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It's been already a week since the incident at the lake happens. Nothing much happened since that aide from people telling about Aiden story and bravery.

They saw him as the pillar that fights against injustice of civilians and takes down any noble that tries to bully them. Of course, Aiden didn't care about this at all. He only wanted calm and peace around without anyone annoying him.

That wasn't also possible because during the whole weak, Nolan and the others came each day to eat lunch and stayed until dinner. He couldn't have a one day of peace with himself.

Fortunately, He was able to train a little in the DST and was able to advance a little. Right now, he's in the first level and this gives him the power to use Sunshine until he reaches the peak of Martial emperor Level.

After that, he can use the One Mode Form for just one minute. As for the night time use, he can only maintain that form for only 2 hours and that by staying in the Martial King level.

If he tries to raise his level, his time will also shorten. He tried once to use his full power during the night and he was only able to maintain that for seconds.

The point is, he must break through to the second level so he can use Sunshine power more during the night and also prolong his ultimate form time.

After a week of waiting, an adventurer came to him at the mansion and told him that Nolan wanted to see him. Aiden thought that it must be about the adventurers that will come from the Adratram empire Branch.

"Diss, I leave the mansion to you. If someone causes trouble here. Just try to stall for time until I go back or ask those 5 girls that are staying here. They will surely help you".

"Yes, Young Master. I will make sure that nothing happens".

Suddenly, when Aiden was about to leave, Lyssia came yelling from behind. She came running towards Aiden and told him.

"Wait, Aiden. I am also coming. I want to see the persons The guild sent. After all, this is my home and I need to see if the guild values it".

"Okay, you can come. I don't care".


Lyssia and Aiden left the mansion and started following the adventurer. They went through all the north district with a little carriage. While they're going, Lyssia suddenly said.

"Who thought that when I will come for a vacation, I will instead find an ancient legacy of a legendary Heaven Archmage".

" Hey, you didn't find anything. I was the one to find it and I told you. If I didn't say anything, you probably would've never went there".

"Don't make it like that. I only want to say that no one will expect that in this barren island, someone will find a great treasure".

"You know, aren't you too much optimistic? I mean, I could've mistaken or perhaps I even lied so I can just play with you".

"Well, that would be bad and everyone will want to kill you hahaha although I don't think they can hahahahaha".

"You're right. You won't even scratch Me hahaha".

After some good time of laughing, they reached the guild building and entered. This time, they went directly for Nolan office. When they entered, they were a little surprised because they found inside 3 persons talking with Nolan.

"Oh, Aiden, you finally came. You even brought with you Lyssia. This is good. She's been here for almost 4 months and these gentlemen want to see her".

They are 2 men and one woman. The woman seemed obviously a Mage because of her hat and her staff that she was holding. She also wears a long green robe. The staff has also a Mana Stone above.

The Stone seemed to have the Nature element. She has blonde hair, green eyes and a very beautiful face that could make her a national beauty.

The Second is a man who seems to be in his forties just like Nolan. He has brown hair with curls at the front and A brown that beard.

What was a little surprising for Aiden was that this Man has what seems like Cat ears at the front. He then understood that this must be a demi-human and that he's also a member of the guild.

The man is wearing silver armor with a fur cape and a heavy sword that he's holding right now. Finally, the last who's also a demi-human and has rabbit ears.

He wears a little mask that covers his upper face and shows his red eyes. he seems in his thirties and wears dark brown leather armor. He also has a long sword that looks like those used by assassins.

All three of them have a special aura around them which make them able to conceal their power. Even Aide. can't see through them but he doesn't care because he knows that he's way stronger than them.

Lyssia: "Wow. I didn't expect that they will send the Holy knight Chairman, Konstantin the 2nd chairman and then the 3rd chairman, the green Chairman Lady Olenna. What surprised me is that The 4th chairman, the silent chairman Abart. It seems like the Sand Chairman really wants to control this legacy".

The green chairman, lady Olenna started walking towards Lyssia and then hugged her and almost killed her.

"Little Lyssia, it's been 4 months since I saw you. I miss you very much. Since you went back here, The place became boring. tell me, Where is Wanda. Did she come with you?".

"cough, cough. It's been only 4 months lady Olenna, please don't be like that. Let me first introduce you to this man. His name is Aiden and he's an Adventurer here since 6 months ago".

"Ohhh, handsome man. So you're the one who little Nolan was talking about. He really talked a lot about you and how powerful you are but excuse me to say that I don't feel any mana from you at all and you even seem a mortal".

Before Aiden could answer or say anything, Lyssia interrupted him and started talking again about his power.

"Lady Olenna, don't underestimate him because he can switch on and off his power. When he deactivates his power, he seems like any normal mortal and doesn't pose any threat to you but the moment he uses his true power, he becomes super strong and he can take on any attack".

"Little Lyssia....your way of talking....."

Aiden: "You're now in Mode fanboy talking about my powers and how great they are. Lyssia, I didn't expect that you were hiding this side of you hahahahaha".

Nolan and lady Olenna started laughing while Konstantin and Abart looked at each other and nodded. Konstantin went to Aiden and they shake their hands as He started talking.

"Nice to meet you Aiden. I am The holy knight chairman And I was told that you were the one to discover the cave that has the legacy information".

"Yes, that's true".

"Fantastic. We can prepare for these 10 days and organize all the people that came here so we can go there all together. I can't wait to see what lies within that legacy".
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Suddenly, Something changed and the whole room changed and big pressure started appearing around all the place. The whole people inside the building felt it.

It's Konstantin who unleashed this pressure suddenly and aimed directly at Aiden. Aiden didn't panic at all and just continued smiling.

He then immediately activated his power and his hand suddenly became very big and he overwhelmed Konstantin hand who became little compared to Aiden hand.

Konstantin: "As a holy knight, I want to propose a duel to test and judge your true capabilities".

Aiden: "Hahaha, what a coincidence. I also want to see the true power of the 2nd chairmen and see if they can give me a proper fight".

"Good thing that we are on the same page hahaha. Let's start then".

" Hahaha, Whenever you want".

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