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On the western side of the island, a huge lake situates there and it's very calm. Suddenly a huge explosion came from the north side of the lake.

Boom Boom

There are almost 50 groups situated around the lake and each one is having its own battle in its own area. One of these groups is group 23 which Abrat, Wanda, and Emelia belong to.

"I wonder how father and Saya are doing".

Wanda: " Don't worry, I am sure that they're doing fine. After all your father is still a high martial commander and Saya is a 9th stage high Mage. I am sure that everything will be okay".

"Yes, you're right".

Abrat: "Stop chatting and watch for your number. You, red hair, your corresponding number is 34. Wanda, yours is 125. You must find your number to qualify for the next round".

Wanda: 'Wooooow. Sister was right. Since Mister Abrat came, he started talking more and more. I wonder why?'

Abrat noticed Wanda's weird look and just ignored it. Right now, Abrat and the two girls are on the sky as Wanda is holding Emelia while also waiting for anyone with the numbers they want.

Emelia: "What is your corresponding number, Mister Abrat??"

"three hundred and one".

" Oh, so you have number 2200".


"For now let's just wait for our numbers to appear".


The same thing was happening to all the scattered 268 through 4 areas of the island as people do their best to get their number and pass this trial. Olenna and Konstantin are in group 32 in the north batteling on frozen water while Nolan is alone in group 260 in the southern desert.

Alexia is also with Morgan in the southern desert in group 159. The whole island is divided into 5 different environments with 5 different kinds of weather. The east which is a huge forest covering the whole east with little mountains and grass areas.

The west which is a lake surrounded by a swamp and fog area. The north has ice, snow, and storms. It also has many tall mountains covered with snow and ice from the bottom till the peak.

the south which has a huge desert that could make any mortal body completely dry. It also has many moving areas of sand which can trap anybody forever.

Finally, the central area which has mild weather and ruins of an ancient city with old and destroyed buildings everywhere. The 268 groups are scattered on the 4 outer areas and the final trial will happen in the center.


Inside the tower in the center of the ancient city, A huge round table is on the highest floor. 4 people are sitting around this table. Each one of them is having a seat representing the 4 directions.

What is shocking is that one of these 4 people is none other than Aiden. Aiden right now is watching all the groups that his friends are in. He then looked back at group 8 and watched the young man, the nameless titan number 8 and then back at Saya.

Saint Charles is right now sitting on the east seat while Aiden is sitting on the south seat. The west chair has a humanoid tiger sitting on it. This tiger is wearing what seems like samurai clothes.

He's wearing a long black and white robe with little golden flowers around the shoulder and big blue flowers around the sleeves and the bottom of the robe.

He wears a black sleeveless shirt under his robe and also black pants. Finally, he has a black obi belt sash with orange flowers around his waist.

AN: [ https://pin.it/pmsmounccgi7f3]

What is eye-catching in this tiger is the long katana attached to the black sash. It was a very long katana for a human but perfect for a beast like him who is 2,5 m. The scabbard, handle and guard of the katana are dark blue while a light blue cloud-like design circling around.

This sword also had a little orange gem attached in the middle of the handle. This gem has a number of 9 inside it. The tiger name is Hu Zhao and he's one of the overseers of the trials.

The other one sitting on the north seat is a little white and red dragon. This little dragon has red lightning marks on his back. Yes, he's Dianlong who is overseeing the first trial right now.

AN: [(instead of yellow, he has red) https://pin.it/gnt6b5wrlgy3**].

Dianlong: " Man, Aiden, your friends are really giving me no respect. 2 of them even discovered that it wasn't my real body. How're they so smart, hmph? Also, that little wolf. I am 5 thousand times older than him and he thinks that he can try and fight me. If I was just one percent serious, he would've died a thousand times. Hey, Charles, say something".

Charles: "I think that he would be the perfect user for you, huh, what do you say??".

"Huuuh, what are you talking about Charles? didn't you see it?? The guy uses his claws as his weapons. I am a dragon spirit sword which makes us completely incompatible. Did you lose your mind or what??? "

"Hahaha, really!!!! seeing you angry really makes my day wonderful just like old times".

Hu Zhao: "Sigh, Can both of you stop it a little. I mean we have Aiden as our guest and you can't show your dignity as legends from the old era".

Dianlong: "Guest?? then aren't you also considered a guest?? I mean you came here two hundred years ago which makes you not as old as us. Hmph".

Hu Zhao: "We don't need to point that out you know".

Charles: " Well, can we stop quarreling little and focus on the challengers more".

"You don't need to care too much. It's only been half-day since the trial started and I don't think that someone aside from that little wolf can finish it in a half-day".

Hu Zhao: "Well, it seems like some groups have already finished".

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"Yeah, look. Group 12, 57, 44, 267. You see. Because they all belong to the black market dark alliance, they easily gathered the needed numbers and passed immediately. You should send one of your spirit forms to prepare for the second trial".

Saint: "Well, they really have a good plan. The strongest in these groups allied together and killed all the people until only five hundred stayed. It seems like along with the time, the human future generations became more brutal".

Hu Zhao: "Don't feel down Charles. No matter what race they belong to, the greedy people only believe in benefits and not kinship. I mean even demi-humans and Oni are the same".

"Yes. Hu, maybe you're right. Aiden my boy, what do you think about this".

Aiden who has been silent the whole time and just continued looked at number 8 who's in the central city right now. He then rose from his seat and started walking towards the door.

Dianlong: " Hey, where are you going??".

Aiden didn't stop but continued walking and didn't turn at Dianlong. He just answered him

"I am going to see Saya".

Charles: "My boy, you didn't answer my question".

Aiden stopped walking and then turned at the Charles. He then pointed with his index finger at the screens showing the groups.

"All of them are idiots. True strength comes from oneself and not from a treasure".

He didn't wait for Charles's reply as he opened the door and left the room. Hu Zhao then rose from his seat and followed Aiden as he didn't want him to cause a ruckus. After all, he's now one of the supervisors.

"Charles, I'll follow him. You can just monitor the groups".

He then also left the room.

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