has become a lot better.

"Well, This potion heals your wounds and even let you get blood in a short time. I must admit, The black alliance really looks after its warriors. Who expected that, the higher you climb, the higher you can betray".

After some hours, the leader got up and he started looking at both of them. He then looked at the pouch who's on Alex's hands.

"You want this??? sorry but you need to answer more of my questions. So, How many people did you bring as whole? Also, do you know what groups are the titans and executioners belong to?".

The leader didn't talk as he stared with hate at Alex but when he looked at the pouch, he decided to calm down as the pouch was full with life-saving potions and strengthening pills so he thought a little and then said.

"I know.tbat there exist over three hundred and fifty thousand participants from the black market. I don't know about the other titans but I know about the other executioners. Because of a special spell, we can communicate but I only can communicate with those from the same guild".

"Which means that you only know the location of two, right???".

"Yes, I know that one is in group 57 and the other is in group 267. Because there weren't powerful participants in their group, they easily finished and even got to the five hundred person condition".

"Hmmm, It means that over fifty-two percent of the participants are from the black market and above all else, we have 3 Titans hiding in these groups, its gonna be a big problem".

The vibe around them got a little colder as they thought about all of this but after some moment, Lyssia said to them.

"Don't worry, we have Sir Konstantin, Lady Olenna, Sir Abrat and even that Aiden. I mean, with those four I don't believe that we can't....."

The leader smiled and smirked at her. He then gave her a disdainful look and said with a haughty manner.

"I admit that having the chairmen and that abnormal kid is good but you don't understand, do you? let me tell you, you're second strongest, Great Holy knight Konstantin is an old enemy of number 13 which means that your best is weak in front of higher members. You must also know that your freak Aiden is nothing compared to number 10 and number 8. He can never reach them hahaha".

Lyssia: "Shut up!!!"

Alex: "Don't be angry Lyssia. How about this? tell me what level is number 8 and number 10?".

"I don't know about number 8 but I am sure that number 10 is in the heaven Archmage level. Hahahahaha, can you imagine this? A heaven Archmage and he's just number 10. You're screwed hahaha and let's not forget number 8 who's stronger than him so goodbye and try to pass the days you have left. I better go and finish more people we don't go through the bloody royal battle".

The leader didn't give them a chance to answer him, he disappeared and run into the woods so he can hide from them. Lyssia turned at Alex and asked him.

Lyssia: " Why did you let him leave? You're strong enough to cut him in half in one slash and don't tell me that it's because you're too lazy to do it".

Alex: "..."

"Hahahahaha. Yeah, I am too lazy to do it but there was also another reason". Alex who couldn't keep his laugh told her about being lazy. Suddenly, his face turned serious and he looked at her and said.

"I also want to follow so when he reunites with his friends, we can all kill them at the same time".

Lyssia who looked at him started thinking about something and then as she understood what he meant, she started trembling a little and said with a shaky voice.

"You don't mean...."

"You know, I always wanted to meet one of the legendary Titans of the black market and see how they look".


After this event, 4 days passed and there only an hour before the first trial ends. Back at the tower in the ancient city, on the highest floor, Aiden, Hu Zhao, Charles, and Dianlong are sitting on their respective seats.

"I didn't expect the participants to be these bloody. I mean seventy-five percent of the groups have finished with five hundred members. I thought that we will do the bloody royale battle but it seems, it won't be necessary".

Dianlong who is watching through the screens as the participants from each group started gathering to count their people and decide if they have more than five hundred.

"I believe that you should gather the groups who have more than five hundred members and let them do a group battle and when five hundred remain on the battlefield, we will teleport them to the other groups".

Hu Zhao who's also monitoring proposed a solution and Dianlong nodded as he didn't care too much. Aiden, on the other hand, was silent the whole time. Finally, Aiden remembered something and said to Charles who has his eyes closed.

"Hey, geezer, tell me, how much do you want for the final trial to stay?".

Charles opened his eyes and looked at Aiden, he then stared at his eyes to try and see what he wants. Finally, He sighed and told him.

"Well, at first, I thought about keeping a five hundred at the end because I thought that the quantity matters more because I thought their quality was not that good but after I watched these participants and discovered that the is some very talented people, I decided to only keep fifty".

"Fifty, huh??? How about this, I will be the second examiner for the second trial and I will make sure that I will leave you with only the best fifty among all these people".


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