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At the morning of the next day, Aiden left the Mansion and went to the guild. He felt a little bored as he knew that It will be a long trip because a huge number of people are coming.

'Sigh, isn't the map given by Emelia enough? That old man, he must've got a plan in his mind and he wants to drag me in'.

After Aiden flew, he finally reached the adventurer guild. He then entered and found almost all of the people he knew inside. Nolan, Emelia, Saya, Alexia, Lyssia, Wanda.

"Yo Aiden, All of us are waiting for you".

Nolan greeted Aiden and then turned and turned back to all the friends and started laughing.

"Hahahahaha. With Aiden here now, the black market alliance will have a hard time hahaha".

Aiden stared at Nolan and then understood why Nolan wanted him to go with them. After all, Nolan title as The war chief wasn't an empty boast.

'That sly old man, He wants me to be the one to scare them away while he does nothing. Well, he won't see it coming after he sees the things at the cave hmph'.

On the other hand, Nolan is very happy because he knew that with Aiden around, he can just sit and look at how the black market alliance embarrasses themselves.

Lyssia: "Sigh, let's just go. Lady Olenna and the others are waiting at the city gates. Also, there are over a hundred thousand adventurers waiting and over five hundred thousand that already have a head start and went to the cave".

Emelia: "What!!!!! How did they know the place?".

Wanda: "We still don't know who but someone must have disclosed the location of the cave. Now, our plan to separate the adventures in batches has failed".

Alexia: "So we have over six hundred thousand people going all at the same place and all searching for one treasure. that's gonna be a big crowd".

Nolan: "Well, to be exact, we have exactly six hundred and seventy thousand people so yeah, that's big".

Aiden: "Doesn't matter. Most of them are cannon fodder so they're useless".

All the others: "0_0 0_0 0_0".

AN: [0_0.....Savage. I mean he isn't wrong].

Aiden: "Let's go".

Aiden didn't wait for them to answer as he left them and headed to the gates as he wants to finish this sooner.


At the gates of Alcos city, over a hundred adventurer who is under Konstantin and the others and are waiting for Aiden and the others.

Their plan to weaken the alliance by dividing the people into batches brilliantly failed as the location of the cave has been disclosed and everybody knows about it.

They have no other choice but to wait for Aiden and go as one group.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh.
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Suddenly, many silhouettes appeared and Aiden and his group are now standing besides Konstantin, Abrat, and Olenna.

"So you finally came. You really took your time".

Olenna who was waiting smiled and seemed that she was a little bit angry. Even Abrat brows flinched a little. Constantine didn't say anything.

Nolan: " It doesn't matter as Aiden gave us a piece of interesting information along the way".

Olenna raised her brow as she became a little interested in this information.

"We will talk along the way".


"This is really a drag. I am not someone who's a fan of deserts. When I return, I will make Captain reward me very well".

Right now, over five hundred thousand people are camping in front of a Canyon. One of these people is the brown-robed man Alex. it's already been 6 days since Alex came to Moxi island.

Alex is a man who is an adventurer from the Kaderawem Kingdom north of Yodatya kingdom. He was doing a quest back at Lefia kingdom when his Captain messaged him and told him to go to Moxi island and get some treasure.

Alex is a man who seems to be in his thirties. He has brown hair, grey eyes, and also a little beard. He likes women and drinking more than anything else.

AN: [He has a Mix of lazy and perverted personalities. https://pin.it/frbaqxyx7m3ipr].

In reality, Alex is a former knight in the great army of Kaderawem kingdom. He's a dual sword user and also a very good warrior. In fact, despite his young age, he reached the rank of Great kingdom knight before retiring.

The ranks of knights in the western continent are very special and anyone dreams of being a knight. If someone wants to be a knight then he must start with being an apprentice knight and climbing ranks until becoming a Great holy knight which is the highest rank a knight can ever reach.

Returning to Alex, who retired after becoming a Great kingdom knight at such a young age. this was surprising for many people but for Alex, he never cared about ranks as he just wanted to earn money, have many beautiful women around him and drink every day until he dies.

"Argh, I thought that by becoming a mercenary, I will have a chance to earn huge money but now I am here in the middle of nowhere going after a treasure that has almost seven hundred thousand people search for. Sigh, what's more....."

Alex suddenly turned serious and looked around him as he noticed all the people that returned from the canyon and looked very dejected. Alex heard some people who came back from the cave entrance talking

"That Aiden guy is really cunning. He made it so nobody can enter the cave until he comes. truly hateful".

"I can't imagine how much strength he has.the guy used his Axe as a source and made a magic formation that protected the entrance. Even when that guy tried to hit it with brute force, he got blown back and sustained heavy injuries".

Alex was sitting upon a rock as he heard what those people are babbling. He then remembered The battle from 4 days ago. He witnessed how a famous Great Holy knight warrior, Konstantin got one shot by a gut younger than Alex himself by almost 10 years.

"Aiden, huh...What a drag. At least, I can leave this Island quickly if he takes all the treasure. Man, all I want is an easy life and easy money, not this life of danger".

He then felt something and turned behind him, He found over a hundred and fifty thousand people coming towards the Canyon. These people looked like the last batch that came from the city.

At the front of all these people are 7 people flying above them. These people are Aiden, Nolan, Lyssia, Wanda, Olenna, Konstantin and finally Abrat.

Alex: 'So the Star of the show has finally appeared'.

It took Aiden group a day to come because of all the adventures that are with them. They also wanted to stall for as much time as possible so they can prepare themselves more.

Aiden little idea also helped them a lot and made it easier for them. Finally, the last adventurer group has come and all the six hundred seventy thousand people are present.

Lyssia, who was looking at all these people felt very surprised as all of this started because of the little cave in the most unknown little island. Wanda, on the other hand, remembered something and said to Aiden.

"By the way, Mister Aiden. You never told us about what you did during that month inside the cave".

"That's right. All of you forgot that I stayed for a month in the cave. Well, it's not something important but I went where the trials started".


Suddenly a deep voice came from nowhere and started talking in the minds of all the people in the area.

"Welcome challengers. For all the people who want to take all my treasures, I put them all in one place. Come!!!!! Come and take them all!!!!. To take with you the treasure of a Saint!!!!!!".

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