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Black at group 128, After Alex and Lyssia Split up to search for their corresponding number, Alex decided to go east while Lyssia went west.

Since that, a day has almost passed and both of them got some numbers but not the one they're searching for. Of course, the way they gathered the numbers was by threatening people. Of course, some tried to fight them but couldn't do anything to them.

Lyssia is already a Mastery stage Martial King level, she can deal with most of the people present. She's is a speed type warrior who uses short blades and high speed to give deadly injuries.

Alex, on the other hand, is a dual swordsman who uses swords technique in close combat fights. Alex is just 38 this year and yet, he's already a Mastery stage Martial King level just like lyssia which makes him a very talented Genius level even in the empires.

Both of them took almost 600 people in only a day which make them true monsters. Even though they took that much, they couldn't find their own corresponding numbers.

Right now, almost a thousand have been teleported back to the Canyon which means that only 1400 people remained. Finally, Alex and Saya returned to their meeting point and Lyssia started talking.

"So, did you find my number?".

"Sigh, No. I took almost three hundred people and couldn't find either my number or yours. Well, to find the number 2354 and your 2393 is pretty hard".

"We must not give up. We need to find our numbers to qualify for the next trial".

"You know, It's not necessary to find your number to qualify".

"0_0.....Eh, what do you mean???"

"Well, he said that this trial will end after 5 days, right?? That means if 5 days pass and there are only five hundred remaining people, you will automatically qualify. He only created the number trial for weak people the secure their place. If you're strong enough and took down most of the people, you won't need to find your number".

"... Wait, then why are we searching for our numbers?? I mean we could take two thousand people and just end this".

"... Sigh, I don't wanna".

"What??? Why???"

"too much work to do".

"What!!!! Do you know what is the possibility of us finding our numbers? 1 in twenty-four hundred Which means if you don't wanna search then just take down as many people as you can and we will win. It will be much more efficient than searching aimlessly".

Alex didn't say anything and just sighed as he looked at her and then he just jumped at the tree and lied down on one of the branches.

"Okay, we will go with your plan but we will start tomorrow. Right now, it's almost night and I need to rest because I fought for a whole day".

"Yeah, pfft. Like you need to rest. You're just too lazy".


It's night time and Lyssia and Alex are in front of a fire camp and Alex is cooking some meat barbecue for both of them. This meat is the meat of magic beasts and it's very very delicious.

It even has huge benefits for warriors as it has mana inside it which gives it a delicious taste. Mages who eat this meat can make their core mana core stronger and in some cases have a great breakthrough.

For warriors, it can make their body stronger and able to channel mana through all their body to gain strength and speed. Magic beasts are separated into 12 levels. Each level is separated into 5stages, Low, middle and high, peak, perfect.

The higher the level of the magic beast, the higher it's benefits. Even magic beasts themselves eat other magic beasts to get stronger.

Right now, Alex and Lyssia are eating a fourth level magic beast so the effects are minimal on them but the taste is still delicious. Lyssia is enjoying her food around the fire and chats with Alex.

"So, I didn't expect the strongest Great Kingdom knight to be someone who can cook delicious food".

"Well, I had to learn when I was a fugitive. I lived in the elf forest for a year and I couldn't die of hunger".

"Ohhh. Now that you're talking about it. I always wanted to ask you. There were some rumors that said that you died in the snow region 2 years ago because some people said that you were traveling there and never came back".

"Well...the rumors didn't lie and I allegedly died in the snow region".

"Dude, You have balls. to go to one of the forbidden regions is something a Saint won't dare to do".

"I had no choice. I was being chased by someone for 3 years".

"Eh....what do you mean? chased? who has the balls to chase someone like you!!!".

"It's a long story".

"We have all night so why don't you tell me".

"You're really a drag, you know that".

[AN: And you're taking Shikamaru catchphrase, you know that huh!!!!].

Lyssia: "Just tell me".

Alex: "Well, you must be familiar with the Daitu battle".

"The Daitu battle. The famous battle that happened 6 years ago. It's also in this battle that you became famous as the strongest Great kingdom knight because you killed a Martial King while being a Martial commander, isn't that right??".

"Yes. Then you must know that this battle happened between the kederawem kingdom, Dwarfs kingdom, Tullaris empire and finally Lamang empire. All these powerhouses battled over the Daitu city that borders all the 4 powers".

"I know this. I even know that it was because of the discovered inheritance of a Saint from fifty thousand years ago in an underground city under Daitu city".

"Yes, exactly. It was also a massacre where almost two million people entered and only five hundred people got out. Do you imagine that??????"


"Yes, they didn't publish this information because it was terrifying. Unlike these trials who seem very easy for me. The first trial in that place was to go against a horde of magic beasts. In the end, after the five trials, only five hundred people survived and we discovered that the inheritance was that of a Dark Saint".

"A Drak Saint?"

"Yes, he was warrior Saint, unlike Charles. He used a special evil immortal level meditation technique and only one person was able to get that technique. I, on the other hand, got a profound meditation technique and these swords".

AN: [https://pin.it/nnsqxfx266on4r].

Alex then showed her his twin swords. These swords had brown blade center and silver edge. It has a dark brown handle and a guard on the shape of W.

What is interesting though is that both the swords have a gem just like Hu Zhao katana. These gems are both red and just in the middle of the guard of the words and have number 35.

"wait, these swords!!! and that gem!!! don't tell me that it's one of..."

"Yes, it's one of the swords created by the legendary Blacksmith Saint, Luthor Guillory from the dwarf race. It's his thirty-fifth creation".

"Wow, I didn't expect you to have one of the legendary weapons created by the Saint blacksmith. I heard that out of all his creations, he only gave numbers to a hundred of them because they're the best that he eve created and you have one that is above the fifties. No wonder that you were chased. So whose the one who chased you???".

"Well, maybe you're right. After all, it's the weapon used by the evil saint fifty thousand years ago. As for the one who chased me...Sigh, It was the snake Saint from the Agung empire. He heard about the swords and chased me for 3 years".

"0_0....A SAINT!!!!"
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