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Aiden and Konstantin looked at each other as they're about to start their battle. Right now, they're in the training Arena used by adventurers to train and also for events and tournaments.

Aiden and Konstantin are facing each other in this arena. The stage has a circular shape with an almost 50m radius. Aiden could see that many people have come to see this battle.

Aiden: "Man, it's been only 10 minutes and the whole place is full of people. Do they want to see the fight that much?".

Konstantin: "Hahahaha, don't be like that. After all, people like to see battles between strong people. I even delayed the battle to make the people come as much as possible".

" Well, I don't care at all. I just want to see how much you can make me use my power".

Aiden didn't know the importance of this battle. In reality, there weren't that many people who dare to challenge one of the 12 chairmen. After all, they're the elite adventurers of the Adratram empire and their majesty and greatness is something to look up to.

Among the spectators are also important people who came the moment they heard about the fight of the 2nd chairman, the 2nd strongest adventurer in the whole empire.

The second prince(William): "I really didn't expect that Aiden will go and fight with someone like the holy knight Konstantin. Holy knight Konstantin is an Advanced stage Martial Monarch and is even famous for sword techniques. I heard that's he's in the 2nd level of sword intent".

George(The guard): "Yes. I would say that among all the people on this island, perhaps Konstantin is the only one that could keep up with him".

Williams: "What do you think, Saifon?".


"You don't like to speak too much huh. Well, I only want to see if this Aiden is worth befriending or not. After all, I don't like to invest in something useless".

Saifon who isn't saying anything is just looking at the arena like he was waiting for the battle with impatience.


In reality, the second prince and his group aren't the only ones who are following the battle. On the left side of the spectator's seats, two black-robed men are looking at both Konstantin and Aiden.

"they sent Konstantin huh? Well, you win. I thought that they will send Gin but I was wrong. They sent their best. Look, even Abrat is here. Man, how much I like that guy. Among all the chairmen, he's by default, the most interesting".

"I don't care about you like him or not. It seems like we must also ask for reinforcements. They brought their top 2 so we must also show respect for that".

"Hahaha, are you saying that we must bring our top 2. Man, are you crazy? that guy would kill all the people here just with his craziness. I don't even how his guild can tolerate him".

"Of course we're not gonna bring our top 2. He's a Saint and he will never listen to us. I will ask number 8 if he's interested and perhaps he will come".

"Great, you're gonna bring the narcissistic man here. Well, I don't care as long as I can get some benefits from this legacy".

"The boss ordered us to bring as many treasures as possible and even if we can't, we need to make sure that the others don't get those treasures otherwise our plan can become more difficult to execute".

"Yeah, I know. By the way, where is number 8?".

"I heard that he just finished one mission in Sardinia Empire. If he's coming then it will be by the sea. For now, let us observe how this battle is going to be although I think that the kid has no chance after all beside Konstantin amazing swordsmanship, he also has that troublesome divine ability".

"Yeah, that power is very annoying".

In reality, what the man said is true. Divine abilities are something very amazing as they can help you fight with people above your level. Some divine abilities can even make you fight a whole realm above your level although that is literally impossible.


"I hope that little boy is gonna be okay. I don't want Konstantin to hurt him".

"Lady Olenna, you don't need to be afraid. I am sure that Sir Konstantin won't hurt him".

"...don't be sure".

"Sir Abrat?!!!!".

Lyssia turned and screamed and felt a little surprised. After all, in all her 20 years of staying in the empire, she only heard Abrat talk 8 times exactly.

"What do you mean Abrat?".

Lady Olenna asked him and he didn't answer her immediately. He continued looking at the two and then finally said to her.

"When Konstantin finds a good fighter, he uses his divine ability immediately and that will make his power truly skyrocket".

"Woooow, this is your second-longest sentence in 10 years. Good for you Abrat".

Lyssia: "Sigh, let's just follow. I always wanted to see Sir Konstantin Divine ability one Action".

In reality, divine abilities are special power giving randomly to anyone whether you're a mage or a warrior.

Different from magic spells for Mages or magic skills for warriors, Divine ability is a type of power unique to the user and can't be found at any other person.

It can be related to your magic or powers or completely unrelated. It also depends on o someone creativity and ideas to develop this power.

The divine abilities users are rare as it can only be found in 1 among a 1000 mage and warriors.

Of course, most people who have divine abilities, have ones that aren't compatible with someone powers and so it can never be used at full power.

There are also some people who can use divine abilities to the fullest and so their actual power will surpass their level.

Aiden right now is only 1.70m tall and didn't activate his power that much. Nolan who came between Konstantin and Him is going to declare the start of the battle.
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"Remember, the moment you're out of the arena, you're gonna lose. If you faint or say I give up, you will also lose. Now I declare that the start of battle Go".

Nolan retreated out of the arena and he then activated the protective shield around the spectators to protect them from the aftershocks.

Konstantin: " I noticed that you don't have a weapon with you. Aren't you going to use one?".

"Ah, I forgot Rhitta at home and I don't want to call for it and destroy the place so I am just gonna use my hands. You don't need to be afraid, I can guarantee you that my strength won't go down".

"then excuse me...."




Konstantin disappeared and reappeared again in front of Aiden. He then went and slashed him with his sword.


Aiden didn't expect this much power and the sword attack pushed him a little. over 5 meters. He immediately stopped though as he stabilizes himself. Konstantin who saw that started laughing.

"hahaha, I didn't expect you to be this powerful. Most of the people who took my sword attack directly like that died immediately but you're completely done and you didn't get a scratch".

Aiden didn't answer him but his orange shirt started tearing and his upper blue gi clothes started also tearing.

A/N: [I completely forgot about it. He's wearing Vegito clothes with blue gi and and orange shirt. He also doesn't have gloves].

he became taller as he reached 2m. The whole arena became hot and everything started slowly melting very slowly. The orange in his green eyes started shining as he looked at Konstantin.

"You know, It's 10 in the morning and my power is still growing. You choose the wrong time to battle me".

Aiden tore the remaining shirt and upper Gi. What remained of Aiden clothes is only his gi blue pants.

"Hahaha. Aiden, I didn't expect your power to make you this big. I really like this otherwise it wouldn't be fun".

Swosh Swosh Swosh

Slash Slash Slash

Boom Boom Boom

Konstantin continued to disappear and appear again and again while also hitting Aiden with his sword but all of this was useless on Aiden as he didn't move at all.

This time, all Konstantin attacks are useless and don't have any effect on him. This time, Konstantin appeared 7m away from Aiden.

"You're really a Tank. I couldn't expect that your body is this strong. Is this your divine ability, a strong body?".

"No, this is only a part of my power. I am now testing your power and to be frank I am quite becoming disappointed".

Konstantin, Olenna, Abart: "0_0 0_0 0_0".

Lyssia: "Sigh, It's just like what happened to me".

This time, Konstantin decided to be more serious. He started coating his sword with white energy.

"Let me show you my sword power. Haaaaaa supreme holy blade".

Swosh Swoosh Swoosh

Suddenly, 3 sword wave attacks going directly for Aiden vital organs. People are excited as they didn't expect to see Konstantin use his sword intent this soon.

This shows how much Aiden is powerful and how he pressured Konstantin to use his strongest sword attack.


The attack created a shockwave that destroyed the ground under it. The attack reached Aiden directly and completely hit him.

A huge white light came and illuminated the whole arena. It made some people unable to see.

Olenna: "The man didn't go easy at all. He went and used his strongest attack".

Lyssia: 'Aiden, is he gonna be alright'.

Finally, the light disappeared and Aiden appeared completely fine. there is only a liiiittttlleee scratch that got there but it immediately disappeared like there was nothing there.

"Well, now that you finished all your attacks, it's my turn, right?".

"Of course. You can try to attack me but I wonder if you're gonna be able to injure me".

Abrat: "So he's finally gonna use his divine ability".

Lyssia: "What is his divine ability power exactly?".


Lyssia: 'Why doesn't he answer me?'

Olenna: "Let me explain to you. You see, his divine power is called Obsidian Armor. It can make his skin as though as obsidian. with such a powerful defense, he can ignore all the attacks while he continues attacking his opponent until he finishes him".

Lyssia: "Ohhhh, that's powerful".

Olenna: " From now on it will be a battle of who's gonna exhaust the other".

Both of them looked at Aiden as he prepared to attack Konstantin. Konstantin also prepared himself to attack Aiden.

Swoosh Swoosh.

Both Aiden and Konstantin disappeared as they appeared again at the center of the arena.

"Obsidian Armor".

"Hmph, there is nothing that I can't penetrate".


Aiden swung his fist and Konstantin used his divine ability. Both of them felt confident and trusted their powers.

Dust and smoke made most people unable to see but some people who're able to see clearly felt shocked and didn't believe what they were seeing.

Abrat, Olenna: "0_0".

After everything cleared, they found that the only one standing on the arena is Aiden who is completely uninjured and is also fine.

On the other hand, Konstantin has flown outside the arena in the sky and hit the shield and then fell down to the ground. He then completely fainted and didn't seem about to wake up at any time.

He was a little injured and his divine ability was completely useless against Aiden huge physical strength.

"0_0 0_0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0".

"I win".

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