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In Another World With Escanor Powers 22 The forgotten Saint Charles

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All the people felt shocked as they heard the voice inside their mind. Aiden, on the other hand, seemed pretty normal as he experienced this before and didn't need to feel shocked or anything.

Lyssia: "Aiden, what is the voice??? and what does he mean by a Saint Charles??? I thought that he was a heaven Archmage???".

Lyssia and the others who are in the sky are very shocked as they never expected the great Mage Charles to be a Saint. All of them wanted to ask Aiden who seemed to know more about this.

"Well, to put it simply for you, Somehow, the record records about Charles being a Saint has been erased. Charles is a man who lived two hundred thousand years ago when Demons still lived in the continent. Many things have disappeared from the history that talks about the events from that time".


Wanda: "Then why didn't all the things about him have been forgotten. Why only the things about him being Saint that disappeared???".

Aiden:...We will discover inside the cave, right?".

'He doesn't know!!!!!!'

All of them thought of the same thing as they saw Aiden silence which showed he doesn't know why???. The deep voice suddenly appeared again and said to all the people inside their minds.

"This cave is a passage that leads to my treasures!! my inheritance of magic and many other treasures that even can benefit from. This is my Gift as a Saint for future generations. Yes, I am Saint Charles and I a recording this for the people who wants to challenge themselves and get the ultimate treasure".

These words made all the people excited and have their blood boil as they wanted the treasure for themselves. They wanted to take it and become and soar and become legendary warriors that history will remember.

"So first of all, if the people around the Canyon surpasses ten thousand people, all of them will be teleported immediately to the location of the first trial. There you will meet the person who will supervise the first trial. Good luck and may the best win".

The moment the voice disappeared, A huge light enveloped the whole Canyon and all the people started being teleported mastery disappeared.

Lyssia: "What is happening?? Aiden, where are we going?? are we going to be okay??".

Wanda: "Sister, it seems we're gonna be all teleported to the first trial so no need to fret".

Aiden: " She's right!! just let the light teleport you away and you won't feel nothing".

"Wait, Aiden.....why isn't there light around you to teleport you???!!".

Suddenly, all the people turned and saw that Aiden was just gazing at the sky without any light around him.


The divine Axe rhitta suddenly came flying towards him as he immediately held it with his left hand. He then turned and smiled back at them. He then stared at Nolan and then started laughing.

"Hahaha, Old man, you forgot something. I already came here once and even finished the little trials. In the end, I promised the geezer up above to bring him as many people as possible so he can find his true heir. hahaha".

Abrat who was silent the whole time started thinking and then discovered something and for the first time since they came here, he started talking with a shocked expression.

Abrat: "Wait, you said the geezer up above.....you don't mean...."

Aiden: "Hahaha, enjoy the trip. By the way, I will be waiting back at the city".

Nolan felt a little angry as he never thought that Aiden has already passed the trials and he even tricked them to come here just to trick them.

Nolan: "AIDEN!!!!, you....son of...."

Before Nolan could say anything, all of them got teleported with all the people in the Canyon. What remained in the whole area is only Aiden as he smiled and looked at the sky.

"Now let's return back home so I can have a little..."

Suddenly, Aiden felt something and turned behind. He then found an old man who seemed to be appearing out of nowhere looked back at Aiden.

"Aiden my boy. You have done well to bring me all these people. Now I can find many people who will inherit my will. How about you stay so we can look at the candidates".

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Yes, the old man Aiden is talking with right now is the legendary Mage, the forgotten Saint, Charles Lodoss. Of course, the one Aiden is talking with is just a spirit left by The great Mage as he already many years ago.

"Not interested. I don't wanna look at your stupid trials. I am more interested in going home".

"Don't be like that my boy, just stay a little and accompany this old man so you can get more information. I also want to tell you about something after the trials".

".... what is it?".

Charles didn't say anything and just get at Aiden with a very serious look.

"Something that will change the fate of the world".


"Argh my head, if I meat that Aiden again then I will make sure to hit him on the head. The guy tricked all of us".

Lyssia, who just woke up felt a little headache from the teleportation. She then looked around her and found many people. She was the first one to wake up while the others are still asleep.

She then inspected the place around them and found that they're in a big forest. This forest seemed endless and the trees are very tall as they reached the height of 30m.
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"What happened to all the people. they're are just a drop of all those hundred thousands of people".

After almost an hour, People suddenly started waking up. Lyssia couldn't recognize any one of them and understood that she got separated from the others.

Person A: "Eh, where are we??".

Person B: "I don't know, I just woke up".

Person C: " It seems like the place where we got after being teleported".

Lyssia who looked at all these people felt a little annoyed. After all, she didn't know anybody here.

Lyssia: "Sigh, what am I going to do now?? I wanna meet with the others".

"What a draaaag. I want to go hoooome".

Lyssia then turned and found Alex who's sitting upon on one of the trees as he was gazing at all the people who started just waking up.

Lyssia: "you?? What're you doing here??"

"The name's Alex and I am here so I can make some money by taking the treasure".

"I don't mean that".

" What do you mean then"??

Alex looked puzzled as he looked at her waiting for the answer.

"I mean, what is The former great Commander of the Iron army of Kaderawem kingdom, Alex Smith doing of far away from his kingdom??".

"Oh, so you know me????".

"Yes, I had the chance to see you".

"Then you must know that I left the army and joined the adventurer guild. I don't wanna talk about it so let's just say that I am here for a vacation".

"I don't care why you're here but just don't get in my way".

"Wow, so you're....."

Suddenly, before Alex could continue, the same deep voice ringed deep in their minds. The voice of Saint Charles started talking.

"Welcome, Group 128, You are right now about to go through the first trial. There is 2500 person in this group and so the first trial will be a Battle Royale!!!".

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