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"0_0 0_0 0_0".

Everyone is still dumbfounded because they're still unable to believe that the great holy knight Konstantin, one of the strongest warriors in the whole Adratram empire lost the battle with one hit.

"Even with his divine ability, he wasn't able to defend against his attack as Aiden broke easily through his divine ability defense. I can't believe that someone like him exists".

"Lady Olenna, shouldn't we go see how Sir Konstantin is doing?".

"No need. He's still alive and just fainted. He isn't injured that much. He just needs a healing potion and he will be okay. What do I want to know is, little Lyssia, when did you get acquainted with this man? I mean, he's definitely in his twenties and he's already stronger than Konstantin who is 110 years old".

"Well, I don't know where he came from but he said that he came from the west and that his ship crushed here and so he can't find his way back".

"What about his powers, did he tell you anything about it?".

"Ah, Sir Abrat!!. He told me that his power is the Grace that was always with him since he was born. It's a power called Sunshine".

"Interesting. So it's like a divine ability".

'It's the first time that I saw Sir Abrat talking this much'.


While the 3 chairmen are talking about Aiden, The 2 black-robed men didn't say anything and just looked at Aiden who started walking away. Finally, the taller man said to the shorter one.

"We need to call eight and make him come here. I don't think that we have a chance with this guy here".

The shorter man, on the other hand, couldn't believe what he just saw as he never expected the battle to end like this. He then said with a little trembling voice.

"Even if I used all my strength, I could never make Konstantin go down with one move. I've been fighting with Konstantin on many occasions for the last 70 years and I could never do such a thing to him".

"For now we need to stay hidden and not show ourselves until eight comes. We must also investigate more about this Aiden otherwise with him here, we won't get anything from this trip".

"We must also prepare all the members of the alliance in this part of the continent to join this treasure hunt. With this, we can have a high chance of getting something".

"Let's just go now and leave the arena".

The moment the tall man said that both of them disappeared and went away.


The second prince looked at the stage as he saw Aiden going back. He then turned back to Saifon and George and asked them.

"So what do you think about this battle?".

George who seemed still absent-minded about what happened couldn't answer as he never expected Aiden to be this strong. Finally, he returned to normal and said to the prince.

"Your highness, I can say for sure that Aiden didn't use his full power. It seemed like he wasn't serious at all and didn't care about Konstantin attacks no matter how strong they were. From all of this, I can say for sure that Aiden must have entered the Saint-level".

The second prince: "What!!!!! Impossible even in all the history of the western continent, there has never been someone who became a Saint at the age of 20. Heck, even the Greatest Mage of all time from a million Years ago only became a saint at the age of 40 and that was already a feat never to happen again and you say to me that this guy is a Saint".

George: "Your highness, then how do you explain his magnificent power. Even Konstantin who is at the peak of martial Emperor couldn't lie a real injury on him. At best, he could scratch him. This kind of power gap can only be explained by Aiden being a Saint. Look at how shocked Abrat and Olenna are. They must have also figured that out".

"He isn't a Saint".

Suddenly, A deep sound of the young man came from behind the prince and then George and the prince both looked at Saifon who is looking at the place from where Aiden went back.

"Ah, Saifon!! what do you mean??".

"He isn't a Saint but he's as powerful as one"

"What?? I don't understand what do you mean??".

Saifon: "Somehow, even though he's a mortal, he was able to use a strength that looked as strong as a Saint which means that it's not his power but his divine ability. Of course, if he battled a real Saint, he wouldn't have a chance. I noticed that his power was rising and by each second passing, his power approached the Saint-level but it never truly reached it which means that it isn't as strong as it looks".

"Wow. You concluded all of this from just this battle".


"Then can you defeat him? If you used that power".

"No, I can't".


"Yes, if he just had this much strength, I would've had a chance but the 2 of you forgot something".

George and prince Williams looked puzzled as they waited for Saifon answer. Finally, Saifon sighed and said with a heavy voice.

"The guy wasn't at his Max. He was still getting stronger but he just didn't show all".

"0_0 0_0".


Back at the adventurer guild, in one of the rooms on the second floor, Konstantin who is now completely healed is still asleep and didn't wake up.


Konstantin who was asleep suddenly woke up and found himself inside the room. sitting around him are 4 people, Olenna, Abrat, Nolan and finally Lyssia.

Konstantin: "Argh, what the hell happened. All I can remember is that after he hit me with that punch I felt immense pain and lost my consciousness immediately".

Abrat: "You went all out and still wasn't able to beat a kid who is just 20 years old haaa. It seems that you really became old Konstantin"

Konstantin: "What the hell!!!! Abrat, You just talked. Man, it's been 3 months since I heard you say your last word 'okay'. Now, I feel a little scared".

Lyssia: 'I know right'.

Abrat: "Hmph"

Olenna: "Can you two stop for a moment and think about our next step. You might not know it but Nolan told me that in just a week there is already over five hundred thousand people who came and there is still people coming".

Nolan: "We need to answer these people who are waiting for us otherwise chaos will spread through the whole city. The city people are over 2 million and it can accommodate up to 3 million but in just a week it raised by half. we need to take measures and stop this".

Lyssia: "I believe that it's time for Aiden to lead us to the cave we can take all these people and see how the treasure looks like".

Nolan: "You're right and that's why I decided that after 3 days we will group up all the people and go to the cave".

Abrat: " I don't have a problem".

Konstantin: "Me too".

Olenna: "I only have one problem".
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All the people in the room looked at her and felt puzzled about what she was talking.

"Sigh, Aren't you interested in the guy who spread the news about the treasure???".


In some dark place on the island, a man was sitting and looking at the horizon. The man is wearing a black robe and his features are completely hidden by the black hood and you couldn't see anything at all.

"Hahahahaha. finally, after ten thousand years of waiting, I will finally free my brethren a with it will come destruction and doom of all the races. Wait for me, seven deadly sins".

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