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Alex and Lyssia didn't care about each other anymore as they heard the voice of Charles inside their minds.

'Battle Royale!!!!'.

Saint Charles: "For more information about this trial, the supervisor of this trial will explain more. Good luck".

The voice disappeared immediately after that and all the people started pondering about the voice words. Before they could say anything, a spatial gate appeared In the sky and something truly unexpected.


A dragon came out from the spatial gate and started going higher in the sky as he climbed higher, lightning started appearing in the sky and showed the dragon greatness and majesty.

The dragon has golden horns and golden hard fathers around his white hair. His long white skin has red like blood scales coming out of his back and a red line going from his neck till his tail which is mixed between red and white.


The dragon growl made everybody ears hurt but it also showed how majestic is the dragon. Finally, the spatial gate closed and the dragon is now completely in the sky.

AN: [you can imagine how the dragon in dragon ball gets out. it's practically the same without dark clouds and just lightning. Also, he came out of a gate. https://pin.it/e6wxyevszlwqjg].

Then the dragon started looking at all the people under him and started talking.

"Those who came to challenge..."

Alex: "Woooooooow....what a dramatic entry. Truly, the dragons really like acting cool but it's a biigggg draaaagggg".

Everybody else: '0_0 0_0....WHAT THE HELL!!!!! WHY DID YOU INTERRUPT HIM???, DO YOU WANT ALL OF US TO DIE!!!!!!'

Everybody looked at Alex as he talked about why The dragon didn't finish his words. All of them felt terrified as they couldn't think what the dragon would do to them if he continued.

Unfortunately, It wasn't just Alex who's the crazy one as Lyssia sighed and looked at the dragon and looked back at Alex and then told him.

Lyssia: "Is everything a drag for you??? Look you interrupted the poor dragon from doing his awesome speech".

"😱😱😱😱😱😱 YOU ALSO DID THE SAME!!!!!".

Alex and Lyssia didn't care about the dragon or all those people as she continued talking with him.

Alex: "Of course, aside from living in a beautiful mansion with a beautiful woman and drinking and eating every day, then yes, pretty much everything is a drag".

Lyssia: "Sigh, are you really the legendary youngest Great Kingdom knight. You're just a pervert guy who wants money".

"Mmmmm, excuse me but can you let me a continue, please!!".

When Everybody heard the deep majestic voice behind them pleading so he can continue, all of them felt shocked and completely surprised.

'Where is your dignity Man? at least show some respect to that voice'.

Alex: "Sorry Sorry, you can continue. Please, forgive this woman for doing all of this".

Lyssia: "Me?!!....It was you who interrupted him if you forgot".

Dragon: "*Clears throat*. As I said, Oh Challengers, I am the Great Dragon Spirit Dianlong and I will be the first one to oversee this trial. As the Saint said, this Trial is a battle royale between 2500 people. I will say it now, but if someone doesn't forfeit then it will be either victory or death because only 500 people will survive out of you for the second trial".


"If you forfeit now then you will be reported back to the canyon and you can go safe but if you stay then you must be prepared to die".

All of this information made the people very afraid but also helpless as they can't decide between life and their greed. Alex who was silent started talking.

"I have some questions???".

"You can ask anything that is related to the trial and nothing else".

"Then, Where are we? When will the first trial start? Can you explain more about the trial? and finally, Are all the groups seeing the same projection of the dragon in front of us?".

"Oh, you're a smart one. Well, we're in the eastern forest of the flying island known as the west sky island".

Person A: "Did he say sky island???".

Person B: "Yes, he said that's it's a sky island. I don't believe it. It's really a flying island!!!".
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Person C: "I thought that only the Madokun magic academy is the only place that resides on a flying island but who thought that there will be other sky islands".

Dian Long: "The first trial will start after I explain something. the information will and be told after this and Yes, all the 268 groups are seeing the same thing which is my spirit form and not my true body. you man, you're the fifth one to discover this".

Alex: "Easy thing to see because I don't feel life energy from you".

Dian Long: " Oooohhhh, you can feel Aura!!! interesting hahaha".

Dianlong laugh made their ears hurt a little again. Lyssia then said something.

Lyssia: "Then let me ask another question. Is there any kind of reward for the one who comes first in this trial?".

"No, the goal of this trial is to survive and nothing else. If you want a reward, then consider living as a reward".

"Okay. I have no problem with that".

Dianlong: "You have 5 minutes to decide whether you want to continue or not. After that, a Magic shield will be created in a diameter of 3 km".

AN: [Tell me if the area is big or small in the comments so I can change it].

After some seconds, some people started forfeiting and after five minutes, a hundred people forfeited and then got teleported. The remaining people all looked determined to survive and take with them the treasure back.

"It seems like there are 2400 people remaining in group 128 so I will start explaining. you passed the first part of the first trial so congratulations".


"Yes, in reality, the first test Saint Charles decided to do was the test of your determination and how much you're willing to have strength even if you know you're dying in the process. All of you 2400 has passed".


All of them felt happy as they passed this trial and sighed as they became less nervous. Dianlong then started talking about the second part of the trial.

"For the second part of the trial, all of you will have a number on his hand. The numbers are from 1 till 2400. You win by taking the corresponding pair number. For example, one will be paired with twenty-four hundred and two will be with 2399 and so on. You can either kill your enemy or take his hand or just make him give you his number as it will appear in your hand if he wants. In the end, you must have two numbers with you. The moment you lose your number, you will be teleported back to the Canyon and If you die then your body will stay in this forest forever".

Alex: "But then, there will be only twelve hundred people remaining?? didn't you say there will only remain five hundred people???".

"Yes. In the end, the remaining twelve hundred will have to battle among each other until five hundred remains. Of course, if by the end of of the numbers trial only five hundred remain then there will be no massacre but I highly doubt that so just do your best. The trial will end after 5 days. I Dianlong, announce the beginning of the First Trial!!!!".

The dragon then rose in the sky and started turning into golden light as it disappears. All of them looked at each other and then at their hands.

"Arrgghhbhh, give your number. I am 2300 and I need your 101. Give it to me now".

"Hmph, if you can take it then come and try".

"Hey, you have my corresponding number. Give it to me and I won't kill you".

Boom Swwosh Sling.

Swords, Spells, arrows and all kinds of attacks. Things started getting ugly as people started acting crazy, fighting in the middle of the forest and everybody searching for his corresponding number. Alex looked at his hand and found that the number was 47.

"That means, I need to find 2354. Shit!!! I don't really have luck huh".

Lyssia: "Oh, my number is 8 so that means.....I need to find nubeeerrrrrr..."

Alex: "2393".

"Yes. 2393 great".


Alex jumped from the tree and then got in front of Lyssia. He then looked at her and said to her.

"Since our corresponding numbers are in the twenty-three hundred, then how about cooperation. We also can take all the numbers we found in our so we can get less competition. If you find my number you can give it to me and if I can find your number then I will give it to you. What do you think??".

"Hmmmmmm. Okay, I accept!! we will try to get as many numbers as possible and meet here after a day".

"No problem".


On the northern part of the island where ice is everywhere and a huge white snow mountain is towering over everything, group 3 where Saya fell in alone.

It was in the middle of a storm and yet the dragon Dianlong still didn't leave as he saw the whole side of the mountain dyed with the blood of many people as almost all of them are cut in half.

"Young man. You went too far. You almost killed all of them. How are you going to do in the second trial".

The Dragon was talking to the young man who was in the middle of the red snow. The young man seemed like a demi-human. He was wearing a dark blue tuxedo and an orange tie. He has blue hair and blue wolf ears.

AN: [With wolf ears. https://pin.it/kwuigblc3dqism]

"Well, Lizard. you didn't say that they needed to stay alive. You needed five hundred and you got something that is comparable to twenty-five hundred people combined".

"Well, two is better than nothing so I declare the end of the first Trial for group 8".

The young man became puzzled as he didn't understand what he meant by two.

Dian Long: "two survived from group 8. Number 456 and number 44".

???: "What!!!!".

Suddenly, Saya who was hiding under the snow got up and was completely terrified from what she saw as the young demi-human killed all those people with a hand swipe. She only survived because she used a spell to get under the snow a moment before his attack.


The young man jumped and disappeared as he moved very fast and appeared in front of Saya to kill her.

'No. Someone save me'.

Boom Swooosh.

A barrier appeared around Saya as it protected her from the young man's attack. When he saw the barrier, the young man turned back at Dianlong and looked at him.

"Why did you protect her??".

As the snow continued to fall, lightning started gathering around his hands. Dianlong seemed to become a little angry as he looked at him.

"Young man!!! Don't overestimate yourself. I said that the trial ended which means, there will be no more killing. If you try to do that again, I will kill you. Don't forget, even though I am just a spirit form, I can still use lightning attacks to finish you".

The young man didn't say anything and just turned and looked at Saya is still trembling from fear as she remembered what happened.

"Hmph. You have a bit of heavenly luck. You survived from this great one attack, Number 8, the nameless titan".

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