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The moment The demi-human said that over four hundred people started running towards Alex and Lyssia. All of them wanted to kill these two so they can gain fame in the alliance.

Unfortunately for them, the moment they decided to face those two, the fate of all these people was sealed with a 100% death.

"Lyssia, Go down!!!".


Alex who suddenly showed his twin swords, and crossed his hands as he prepared to attack.


"The Wind blowing storm".

Over 40 members of the alliance who were around Alex at the front were cut in half. These people didn't have the time to think how they died as they got cut by multiple crescent wind slashes and died immediately.

"Hahaha. As I expected of the Disciple of the golden wind swordsman disciple. I heard that he created this sword style a hundred years ago. It has 8 forms(attacks) and the warrior must have some affinity to the wind element so they can use it".

" Hmph, it seems that you know a lot about me. I am flattered that I have fans even in the black market".

In The Sarna world, weapon techniques are like spells and can be used by any weapon, the condition is being talented in the sword path and having an affinity to the element that the sword technique uses.
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Lyssia: "I am really surprised that you're this powerful Alex. With your power you can become one of the 12 chairmen, how about it???".

"Not interested, too much work".

"You're too lazy".

All the people who are at the place started getting nervous as they felt Alex power and might. He could finish 40 people who were at Supreme warrior level easily without even sweating.

"Hmph, let me deal with him. I am a second sea Earth Mage and I have an affinity to fire element which means if he attacks me with his wind, he will power up my spell. I will deal with him".

[AN: The Earth Mage is the level of the guy while the element that can use earth spells is called the rock element and not earth. Just go to the auxiliary chapter for more information].

One of the men who were behind started walking as people made a way for him. He then smirked at Alex and said to him.

"Let's see how you can deal with this. Fire spell, Fire...."


[AN: I know, It's the sound of blood gushing out so bear with it].

Blood started gushing out of his neck before he could say anything as a cut appears on his neck and blood doesn't stop gushing at all.

"It seems like you forgot about me completely. Who said that I will let you do whatever you want".

The one who's talking is Lyssia as she appeared behind the corpse of the mage and then looked at the leader and smiled.

"How about you come and fight us. I don't think that you want your millions to die".

The leader became enraged and felt ashamed. He was almost 350 years old and she was just a little elf girl barely 50 years old and yet, she was embarrassing him in front of his followers.

"Attack!!!!! Attack all at the same time and don't leave anything behind you!!!!!".


All the people completely came out of their hiding and became almost five hundred people attacking all at the same time.

" Hmph, let me show you true strength".

Lyssia disappeared again and started moving towards The leader directly as she prepared to kill him. Alex held his twin swords again as he slashed vertically towards all the people.

"2nd attack, Tornado crescent moon".


As Alex said, he started turning around himself while firing crescent wind slashes everywhere.

[AN: In simple words, The guy is turning around himself while slash winds are coming out just like a tornado of wind slashs].

As he fired his attack, all the people at the front around started spitting blood as they fell in the ground. Alex didn't stop as he continued attacking without stopping for even a second.


Alex didn't stop and attacked in every direction. It was like a raging tornado that cut everything in its way.

"Arrgghhhh, my hand".

"Arghh, both of my legs have been cut".

"Arghhhh. He's a monster. We can't stop him. Let's just escape. He's too strong for us".

Swoosh~~ Swoosh~~

Even as they tried to run, Alex didn't care at all as he just cut everything that moved and was in his reach. After almost 5 minutes, he finally stopped his attack.

Everyone was injured without exception. Some heads are rolling on the ground while others are completely cut in half vertically.

"Arrgghhh, we give up, we give up. Just let us live, please". One of the people who survived and had his two legs cut is pleading Alex to keep him alive.

"You should've given up when the Dragon gave you that chance".

Alex then cut his head and killed him with cold blood. Alex didn't feel pity for these people as they're part of the black market which is known as an evil organization that destroys and kills everything in their way.


Alex looked behind him and saw some of the big trees falling like grass. The attacks were so strong that they passed the bodies of all those people and went directly for the trees.

"It seems like I overdid it a little. I should've kept some people to know more about their numbers".

He then turned at Lyssia and the leader. The leader was the only man completely fine as all the others are half dead or cut. He then cleaned his swords and put his swords back into the robe and said to Lyssia.

"Can you keep him alive so we can get some information from him".

Lyssia: "Okay, no problem".

The old leader became more enraged as he lost all the subordinates that worked under him and he even couldn't escape at this monster girl is very dangerous.

Although he's 350 years old, His level isn't very high as he has an average talent and he's just at the Paramount stage Martial King level.

AN: [Martial King level has 5 stages: Early, intermediate, Mastery, perfection and finally Paramount. Go to the auxiliary chapter for more information].

Lyssia who's 2 stages lower than him is able to keep up with him because of her high speed that reaches the paramount stage.

What Saya has a problem with is to keep up this speed. Because her body can only have the amount of mana the same as a Mastery stage, she can't keep this speed for too much.

Lyssia: 'I must end this'.

Lyssia who started consuming more of her mana and channeling it in her body became faster and faster.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

"Dark Flash".

AN: [for those who forgot Lyssia https://pin.it/ay4hg4a6lfsucc].

Lyssia became faster and became like a dark flash while her two blue short swords became like a blue light that can pass through anything.

The leader couldn't see her anymore as she became too fast for him to see. He immediately decided to run and turned away to hide in the forest.

"Hundred blue wave cuts".


The leader who couldn't understand what happened coughed blood. He found that he was cut in many places and that he was losing blood. He couldn't even understand what happened as he didn't see her attacking him at all.

Lyssia appeared again behind him 10 m away as she was gasping for air. She's completely down and almost emptied out of mana. She needs to rest so she can gather mana again.

"Ahhh, ahhh. You really made me use all my power but being able to fight against an executioner from a 1st-grade guild and even injure him is already awesome enough".

Alex who saw that the battle ended started walking towards her. He then patted on Lyssia shoulder and said to her.

"You have done well. To be able to take down one of the executioners of a 1st-grade guild is very amazing. I heard that each guild has a limited number of these people and only after bloody tests, do they become ones. He must also be one of the oldest executioners ever. Well, we will now more from him after this".

The leader who was very injured started trying to get up so he can escape but he couldn't find any strength to move at all. Finally, he was able to turn as he's facing the sky now.

He then found that he's losing too much blood and if this continued then he will die. He started looking at Lyssia and Alex who's smiling as they looked at him struggling.

He dropped all his haughty manners and started thinking about negotiating with them. Finally, he started talking.

"Please, help me. I can't move but I have a spatial pouch and it has many healing potions and pills. Of you give me these potions and pills, I can tell you all the information about guilds and the nameless Titans that came here".

Alex: "hmmmmm, really??? I could swear that there is a special spell that kills anybody who gives information about the black market".

"No, you're wrong. That spell is only for lower members and as you rise in ranks, the member gains more freedom and the conditions become lesser. Just save me and I will tell you everything you want".

Lyssia: "Ohhhh. Then that's very convenient. I accept the deal. The moment you answer all our questions, we will save you".

"Wait....if I...."

Alex: "First question. How many nameless titans are there on the island??".

The leader gritted his teeth as he refused to answer because if they don't give him healing potions, they might kill him after taking all the answers they needed.

But the pain continued to get bigger and they didn't even to do anything as he was dying by blood loss.

"Fine, I will tell you this but you will heal me after this".


"Sigh, okay. I know that there are 3 nameless Titans present here and even one of them is someone from the single digits".

"0_0 0_0....SHIT!!!!"

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