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"Fate changing Fragments??".

Aiden didn't understand what Greil meant but this item must be very important for them to kill Lara.

"Fate Changing Fragment is a special item made from the fate energy. It can only be created inside the fate dimension. When Master entered this place by chance and learned about Fate energy, she tried to master it and gain control over it. Finally, she made a great success and created something that can literally change the Fate itself, Fate changing fragment".

"What can it do exactly???".

" Change fate. the fragment affects your own fate and bends it to make it as you will. In a more simpler way, It can grant you your wish".


Aiden felt a little surprised as he never thought in his wildest dreams that a legendary item like this can exist in the world.

"Don't be too excited. It's not something that can grant you any wish you think about. Each one has a finite amount of Fate energy that he can resist. It means if For example, if you try and wish for ultimate power, your body won't be able to resist the huge fate energy needed for such task and before it gives you that power, you will explode. You must wish very wisely. Also, you can't wish for immortality, eternal youth or any kind of power that prolong your life directly".

"I understand. Although, there are no restrictions. I must think well before giving my wish or it will kill me".

"It's good that you understand. Now, for the number of your wishes, you will only have 4".

"Wow, that much?!!".

"Sigh, In reality, Master was able to create 7 fragments. Unfortunately, because of that incident, the 2 that Master kept with her have been taken by those 3. The other one was hidden by Master in some place in the Sarna world but I don't know where. Finally, what remains are the 4 that Master kept in the dimension".

"Wait a minute, why didn't you use the fragments to revive yourself since you're saying that you could wish for everything?? Why also didn't you try to revive your Master using the fragments?? I mean in the first place why didn't she bring all the fragments and hid them somewhere??".

"Good question. Let me tell you something. When someone dies, his Fate ends and He doesn't have a fate anymore. That's why dead can't control Fate energy. Did you see my illusion earlier, that was the Mana I get from the Sarna world using a little hole in this space".
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"So you couldn't revive your Master because you have been already dead when you reached this dimension. hmmm".

"There is also another reason, in reality, these fragments can't revive people for the very same reason as me not being able to use the fragments. Aiden, you must know that once you're dead, it's the end of the adventure for you. You must make sure to choose your power wisely".

Aiden nodded and looked at Greil serious expression.

"There is also the fate fragment inability to enter the worlds. you see, the Sarna world is only able to have 3 fate fragments enter. Because of the immense amount of Fate energy inside them, the world can barely resist more than 3. There is also a very huge price to pay if you use it outside the fate dimension".

"Is it dangerous that much??".

"Yes, very dangerous".

Aiden understood what Greil meant and he also started thinking about a way to get more benefits from these fragments. After some time of thinking, Aiden got an idea about his first wish as he smiled

"Okay, I know what is my first wish".

"Then I will give the 1st fragments".

With a snap of his His fingers, a sudden light appeared around Greil as it formed into 4 little rainbow colored stones. Aiden felt very big pressure coming from it. He felt like he was in front of a huge wall and that wall was right above him.

"What is your first wish, Aiden".

The moment Greil said that one of the stones got near him and he then handed it to Aiden. then Greil went back to his seat and looked at Aiden waiting to see his wish. Aiden said then

"What I need is ultimate power and since I can't have it directly, I will go with it and cheat. without risk, you can't get the best. I am an otaku and ultimate power is my goal. Escanor I am coming".

"What!?? Aiden wait..."

Greil tried stopping Aiden but it was too late. Aiden immediately called his wish.

"I wish for my body to be changed to the supreme body that can be the perfect vessel and able to resist the Sunshine Grace from Nanatsu no taizai and use it without dying".

"What are you doing. What is this nanatsu...."

Before Greil could say anything more, a huge rainbow light pillar appeared around Aiden and broke Greil illusion.

They returned to the white space and Aiden started changing. What was terrifying is that you could hear a scream coming from the pillar.

"Arrgghhh. This is so painful".

"You idiot, didn't I tell you if you try to wish for ultimate power, you will die".

"Argggghhhhhh. If I die trying to be the best than staying mediocre my whole life then its a perfect life for me".

"Thus idiot".

Greil looked at Aiden as the pillar of rainbow light started entering his body and all the power of Fate energy entered his body.

Finally, all the light disappeared and everything returned to normal. Greil looked at Aiden who didn't change that much. His hair is normal and his whole body is normal. You could only notice something weird and that in his green eyes, the little orange in the middle turned into a golden triskele for a moment then returned to normal.

A/N: [Resembels the eyes of angels from nanatsu no taizai].

"Hahaha. I did it, I changed my body to become the perfect vessel for Sunshine hahaha but damn it, I almost died".

"Your brain must have something wrong. To wish for Such an immense thing without considering the risks, youre really crazy. You even wished for a supreme body and you survived".

"Hahaha, it doesn't matter. I wished for the supreme body that can be the perfect vessel for Sunshine and the only one to have such a thing is Mael and the Supreme deity herself which means that to the least, I have Mael body but what is weird is...why am I still a human and not an angel?".

Greil: "What do you mean? I can feel immense magic coming from you and you say that you wanted to be an angel. Even the angels can't have this much power?? How were you able to wish for such a power?".

"The only ones known to be able to hold the Sunshine grace are Mael, the strongest archangel and the supreme deity, the one who created Sunshine itself".

Greil gave Aiden a weird look and then said to him with pondering look.

"Now that you say it, what do you mean by the archangels and graces. Who is the supreme deity and Mael? What do you mean by the Grace Sunshine?".

Aiden: "Ah, well, it's the power from.... 0_0 wait you don't know about Sunshine?? Nanatsu no taizai??".

Greil shook his head and gave Aiden a surprised look as he waited for him to explain more about Sunshine.

"Didn't you know about our world science".

" Well, I only observed how you battled and not anything else. I never thought that you had also magic like our world. I am truly shocked".

"Well our world really doesn't have Magic. What I wished for is a power from a fictional world in my world. It's from Manga".

"Ohhh, you need to explain to me what all of this means so I can understand what you meant".

"Okay then. Hear me well..."


Greil: "Oh, so you wished for something not related to ultimate power but a way to reach the ultimate power".

"Exactly, you said it yourself. If my body is able to handle ultimate power then I can easily wish for it. I told you, all I need is to get with my worlds".

"You're really something Aiden. Perhaps this explains why you are able to resist the power of Fate. Well then, what are the remaining wishes".

Aiden smiled as he looked at Greil and said to him with a confident tone.

"Now that I have the body, You see.....".

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