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after the day of the battle between Aiden and Konstantin, the adventurer guild branch leader Nolan announced that the quest for the great Archmage Charles will be updated 2 days later and the location of the treasure will be announced the same day.

Nolan called for Aiden and asked him about the location of the cave. Aiden just told him about it as he didn't care too much about it.

The interesting thing is that Emelia and her father, Morgan came and gave the map that leads to the cave to Nolan.

"I must thank you leader Morgan. With this, we can locate the cave much more easily. I only need to ask you about something. where did you get this map?".

"No problem Guild Master Nolan. The treasure is already beyond us at this point and my daughter and I wanted to contribute more. Of course, I want some benefits in return as for the map origins, it was given to me by a mysterious man. He wears a black robe and his face is completely covered by a black mask and hood".


Emelia who heard that blushed and felt embarrassed about her father shamelessness. Emelia Father, Morgan seemed to be in his forties.

He's a middle-aged man with short red hair and a red mustache and a little goatee beard. He also has a huge body as he towers over 2m.

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He also wears brown pants and his upper body has a special leather armor with two knives tied to the armor at his chest. He also uses a bow as a weapon. You could say that he's your typical hunter.

"Hahaha. No problem, Mister Morgan. Since your little girl is a friend of Aiden, I will make the rose desert gang be in the first batch that will go to the cave. You must know that Aiden will also go there at the same time".

Nolan words seemed very reasonable and no one would say it was wrong but Morgan still felt a little angry as he understood Nolan true words meaning.

'The only reason that I am sending you with the first batch is that your daughter is friends with Aiden and nothing else hmph'.

This also shows that Nolan didn't put The desert rose gang in his eyes at all. After all, with all the people and big shots coming from all over the continent, how can the little gang in Alcos city get anything.

Still, Morgan didn't seem angry at all and only laughed as he showed his so-called happiness.

"Hahaha. then I will gladly accept the guild master generosity. I believe that guild Master still has many things to deal with so you must excuse us".

"No problem at all. You can leave".

Emelia who left with her father felt very happy and didn't see the interaction between her father and Nolan as she was still young.


"So it will be 2 days later huh!!".

It was dinner time and Aiden was sitting in the dining room eating while drinking wine as Diss was standing behind him. He also nodded and replied to his young master.

"Yes, young master. Nolan also sent an adventurer who told you to be at the guild in the morning, 2 days later as the first batch will move at 8 am".

Aiden just nodded as he didn't care too much about the treasure. After all, he already has Rhitta and the divine meditation technique which can make him very strong.

Anything else will be useless for him as he already had a path for him to grow and have more strength. Even money and anything else isn't a problem because in this world, with the strength you can have everything else.

"Oh, good then. I will take them there and then return back. I don't want to take too much time so I will show them the place where the treasure is and then go back".

"No problem young master but I am very curious, aren't you interested in the treasure?? I mean it's the treasure of a Heaven Archmage and he must have collected things for warriors you can find something useful for you".
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Aiden smiled and looked at Diss. He then gave a jovial laugh and looked at Aiden like he's looking at a little kid.

"Hahaha. Oh, Diss. Do you think that an adult will be interested in the toys of a little kid? I, the strongest man don't care about the things of a little mage".

Diss couldn't understand how Aiden thinks as he never expected that he will say that the treasures of A heaven Archmage will be toys for him. He could see in Aiden eyes that he was really uninterested about the treasure.

'Man, he really doesn't care at all'.

"Oh and by the way Diss, you're wrong about one thing".

"Eh, excuse me but what is that?".

"The Mage".

Aiden gave a mysterious smile as he looked at Diss and just continued drinking his wine and thinking about the surprise that he will bring to all the people.


At the same time that Aiden was talking with Diss, In a dark room inside a house in Alcos city, two men are talking about their plans for the treasure hunt two days later.

They are the short man and the tall man that were at Aiden battle with Konstantin. Right now they're discussing their next step.

tall man: "So how are the members doing??".

Short man: "There are already over three hundred thousand members of the alliance coming here. In two days another fifty thousand will come and we will have almost three hundred and fifty thousand which is almost half the people coming to this island".

"Very good. With this and with eight who will come, we will have a bigger chance of taking the treasure in the cave. I am very excited about this".

"Wait, Eight will come!!! Wow, that's very relieving and also very alarming. That guy is dangerous and untamed. He can literally do anything he wants and nobody would talk about it".

"Well, no need to worry about that. It seems that the leader talked with him and he made sure to warn him about the importance of this mission".

"If the leader already thought about this then it's good. I mean I can't cope with that guy madness".

"Don't forget to prepare some people to guard the girl that's with eight. He came directly from Sardinia empire and so he didn't have time to get the girl back to HQ. They also need to be strong enough to cope with any situation".

"No problem".

"Then it's decided. We will move with the first batch two days later".

"Yea, let's go to the cave".

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