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Lyssia: "Wait a minute. correct me if I am wrong but you were chased by a Saint for almost 3 years and you're still alive?".

Lyssia who's completely shocked by Alex revelations completely forgot about her food. She couldn't understand how Alex is in front of her right now.

A Saint is considered as the peak power in the western continent and many other continents. If you have a saint powerhouse in a clan or a noble family then it's is considered like having a demi-god protecting and watching over you.

"Yes, I am still alive and even doing well. What's interesting though is why aren't you trying to snatch the swords from me".

"Hey, are you nuts or what? I admit that I had the idea of taking the sword but now that I heard your story, I better try to forget about it".

Alex: "..... Hahahahaha. Wow, you're really funny. I mean, didn't you think that I might be lying".

Lyssia: "I don't think that someone is crazy enough to lie and say that he survived a Saint and doesn't fear that Saint to come for him. After all, information about Saints is like flames that will spread through the continent. If the Snake Saint hears about it then you're done for".

"Hahaha. Yes, you're right. There is no point in lying but you misunderstood something. It's not like I fought directly with the Snake Saint. What I am saying is that at the end of the Daitu battle, The snake saint appeared with a bunch of other saints from different empires and powers. They came after us, the five hundred who got out alive from there".

"Oh, so they came to take the treasures you got. Wow, Saints are really cunning and greedy".

"Yes, because The evil saint forbid anyone at the Saint-level to enter, they couldn't do anything but wait for us. I heard that of the five hundred, four hundred got killed and robbed mysteriously while the other hundred either went low and completely disappeared or joined and became a disciple of a Saint by giving some of the treasure".

"Then how are you still alive if you didn't do either of those two things???".

"Hahaha, I did a bit of both. You see, after I got out, I was immediately chased by the snake Saint and then I had no choice but to hide inside the elf forest for almost a year until he found me. Then, I had no choice but to go deeper into the forest and luckily I got out of the other end of the forest and reached the Tullaris empire capital ruled by the elves".

"Wow, That snake Saint is really a one of a determined son of a bitch. To follow you for a year!!!!".

"Yes. because I entered the capital of the elves, he couldn't bluntly enter or that will cause a war between the two empires, Agung and Tullaris which means war between elves and Onis. So, he didn't do anything and I lived happily there until a year and a half passed. I didn't know that the bastard paid the assassin guild from the black market alliance to kill me and get the treasure and the meditation technique".

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"And what happened then???".

"Sigh, I got rescued by a beautiful female elf. The most beautiful female elf I ever saw".

When Alex said that, you could see the affectionate look on his face as he remembered something and smiled very happily.

"Good for you then what happened after that".

"Well, In the end...."

Alex suddenly stopped and then turned left and stared at the forest which looked very scary because of all the dark around them. He then smiled and said to Lyssia.

"You know what?? Let's continue some other time because it seems we have some guests. Why don't you show yourselves or are you going to continue hearing the story??".

When Alex said that, the bushes around them started moving and people from many different races started getting out of the woods. Humans, Demi-humans, elves, and even dwarfs.

Lyssia turned and around and found many people sounding them. The number only got higher and higher as they looked. Finally, a demi-human appeared in the center of this group and looked at Alex and Lyssia with a creepy smile.

The Man seemed to be in his fifties and has orange fox ears and an orange tail. He also has a huge build as he was passed 2 m. He has brown hair and a brown beard and looks very terrifying.

???: "Well, what do we have here. If it isn't the Strongest Kingdom knight and one of the twelve chairmen of the adventurer guild. I heard that you're in our group but I couldn't believe it. Well, it doesn't matter because after this, you will die and I will become famous for killing you hahahahahaha".

All of those people started laughing as they looked at Alex's twin swords. Their eyes shined with greed and when they looked at Lyssia their disgusting eyes shined with lust. On the other hand, the demi-human who seemed to be the leader just smiled and started talking.

"I didn't expect you, the great Kingdom Knight, Disciple of the golden wind swordsman to come here. You must know that your bounty in the blacklist is in the top five thousand. Oh, you're also in the top two thousand Lyssia".

The Blacklist!!!!!

The Blacklist is a list containing all the information about the bounty and price of the people the alliance is contracted to kill. They say that there are almost a hundred thousand names in this list and all these names are of powerful and influential people in the whole continent.

"I presume that all of you are from the alliance and you came here the moment you heard about me and Lyssia. I am curious though, what is exactly my rank and how much money is on my head???".

"Well, you're number 2001 and as for her, she's 2234. Both of your bounties are of a 91 million Arnas and her 86 million Arnas respectively".

Arnas is the paper currency used by the whole western continent and it's used pretty much in all the transactions. It's known that one Arnas is equivalent to ten low-grade mana stones.

Having a bounty in the blacklist of the alliance already shows how dangerous you are and how each one of your actions affects the whole continent. Although to make a big wave in the continent you need to be in the top two hundred.

Lyssia: " Eh, I am one of the 12 chairmen of the Adratram empire Adventurer guild and yet I am just 2234. That's not fair at all. We have the same level and yet your way above me".

Alex: "well, Don't be sad. The list ranks you more on your doings and not on power. Just cause a ruckus or destroy one of the guilds branchs in the alliance and you will do fine".

"Oh, when I return to the empire, I will try to do my best".


Alex: "Let me say this. I didn't expect this many people to come. This will make it way easier to pass the trial. Looking at all of you, you must be at least four hundred people. Hey, Lyssia, let's finish them and find our numbers if possible".

"Yeeeaahhhh. Let's end these greedy people and pass the second trial".

The demi-human felt rage as he's completely underestimated by these two kids. After all, He's a member of Dark hollow guild who's one of the fifteen 1st grade guilds in the black alliance.

He's even one of the executioners of the guild who's been there for almost 300 years. He gnashed his teeth and said with a cold voice.

"Kill them and burn their bodies after that. Don't leave any remains of their body".


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