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Anthony who looked at Aiden saying that he became very embarrassed as his whole face became red from anger and he couldn't contain the rage inside.

"How dare you say that to me? do you know what I can do for you? I can destroy you completely and erase your existence completely. Apologize to me and slap your face....."


Suddenly, the Axe which was behind the knight moved again at a fast speed and came to Aiden's hand. It didn't stop at that as he threw it again and it passed Anthony as it grazed his face a little.


"How funny. erase my existence. All I see is a little flea that can't even live a little scratch on my skin and that little flea is trying its best to injure me".

Anthony truly felt fear as he looked at Aiden who was just smiling and didn't care about him at all. After looking at him, Anthony finally discovered that Aiden wasn't joking and that he wasn't playing with him.

Finally, when Aiden looked at Anthony terrified look and that he could piss himself at any moment, he started laughing and said to him.

"Hahahaha. My friend, why are you like that. You don't need to be that nervous, of course, I am not going to kill you. I don't kill either nobles or Fleas. I just like to warn them if they try to do something beyond their power. Just wait for your turn and you will enjoy the lake".

Anthony couldn't say anything as he just needed and looked at Aiden who just was about to return. Anthony felt relieved and sighed.

He was really terrified of even saying a word in front of this guy. Finally, he could only pronounce some words in front of Aiden.

"Thank you for forgiving my subordinate and sparing his life".

Aiden didn't say anything and just walked and waved his hand. He then didn't even turn as he said to Nolan.

Aiden: "Ah, yes. Nolan, do me a favor and make some Mage heal the knight hand. I want you to try and attach it again if possible. I don't want to seem like a bully. I wanted just to show him how he should conduct himself here".

"Yeah, no problem. Saya, can you use your healing magic to stop the bleeding. I will take him back to the guild so they can attach his arm back".

Anthony: " Wait, you're Nolan? The guild master of Alcos city Adventurer guild? What are you doing here?".

Nolan: "Well, of course, I am. Who else dares to use my name here. I am also here because this is the best place for drinking and eating. Although that Aiden doesn't appear in anything good aside from fighting, he's really good at making delicious food".

When Anthony saw how Nolan is hanging out here with that young man, he knew that the young man was a special person and that he just threatened the wrong person.
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"Come with me and we will heal your guard. This will be on us since Aiden requested that".

Saya came in front of the guard and then started healing him using her healing magic spell. Although Saya didn't seem like one, she was still Emelia special guard and she even has the rare light magic affinity.

In the Sarna world, Mages need to have an affinity to an element so they can use the specified magic spell. There are 12 main elements that anyone can have an affinity to.

They're Light, Lightning, Wind, Poison, Nature, Metal, Water, Fire, Earth, Psionic, Time, space and finally Dark. These are the main 12 elements that any mage can use. To use the other elements, a Mage needs to have an affinity to at least two elements.

For example, to use the ice magic you need to have an affinity to both Wind and Water and the same for other elements like Lava which comes from Earth and Fire. Storm affinity comes from lightning and wind.

There is another type of affinity which is a special one. For example, if you have an affinity for Wind and you can control the wind and become one with the Wind you can unlock other affinities like Sound affinity.

The same for healing because if you use light elements too much, you can unlock the healing affinity. There are even special affinities that come from 3 main elements like gravity which comes from earth and space and Metal.

Although having 3 elements is very rare even in the 5 Empires. there are also rare elements like shadow magic or Chaos magic that comes from the dark element.

Even the holy magic or the order magic that comes from light magic. Even the necromancy that comes from mastering the Poison magic and then further beyond that by mastering the Disease magic and merging it with the dark magic.

All of this makes Mages very dangerous and can destroy nations if they have enough power. There is even a legend about a Mage who could use gravity magic to cause earthquakes. He was a walking disaster for all his enemies.

Of course, this doesn't mean that warriors can't win against mages because each class has its specialties and perks.


After Anthony left with his guards and Nolan, Lyssia and Wanda, Aiden decided to go back to the mansion. After all, he already thought a lesson to that Noble.

Emelia and Saya returned to their Home and invited Alexia to go back with them to their mansion. What they didn't all know is that someone was watching them all the time when they caused that scene.

The man was wearing a long blue Robe covering his whole body and his face. You could only see that he was wearing a red armor under that robe.

The man left the place and started walking until he reached the west district. He went to the biggest inn in the whole district, the Arcane box. This inn is also a huge mansion that has a lake in its northwest.

After the man entered, he went to the forest that's near the lake. He then found a young man who seemed to be in his teens. He didn't even seem 18 years old.

That young man is just reading a book and also enjoying the tea and the calm of nature. When the man in the robe reached the young man, he just kneeled and didn't say anything. He just waited for him to say something.

Finally, the young man finished his reading session. He closed the book and looked at the man. The young man was wearing white and black royal clothes.

A royal expensive white cape with black marks from the front. He also wears black pants and a white shirt with black lines.

He also has black hair and brown eyes. He also has a sword on his waist. He seemed completely harmless and didn't have an aura of danger or anything else. He seemed completely normal. Finally, the young man started talking.

"So what did you discover? tell me everything".

"Your highness, I went today to the mansion up at the north because I heard that the one titled Strongest man lives there. I found that your uncle went there to cause troubles but because Aiden interfered, he wasn't able to do...."

After the man told him the whole story and finished, the young man asked him again.

"That uncle of mine always causes problems. Some day he will be the death of me. Well, What do you think about Aiden's strength? how can I compare to him?".


"Just tell me, I don't care".

"Well, you see, if we compare him to you then you don't have any chance of winning. even the royal guard captain doesn't have any chance. let's not talk about the Royal Mage who can't perhaps injure him at all. I can only say that we need the king himself to at least pose a threat or the protector or the Ancestor".

"You gave him a pretty high score Goerge don't you think so?".

"As someone who is considered your strongest guard, I need to be honest and not lie about someone's capabilities. your highness, let me just say one thing".

" What is it?".

"I believe that you need to ally with this Aiden. perhaps he will help you get rid of your position as the second prince and secure the throne".

"I know what you mean. It seems coming to this place isn't the wrong choice. I might find a chance to surpass my sister and brother. Well, for now, we will wait until the officials from the adventurer guild come. It's just a week and it will pass quickly. Sigh, the world is gonna change because of this legacy. What do you think Saifon?".

Suddenly, up at the tree above The prince is a man who seems to be in his twenties. He has red hair and has a white mask until his nose and covering his mouth. he wears red clothes and seems sleeping.

Finally, when the second prince said those words, the young man opened his eyes and you could see their blue color and how they looked very deep and enchanting.


He just didn't say anything and looked at the sky like he was waiting for an answer coming from the heavens.

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